November 22, 2010

An Indian Dream!!

I always used to consider myself as an analyzer in my life. Today, I realize that those were not really analysis but, criticisms. Am I not patriotic in this world? Why do I always take subjects which might depress or demotivate people? I've already thought about some serious social issues in India which do not require a good reference in any place("Attitude can change in a split of a second"). Media is the way through which people realize and understand the world. Today, it looks like they are determined to over-expose their news as a part of aggressive expansion of their own business. What are we doing? We are really good in blaming ourselves! I'm not here to criticize or demotivate or even to make a comment on what or why we are a little disappointed with the present condition of India, bu, I need to have a personal belief that I got a plan to create a better India. I do not know how far I'm going to express what I really need to express. At present, I'm trying to express thoughts about a better India.

All I'm thinking right now is a fact that we need to recheck the way we are looking at ourselves. What I've found in my life is a fact that I always used to have a reason to blame everything. I'm not always a positive thinker. I need to change the way I look into things. I need to categorize the information that I'm required to accept and that I need to ignore. I think, many of us are really good in blaming ourselves and enjoying the same. I live in Kerala and I used to crack a joke during many occasions, "Kerala is god's own country with devil's own people". Whenever I talk about some social issues or harthals or whatever, this joke is a usual one which I've accidentally copied from someone else. People like me are everywhere, waiting for their opportunity to blame ourselves and thus to make fun of ourselves. There is a perfect solution for such an insult. We need to stop providing opportunities for them to speak. We are not completely wrong, but we are accidentally doing something which results in a very negative effect. That's where we need to change.

How do we measure development of a nation? Financial terms? In my personal opinion, no one should analyze a country with its economy because it is fragile. We are developing since the stone age and still didn't qualify to gain the name 'developed nation' among the other nations. I think, we need to redefine the term 'development' here. Some people have already defined development  as a process of importing the civilizations of the foreign countries (who claims themselves 'developed'). Do we really have a unique face of our own? I still wonder why we consider ourselves 'under-developed'. Development doesn't mean that we should have highways like the west or we should have pubs and bars just as Americans or anything that the other countries possess. My idea of development is how far we are capable of withstanding difficult situations. India has already developed when we began to think that our nation is a representation of 'unity among diversities'. It can handle almost everything like it did before.

In this very conscious dream, I do not dream about big cities or big highways or even some better industrial units. I am thinking about making some sense. What if we could create some sense which no other country has made so far. Lets take the example of pollution.What if we could bring zero-emission vehicles rather than getting proud of owning a hayabusa at home? What if we could bring our destroyed forests back rather than creating ugly polluting concrete forests? What if we could bring  an end to all non-biodegradable wastes in the country? These are not completely difficult tasks, there are huge possibilities, which are essential for our survival(I watched '11th hour" today and these sentences are the results of its inspiration). We are well civilized and cultured. Indian civilization is well-renowned for its sense-making. We were the sense makers of the history. Our culture and its depth are immeasurable. The knowledge we had in  our past are still astonishing(may I call  it envy?) some of the foreign countries. The only change we need right now is the change in angle at which we are looking at ourselves. We have to regain this 'rich-knowledge' and get back to what we were.

A few days before, I happened to see a report on the the level of intelligence quotient. More than 30% of our population has above average IQ level. I noticed it in facebook and I commented on it like this "Intelligence is meaningless without a place to apply it!". The present condition of India is not that bad, but it could be better if these intelligent people's intelligence is utilized properly.  We are supposed to change something here and it feels like we are nearly at chaos just because of the same reason(intelligence)! People are guided and motivated in a very different way right now. Lets take the example of movies, why do we always get inspired of movies which resembles the foreign culture? I've seen people clapping hands and cheering when they hear the 'forbidden four letter word'(you know what that word is!) in a Malayalam film. I've seen some Malayalam movies which are purposefully copied some Hollywood movies. It looks like, we have lost our face on this earth. We have lost our uniqueness in the world. That is what we need to regain. Stop importing civilizations, create your own if you need to!

I do not want to claim that I'm completely right about what I've written here. I do not want to claim that this post is the only unique post that refers about Indian dream. But, what if I could make some people realize that they are supposed to dream? That is also an achievement!

"People says that it is too easy to be a bad man in this world, but I realized that it is not so tough to be a good man either.All we need to check is the outcome of what we did and the words 'good' and 'bad' doesn't really matter if we could make our inner-mind believe that it is 'good' or at least 'fair'!!"



NB: To be continued.;)