January 25, 2010

A mask of what you are not!

Once, my English teacher made a remark about students in my class. "Everybody is wearing a mask of what they are not!". It was a truth!! I wonder why everyone including me is behaving like this... In this society, we have some responsibilities. I think someone defined this type of responsibilities as "manners"!! And we act like what we are not and makes a good impression with what we are not. The teacher's explanation about his philosophy is making a little sense here.In the school, we may behave different when teachers are not around us. When we were in the school, some teachers used to complain about the need of showing respect to teachers. We were advised to greet teachers whenever we see teachers in my school and nothing is different in my college also. No matter what we feels like, even if we are facing the ugliest morning in our life, we are supposed to greet our teachers "Good Morning"(preferably with a smiling face) when we see them in the school(A recorded voice can do better). For some teachers, a good student is a student who wishes the teachers in a polite manner(Unfortunately,I felt so).

The same thing can be seen in many aspects of our life. I doubt whether it is a show off or not! But, it created some illusions about the views of many people. The unit of measurement of behaviour of us depends upon creating illusions like this. I felt like I am cheating and for every such activity, I have an artificial look. Many people used to say that the character of a person depends on what he study from his family. But, I cannot support that fact because, my behaviour in my family and in public are different. I used to act so weird in my home while I used to act a little "descent" in the public(Or may be viseversa.It depends on how far you know me!!)..

I searched for the exact meaning of the word show-off in the dictionary. It says that the verbal meaning of the word "show-off" is to Display proudly or act ostentatiously or pretentiously. If I analyse this, being proud of what you are is not a mistake but, being proud of what you are not is a mistake. We have to know ourselves to behave like what we are!! I have a friend, who used to be a normal man. But one day, he changed his hair style, he pierced his ears and many of us laughed at him. And there was a rumour that everything he do is a show-off!! I felt a little irritated to see him at the first time but, later I realized that many of our fellow college mates was doing the same thing. I think, this matter is a small fight for survival for some people. If everybody is showing off what they are not by creating an illusion of what they can never be, we are supposed to take part in that competition. I think I am facing a similar problem now!

Beyond all these, there is an another dark part in this subject. I have seen people who are really proud of being a jerk! For some example, "I was a naughty guy in my child hood and I kicked my teacher once", "I troubled my parents when I was doing my SSLC", "I am a born trouble maker to my native"... Those people are so proud of being a negative character. And I can see a heroic-adventurous view in their narration. I had a friend before, who was just like the above narration. Actually, he was not a real villain but, he used to convince that he is a villain. The primary objective of these people is to create a good impression about themselves(The most frequently used word in their narration of their own story will always be an "I"). But, I felt so bad about this kind of show off...

But, if an advertisement comes with a caption "We are the best" can I say that they are doing a show off? If a candidate in an interview says that "he is the best", can I say that he is doing a show-off? If an honest student says that he is really good in studies, may I say that he is doing a show-off?. In this world, you see a lot of films, I used to notice one thing. The hero will not do anything bad. May be he will be wrong but, he will never be bad!! So, behind this tendency we used to have an intention to make others believe that we are good and we like to be a good man in the society. So, a show-off of such sort can't be mistake.

In some aspects, our world is full of illusions(Looks like I am stuck with the word "illusion" now-a-days. I found a reason too, that's what I used to do and see in this world). But, what is the problem with creating an illusion if you can hide the reality forever! Such illusions can create some sort of ability to develop confidence! Show-off in such situations is inevitable. But, I think, show-off without intention can be avoided!



January 18, 2010

An illusion of safety!

Recently, I heard about a wonderful thing about my homeland. Kerala is a place where there are a lot of boundaries. One of my friend said that it is a place where people care for a lot of walls. Just because we just care for the safety of our belongings.I do not know how far your belongings are safe with you if you are under an attack of some professional thieves. We know that if someone who is so determined to take something from you by force, our best safety measures may not be good enough to defend it. But, we used to create an illusion of safety around us so that we could live peacefully.

