September 10, 2009

"Do you really own yourself?"

I saw a video recently; it was a suicide of a man. A man is standing on a train compartment and many people are watching and talking to him and suddenly the man stood up and touched the electrified line just above the compartment....some smoke and sparks...He fells down!!! This was what I saw. I would like to slap on the face of the cameraman of that video.. It is heart breaking to watch a video like this. What I have to say is that, this is the best example of how we spoil ourselves. I believe that everyone in this world is alive now is just because of there is a reason for "HOPE" in this world. No one is satisfied with what they received in their life. They expect more, they try more and many of us will reach to success...But, what happens to the others who believe that they faced failure in their life? They just vanish like this, leaving no remark of what they were or why they do like this!

I remember a case of a 12 year girl who killed herself because of a 'great reason'! Her mother didn't allow her to watch television. It was her reason for suicide!! What is happening to us? What does this mean? In my life also, I've thought about a suicide in several situation. But, I survived!!! Do you want to know how? I can reveal the secret now! I was afraid of death!! This saved me from death. And I'm proud to say that I am a coward to take decision for a suicide. In my opinion, being afraid of something like this cannot be a mistake. As I said before the easiest way is to find hope for everything. Trust yourself, if you can't, trust god. He will save you! Everything is just a belief which saved us.

One thing is certain; I will not kill myself for any reason in my life. It is not just a strong decision; it is a realization of a truth that time will certainly reduce hardness of any feelings! In my school days I was afraid of punishments from my teachers but, today every punishment I got is a reason for a laugh. Many things in my life which was considered as a great job or risk is not a serious matter now. The things I'm doing very seriously now will be an easy or risk-less job in the future. I will laugh at myself in many other situations. All I need to do is to find a reason for my survival and thus to find time for cooling down difficult situations.

I do not know what is going on the minds of those who suicide. But, I do not want to hear that many are dying because of some stupid reasons. I believe that a good word at the right time can save our life. But, even our judiciary is also against those who suicides. Suicide cannot be a mistake but, suicidal attempt is a mistake in our judiciary! I do not know why this is so! At a time which needs maximum support from everyone, our judiciary is trying to file a case for suicidal attempt. Indirectly, this may block someone who thinks of a comeback from suicide. But, I'm sure about one thing, a law like this will not help anyone to avoid thinking about a suicide! It is just like punishing a man for trying to punish himself!

I saw a newspaper report about the farmers in Kerala. Kerala government has written off all the loans of the people who killed themselves because of their poor financial conditions due to fall in prices of various crops they cultivated! But, if the government can write off all the loans before they were dead, they can save lives of many farmers. This looks like it is just like giving poison for suicide through ration shops! If a farmer think that 'if I suicide now, I can save my family atleast’. This is just a motivation for more suicides!

Anyway, we are living in a world of responsibilities, affections, love etc...None of these are owned by a single person. Everybody is somebody for many others. Everybody have roles in many others. A single man can be a son to his parents, a husband to his wife, a father to his children, at least a friend of someone. These are our responsibilities of being a social animal. A departure of a man from his life can affect many people like this. If you destroy something which belongs to someone else, it is your responsibility to rectify their loss. So, to all who think about a suicide in this world, I have a small question to ask... " Do you really own yourself to destroy yourself?"