June 9, 2008

My views about Politics

I do not know much about politics in India..But, I believe that this condition is not going well..Politics is not doing good which is expected to do. People's country in people's own control.But still I believe that the condition is not so good for actual people.. The country's actual control rests on the people who is selfish and those who have power and money...The whole system of administration supports these people...As people controls a country every citizen have a responsibility to make the country's path healthy to themselves..I accept that this is your country.. You are one of the proud citizen who supported the real leader and made him the country's leader...But, if he is making mistakes.then, who is there to help the county get back it's health..India is a country which have a lot of resources including human resources.But still we are backward in every aspects. The country's real power rests on how it's powers are controlled..

Now, we are lacking unity. everyone is living in a situation in which we are fighting against ourselves..Yes, really politics have a great role in creating this situation.. Politics destroyed the unity of people. People stands in a condition where some supports money, other supports prosperity,, other supports unity... And is none is gaining any of these..Instead they fight and kills for their party.. and become a hero or sacrifice..Just think of who is killing whom.. We are fighting against ourselves and killing ourselves by gaining nothing?? Is this the real human being..If it is. I can say that there is no differences between a human and animals..Basically they are rude against themselves. Then, what does the word humanity stands for?

I do not say that every portion of politics in India is like this.. But there are places like this...Is democracy created for this?? Is democracy meant a battle field for misunderstandings and non-corporation? We do not know what is our role in these problems...but, we cannot stand aside and wait until our country's situation changes to another step of worst condition..