Nothing is safe in this world and we all know it. It is the reason why insurance companies still exists in this world. But, we used to try to be safer. We used to invent some mechanisms which can assure better safety. Consider a news about a car driver who got stuck in a car by malfunctioning of its automated door locking facility followed by a fire due to short circuit. He was dead because of the car's safety measures!! I think we should have an insurance for our "luck" too.. Luck is a great way beyond your assumptions. Life is always uncertain even if we got some good plans and the reason for this uncertainty is "Not everything goes according to our plans". There is a risk factor in every job in this world.

We can neglect everything except life insurance. I noticed some people who used to find reasons to avoid using helmets during a bike ride while the same people used to have a protective covering for their mobile phones along with an extra tag!! If there is a facility to insure your mobile phones, they may replace your damaged or lost mobile phone with a new one. But, none of our life insurance companies can offer you a replacement to your life. They can help your family by some money but, there are some things money can't buy(Courtesy to mastercard!!:)).

I had a friend before, who was a rash driver. I remember the day on which me and my friend took his bike to my college which is nearly 140 kms away from our native. He was just recovered from an accident at that time and I just wondered about his ability to take sensible decisions while he drives. I was totally impressed by the way he drives. Later, when I took my bike to college, I asked for his company!! It was a disaster. I never knew that my old Kawasaki 4S Champ could reach upto 90kmph. I nearly got killed at least half a dozen times at that single journey. Later, within few months that friend of mine passed away in a bike accident and that was the most dreadful experience of my life. It was a sudden realization of a fact, many of us including me were riding bikes just as we play a video game. There is a difference, in the game of reality, there is no "reset button".

There are laws which compels bike riders to wear helmets but, I still can't understand the secret behind the law which compels to wear helmets only for the driver of the bike. Does it really mean that the unlucky person(maybe an always unlucky person!), who sits in the back seat deserves to die? Or is this law just meant to identify the driver which created the accident?? Nothing makes sense to me except corruption!! In my case, the law about helmets can't even guarantee an illusion of safety in driving bikes.. But, it creates some illusion of safety in getting rid of traffic police!!I remember an advice from my cousin at this situation, "Be alert as if none other than you knows how to drive a vehicle on this road!"

There are a lot of things which deserves a lot more than what we do to make them safe and I feels like I need not criticize them all. In my view, never be afraid of any such unsafe situations But, we have to be alert of possibilities!



January 9, 2010

An innocent view about "flirting".

The second greatest lie in this world will be "I never loved anyone"(According to me, the greatest lie in this world is "I never lied in my life"). As it was my habit to find reasons for what I think, I found some interesting things about this specific subject. Actually, I'm little different from what I am here in this online world. I guess, blogger is the place where I nearly opens my mind. I would like to express my views about love in this post.
Recently, my friend asked about my affairs in my life. I said I never tried them out. It is a truth but, I accept that I have some tendencies. I felt it like just attractions and I used to pretend like I am not interested in it. But, now I believe that I have no problem with revealing it as nothing is wrong in that tendency. Falling in love is just a human nature. Many organisms in this world used to fall in love and lead a successful life. We are not the only animals who used to try something different to attract the opposite sex just for creating an impression!
Brain is the only thing which makes humans different and it created some sort of creative artificiality in many things in our lives. Just as we use social networks and internet for flirting. Just now, I saw an advertisement in facebook about Indian matchmakers. I do not trust these sort of advertisements as it exploits our interests. Anyone can cheat if they have a fake ID and a creative mind! Online world is a place where you can easily create an exhibition of your positive part. In the case of social networking, you can upload any photo in your profile and unfortunately, a nice photo of a female celebrity and name of a girl can attract a lot of boys.! But, what is their real intention? I really cannot understand. I cannot understand why there are advertisements to love someone! I accept that it is giving some opportunities but, does it makes any better sense?
If I starts flirting, I will not show my negative part to anyone. I may say that I am the only man who is perfect in all ways. To be frank, it is absolutely wrong.Nothing is perfect in this world...One day or another, I am going to reveal my real nature and this is the reason why I do not trust the expression "Love at first sight!". If I marry someone, we are supposed to live together forever. So, the external view of a person is not what I really want to love. I support Shakespeare's opinion about this "marrying a girl for her beauty is just like buying a house for it's paint" (I am not sure whether it was Shakespeare who expressed something like this.I got this as a message from my friend). Beauty will fade by ages and I have to love my partner even if her beauty dies.
I have heard about some people who used to propose a lot of girls in sake of a positive reply from any of them. My opinion about these kinds of activities is that you are destroying the reasons to love you. I think an intelligent girl will not accept any of those applications. It looks like love is just a mutual attraction. I do not know whether it is a reality or not but, I do not like to accept it. We used to see pairs of birds and many other animals who used to lead a life like a family (just like father, mother and children). Just beyond an attraction, there is something in it.
I've heard a lot of movie dialogues which says "I will die for you". In my case, if a girl asks me to prove it, I am not going to die to prove that I love her.I am supposed to survive even if she was not born. It is just like begging for love. I will not do it. I am not compelling anyone to love me. I've seen a lot of scenes in movies and advertisements(eg: some mobile phone companies) about people who break up because of simple reasons. If lovers break up for simple reasons like getting late for a meeting, a day without a call etc. I prefer them to break up rather than being a slave to your lover. In my view, there is no need of a master-slave relation in my life. I do not live a life just to love a girl.
I thought it is inappropriate to discuss something like this in this blog. What made me think is my responsibilities. As I said before, brain is the only difference which makes humans and animals different. Basically, majority of our people are religious and I strongly believe that human minds created religions. So being a social animal living in a society I have some responsibilities. Even though inter-caste marriages are increasing now-a-days, we still have some resistive tendency against it. Even if I am not religious, how can I disappoint my religious family? The shade of such thoughts are still in my mind...I've searched in orkut for a community of my caste and I visited a lot of profiles of girls just to make myself safe!!
I feel like this is not the way I should express my thoughts. Some truths are not expected to be revealed like this.This is how I see this subject and may be, everything I write here is total rubbish. But, it doesn't matter. Just fall in love and break a leg:)!!(wikipedia says that the expression "break a leg" also have a meaning of "Good Luck". READ HERE)

