September 25, 2011

Me and the Jan Lokpal bill

I've been promoting the Jan Lokpal bill in my buzz and facebook for a while. Later, I came to realize that I've no clear idea of what this bill can do in this country. This thing is really making some move over the internet anyway. The reason behind my promotion is a fact that I really like to see the demolition of corruption from this country. As far as I see, Jan lokpal does have something to do with it. I was astonished to see the number of promoters for him in the internet. It was more like a new game is being released in fb. But, beyond a joke there is something good in such a move because there were still communities posts like finding 0s in a huge number of 1s or like if you support a stupid thing or else comment if you support another stupid thing other than this.

It is some kind of nice to believe that people who are so 'busy' doing such things really cared to respond in such issues. I believe that the number of participants will be higher if the real idea of making such a bill is properly communicated among the public. At present, I do not know whether I really support him or not as I came to hear some astonishing criticisms from some other people. I can't make a decision just by seeing a website over the internet who helps to write emails to the prime minister. Today, when I just searched about the bill over the internet I came to see an article which says that it is unconstitutional and dangerous. (read here)

I'm not against the bill for sure. The real victory of Anna Hazare is not in making the government accept the bill, but it is in making changes in the pessimistic thoughts of a large number of people who believed that 'one man can do nothing' in this country. I've seen a lot of people who say rubbish about Indian politics and politicians and I couldn't exactly go for a debate as I couldn't find a solid reason to believe in the opposite way. This is a part of an Indian dream for many of the Indians and it is definitely positive. I was thinking about a small push that could change the entire country and the Jan Lokpal Bill might be a beginning of it. No matter what happens by the bill, I am confident that it will never make things worse.



September 18, 2011

Is it too good to be not human?

Sometimes, humans believe that they outsmart everything in this world. Recently, I searched in the web for a word 'humane' and found something like this:

hu·mane  (hy-mn)
1. Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion: a humane judge.
2. Marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns: a humane education.

I believe that the word has came from the much more sophisticated definition of 'being human'!! It definitely shows that the words kindness, mercy, compassion, etc are supposed to be there in a human. In every situations of life, we analyze and find a solution for our problems in life. What would happen we were able to think of a non-human humane thought? What if I were an alien from outer-space? I do not support the concept that we outsmart every living thing in this world.We are just an animal with a better brain. We could have found some fairer conclusions if we could think like a non human. If I(the alien) come here for a visit, what would I see? "A very large number of animals in a specific species(human) is destroying the entire planet". 

This can be seen in many other aspects as well. We come to our conclusion or decisions by our human brain and I would like to remind you that there are some other horizons which are to be taken to our considerations before we take our decisions. A day might come when we realize that everything we were so proud of were not as good as it seems. A day might come when we realize that the earth and all the living things were so safe when we were not here. Even though we believe that we were fair to everything in this world, our civilization might have changed the entire concept of being fair (Using detergents can cause pollution, will you stop washing your clothes because of that reason?). We are just too addicted to our weaknesses. Making our lives easier is just one example of our tendency to get lazy. We might say that technology has changed the speed of our lives but, have you ever thought of a condition in which you ask yourself a simple question 'Why did I change the speed of my life?'. It is an unanswerable question for me. If there is an answer, I do not believe that the answer will worth enough for what we have done. We changed the course of the earth by doing inhumane methods, but the word 'humane' means kindness, mercy etc!!



September 8, 2011

Public Performances

This is not the first time I'm choosing a title like this in this blog. To be frank, this was the first topic that I've ever written in a blogging platform in my life. I deleted that post as I couldn't tolerate the standard of what I was doing at that time. I've been thinking about rewriting it as I can do better than what I did last time. But, I'm beginning to realize that I am good at something. I'm good at imagining and advising. My imaginations are a million times better than me. I am not claiming that I'm good at this subject, but it doesn't mean that I do not have any idea about the subject. Four or five years back, I happened to attend a personality development class and my previous attempt was to magnify the exact thing I saw there and write them in this blog. I couldn't say that it was a success, but it may turn out to be a turning point in my life.

Last time, I was a bit confident about what I was going to say. Today, I do not support the facts that I've written in my past. I've been changing a lot and whenever I see that post, I see an 'immature me' in it. None of these are relevant here and I am trying to be honest. I think, I deserve to be famous for my nervousness of my life. I'm not here with a success story of anything, but some attempts which could have been a worth noticeable ones. My philosophy is simple, if you really want to learn or achieve something, you need to know what the losers have to say about what they have tried. I'm entitled with a bit of bitter experiences with public performances. But, it has given me some thought on how it could be corrected. I'm not the one who is writing this post. For a moment, consider me as a different person or I'm just thinking of what I should have thought if I were a successful performer in public. 

I'm a criticizer in my nature even though I never used to criticize in public, I used have my own personal debates. Everybody is confident when they know what they are doing. So, knowledge is more important than confidence. I would never go for a lecture about "Indian classical dance" as I do not know anything about it and most importantly, we need to know our audience well. I think, unknown audience is the main cause of sleep in class hours. If I am not able to attract attention of my audience, it is my mistake and unless you are sure that there are no 'rotten eggs' in nearby shops and all the footwears in the audience's legs are of highly expensive type, it is better not to give any chance to luck because rotten eggs and foot wears can hurt you and your confidence. But, I was provided with a lot of opportunities in which there is no probability of receiving an egg or chappal on my head and I still didn't do anything. So, it is very simple to avoid such a problem, you have to stop being me. 

