June 18, 2011

Sensible selfishness and the process of money making!

I've been using the phrase 'sensible selfishness' for a while. In my view, selfishness is sensible if I can justify why I am a selfish man. A simple 'almost valid' reason will do. People talk a lot about corruption these days. Somehow, I can almost adjust with some of the issues with police and government offices as far as issues like '2G spectrum' is still on fire. Everybody is expecting a prosperous and luxurious life in this world(well, most of us). Making money is the only way to achieve it in this world and as we all know, human needs are unlimited. But, what is the real point behind exporting our money to swiss banks?

Actually, I haven't searched for any new information about the swiss bank accounts of Indians. But, I feel some immature aspects in the tendency to export money to Swiss banks and I may not be completely truthful to real concept of Swiss banks. As far as I know, these banks do not give interests to your deposits and the only good thing about this banks is a fact that they will not reveal your personal details to anyone. So, depositing money in those banks is equivalent to digging a hole on the earth and depositing the money in that hole. Switzerland will have some benefits for sure. I am not rich, but if I had some 'black money' in my hand why should I give my money to make a better Switzerland?  I think, I know some concepts about money that many others do not know. I highly recommend the readers to correct me if I am wrong. Money is not really the currency we see, it is a measurement of human efforts of people. I make money by doing job and I exchange these money to meet my requirements. That is the basic concept of money. Depositing money in Switzerland is just like lending the value of the human efforts of Indians to Switzerland for free. 

We Indians have a huge tendency to conserve money and it is expected to be a very good reason behind the successful tackling of recession of recent years.I have seen people worshiping money in some Malayalam films. But, money is just paper(or may be cotton) if it is not exchanged between people and I think some people are unaware of that. If you bury your money (considerably a huge amount) somewhere and take it out after 10 years, there will be a considerable change in the value of money and it is definitely a loss. I tried to think like a man who has deposited some money in a Swiss Bank and found a very absurd reason to deposit that money. But, before I talk about it, I want to tell a small story from my own life. In my childhood, me and my friends used to play a small game using the pictures collected from match stick boxes. The boy with the largest collection of pictures is supposed to be the king of the game. I used to hid those collection in a safe, 'not easily accessible place' to avoid theft. But, one day I forgot the place at which the pictures were hidden and I lost the entire collection. At that point, I thought it was better to give them to my friends so that they can use it for a use. It was definitely better than losing the entire collection. Today, I do not regret for that 'terrible loss', but if I knew the place where I hid, I could tell my friends that I have a good collection! Unfortunately, it won't make any sense after it is lost!!

Actually, the black money in Swiss Banks are just like that. After this much of issues and disputes, I really do not think that the depositors can easily access that money with a peaceful mind. It is just like money hid in the earth and forcefully forgot about the mark on the ground. It is better to recover the entire collection so that it can be used for Indians or else, it would be a loss to the depositor and the country itself. The only thing which is benefited for the depositor is that he can secretly say that he have a huge amount of money in Switzerland that he never used or needed and be proud of making that money useless and enjoy seeing a huge number,if that satisfies him. Sensible selfishness is the point to be noted here. I can accept the thefts which are done for survival, even I can accept the thefts which are done for living a luxurious life than anyone in this world. But, what is the point in stealing something and keeping it at a place where none of us can be used or benefited. They really lack the sense in that kind of selfishness, isn't it? Anyway, the policy of Swiss Banks never made a sense to me either, it is better to put up a board in front of their banks like this

"Stolen money will be accepted"


NB: I am not a billionaire and I do not have an account in any Swiss Banks!