January 4, 2010

Do I really need a role model?

Who is a role model? How do you define your role model? A few years ago, I used to say that Martin Luther King Jr is my role model. I felt so stupid to address him as my role model as I didn't even complete reading the most famous speech of his life at that time. I accept that he really impressed me but, he will never be my role model. If I am considering him as my role model, I may have to consider me as a man who is inspired by a lot of role models. Actually, I am inspired by a lot of people and I had a tendency to adopt their life to my life. I do not have such tendency as I realized that I need not have a role model to live my life.

I own a community named "Alexander The Great" in orkut. The reason is really funny, I got a DVD of the movie "The Alexander" along with the purchase of a DVD player.It was an inspiring one. So, if that company bundled a DVD about Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden. I may start a community named with them also!! At my present condition, I really hate wars and I cannot find a reason to praise Alexander as he never hated war. In my view, I used to have a tendency to appreciate anyone who support me or those who have a tendency to accept that my views are right. So, views of some people who inspired me shaped my character. What if I am wrong? My role model is not going to correct me if I am wrong and I am not going to correct my role model even if he is wrong.

Once, one of my friend told me that "Gandhi tried to convince his views!". Even if I didn't make a comment about it, my inner mind was against it. In my views, Gandhiji was a great man and I cannot even think about him as a person who tried to implement something like this. What if he was a selfish man? What if the reason why I felt him so great was just ignorance? If someone convinces that Osama is a great man. I may have to accept it!! I feel the same thing when some fans of certain celebrities keeps on praising him even if the whole movie cannot even catch up the standards! I think we have to accept that we have a tendency! At least, I accept that I have a tendency...

These things made me think about the real intention of a role model! I was trying to be like my role model and I was just adding up their popularity. I accept that I am totally impressed by Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhiji, Salim kumar (Malayalam Comedy Actor) etc. But, I can never be a Martin Luther King or Gandhiji. They were unique and that is the reason why they are great. They just made history by bringing their views to the people as Gandhism, Marxism etc. Why can't I think about a "raghuism" in the future? If something like that happens, I admit that my followers will be greater than myself. To that condition I have my justification... I will be an illusionist as I will never reveal my negative part to the public. My followers will be inspired by my positive part and they will follow what my positive part is. So,they are simply great! Just keep one thing in your mind... "You need not have a role model to be yourself!"