April 1, 2012

The Human Complexity

There are two ways to live our lives. One is to think that everything is an accident and the other is to believe that everything we see and face are the results of the actions of your own or the people influencing or surrounding you. There are at least two ways to see every aspect of life and it is to be optimistic or to be pessimistic. But, when we analyze the things in a very ordered manner with some facts over the unwillingness to understand them, everything seems simple. I'm a person who believes that a very opposite, still sensible thing for every subject I've written in this blog, can be written by myself. So, it may not surprise me if someone could convince me that we are so complex and different. I analyze things with my knowledge and just as I said before, things I do not know always outsmart me! There are a lot of perspective in which the complexity can be defined. For example, the way we live our life, our entire body, our emotion etc. The examples I have taken can be considered as the attributes which makes each of us different.

I accept that everything is complex. I mean, the nature, the life, the computer , simply everything! But, is there something which makes us more complex than the usual things on earth? I have a belief that we are not. People may have different talents, behaviors and level of emotions, but I believe that they are different because of our brain activity. Is it too hard to assume that people's thoughts, talents and interests are different because of the number of neurons present in each and every brain? It is not really a disputable fact that our specialty in this world is our brain. We are not strong as a bull or fast as a cheetah, but we are able to build tools which are stronger than bull and faster than cheetah. It doesn't mean that we are much complex than a cheetah or bull, the area where the complexity is measured is different. And our emotions can be some artistic works of our brain. I do accept that brain is complex.

It feels like I can write about every areas where the word complexity can be used. It is kind of acceptable that we are a little complex when it comes to our motives and thoughts. I mean, I used wonder why people can't think like me and I thought I was undeniable, but I am not. Not even close!! I believe that there are some complex things which are happening because of that change in combinations of  neurons of every brain. Can you call it complex by keeping in mind that our only complexity is our brain? I can't. But, we simply have some common behaviors!