By the way I write this post, you should have realized that English is not my mother tongue. But, do you know how many times, I have recited the exact dialogues of some Client Eastwood movies (from Kung Fu Panda & dark knight too) in my bathroom? I'm not perfect, but I believe that it can work out some day.  I believe that I can handle some sort of 'understandable english' by now. Sometimes, we might need to communicate well in a different language and it is definitely a challenge. I'm better when I write rather than I talk in English. I can take all my time to frame or reframe the sentences. Talking is really fast and I might not be able to catch up with my thoughts. A lot of translation process is going on behind everything I write here and I already know that it is not the way it should be done. I have to think in English to make sure that I can talk in English. I believe that I've achieved something by trying it out. I can't really translate what I write here into my mother tongue in a fair manner. I would be very happy if you say that I really lost both language skills!!!

In my previous post, I have written something about the posture and actions you must maintain when you talk in front of some people. That is completely wrong. I feel that those rules or shortcuts to success are implemented by someone who really learn how 'successful public performers' are performing it. There is a good possibility that you will turn out to be a mimicry artist rather than being a true performer. I do stupid stuffs when I am nervous and many of the personality developers might tell you to avoid being nervous by acting like you are not nervous. Stuffs like 'don't play with your fingers', body language, actions etc can be considered as symptoms of nervousness. But, if you kill your nervousness itself, do you really need to act? Things may not work out your way, but you can always be a bit more serious than what you really are or you can always pretend like you are a better comedian than what you really are or pretend like you are a master in some subject or any method which can prove that you are not really what you show to this world. Sometimes, you may really need to change your attitude or body language to be a good performer. The world listens to the show-offs, not how that show is planned or executed. I mean, we are living at a point at which the entire credit of a successful film is taken or given to the hero of the movie, though the credits can be given to the creator or writer of that movie too. I may or may not change my attitude or body language to be something in my life that you need not bother, but I would recommend you to do it if it really makes you comfortable or unique. 

Sorry for wasting your time. You are on your own now. Best of Luck.


September 3, 2011

The true inspirer!

I'm the most important part of my life for sure. I always have something to say when it comes to the most complex subject of my life :'me'. But, I am a victim of a lot of criticisms and analysis for which, I always had a response of an irregular smile( Just a reflex action to show that 'I am not entertained!'). Some people believe that  I am living a very miserable life of 'being pathetic and perfect'. At present, I am free to do a lot of things in my life. I am not independent, but I can decide a lot of things that my father wouldn't interfere. But, I wouldn't do all the things that I can do as I define my perimeters and boundaries of my life. I have always been questioned for the things I didn't do in my life, but none of those questions had provoked me to change what I really stand for. 

In many occasions, I was put aside for the choices I made in my life. I never regretted for any of those occasions and I am well trained to accept that it is just the way I am. I do not know how many times I've heard of a question 'Who are you afraid of? No one will tell anything to anyone' . I smiled at them, but that is not enough. I have an answer for that question. 'I am not afraid of anyone, but I have a person to whom I need to justify and it is myself. If you can keep hiding it from him, I would do whatever you want to do in my life'. I am the best teacher of my life and I enjoy doing everything my way even if it may not sound perfect to others. I was criticized by my mother when she noticed that I am not engaged in any art or creativity, I was criticized by some of my friends as I never had a good socializing capabilities, I was criticized for not showing some courage to  make 'a cheap comment' on a girl. I always had some ideologies in my life that are defined according to the needs of the situation. I do what I feel like I am doing. But, I really enjoy getting criticized for something. 

I have done a lot of things in my life by following other's path. But, I always knew that their paths were uncomfortable for me.I am pretty sure that many of those criticizers would understand the reason for being me, if they had an opportunity to have my brain and experiences of life. I do what I really wanted to do in my life and I really like to have a respectable, humble life. I may not have a good reason to look into your definitions as I have given enough thoughts on how my life should be. It is not difficult to convince me with your ideologies, but they are supposed have some reason other than 'This is what everybody does!'. Because, that is the most stupid reason I've ever heard in my life especially when it comes in ideologies and role-models of my life. It is just like 'I like Anna Hazare because the word 'Anna' sounds funny to me' which is quite irrelevant though. I see and analyze things and I do believe that the real and genuine part of life is not in howmany years I lived or the number of experiences or sufferings I happened to face, but  it is all about what you really find worthy of noting, which could change your life. You can always remain the same even if you live a life of 100 years. I choose not to be blind by shutting by eyes and it doesn't look like a mistake!!!

I value a lot of things in my life. Sometimes, those invaluable things of my life might look like a very simple thing in other's life. I always want to be unique in my life and whenever I face a criticism,which could never ring a bell in my mind, I am at an extreme point of self-respect in my life. No matter what other's believe, I really like being me and it is not going to change if I remain in my perimeter and boundaries. This is the true inspiration of my life. To be a respectable man, I am supposed to do something respectable!!!