December 24, 2008

The Unity And Existence

Unity and existence are two factors which are very close to each other. They are interdependent factors. Existence is the cause of Unity. Recently, our media got a chance to appreciate our act of being united in the case of Mumbai attack. But, now I am thinking about something different. What was the reason for that terrible attack from the terrorists? As my college principal once said "they were misguided youth!". Yes, I support the same fact, they were misguided!

When we are making a comment on something we should think about ourselves.!And I believe the misguidance they have got is not worthy of misguidance we are receiving now. When we think about ourselves there are many factors which indicates that we are misguided by our own environment. The media have to describe our unity when the attacks were there! What if we are not under attack? We may not even know about this unity! I think that the unity we have is always in certain areas like Cricket and some terror attacks now! We feel proud if Sachin gets a century in cricket and in the other hand if something is wrong in any part of India, we might say "Oh! they are people of 'x' state! They are always like this!". Proud because we got a winner and we blame if we get a looser! I cannot understand what this means! Thus, this is a fall of our unity.

When we were under British rule they tried to invent a method of "Divide and Rule"! We successfully opposed and won the battle against the method of Divided rule. But, what happened next? We successfully implemented the same technique in our country by our own. We do lack our unity and this may effect our existence. We have many people who cheat our own people and I cannot find any difference between the concepts of terrorist and our own people. We have many war affairs between different states in our own country.

The lack of unity can be seen in a very vast areas. There are many reason for this conditions. We are divided into many religions like Hindu, Muslim, christian etc. Even if you say I do not have any religion they are also an another category. There is another division of political view, who 'practically' creates a small war and kill each other. There are another division with celebrities or I can say being a fan of celebrities are also dangerous. There may be a fight of total foolishness waiting for you. If you can still believe that you are not a part of any of these still you are divided in the name of gender. You can have special considerations depending up on the gender. So, you cannot hide from this kind of divisions.

Depending upon the above divisions we attack each other and kill each other. What is the concept behind determining a terrorist? I cannot understand. We are holding comfortably with many people who have terrorism in their mind. Yes, what is the difference between terrorist and those who kill the people in the name of religion and politics? They do the same thing! But the only difference is that terrorist may be working for another country while these all other 'terrorists' works for India. I do not want to stand in any side. But, I just want to inject some thoughts in your mind. The condition in India feels like we are making holes in our own ships and abusing the sea for the shipwreck. These are all because of our lack of unity.

Existence is the basic need of everyone. But like I always says everyone including me is talking about existence and eating as we wish. I know that the concept which I have said just now is not practical in India. If possible it will be the next problem maker. I imagine if we have an enemy outside from earth! As in many Hollywood movies, any enemy who fight against the whole human race! If such a condition exists we will know the value of our unity, because, we will forget about the love towards our nation! instead we will give rise to a love towards our world. The basic which I want to say is that it will be great if we bring a concept of loving the whole world instead of a single nation. It can make us stronger, wiser, richer and much more stable towards existence. There should not be a discrimination among national boundaries and religions! Then, we can dream about a "perfect world"! Unfortunately I believe that there is nothing in this world which is perfect in any aspects! The word perfect points that "if it was a perfect one it may look like this"! Moreover, we are still humans not gods or robots to think and act perfectly!



November 26, 2008

The Real Education

A few years back one of my friends asked me to tell the formula for (a+b)*(c+d). I answered the question with ease and he asked me the next question "give me some incidents in which you have used this formula in the real life?". I thought a lot because I didn't find any such incidents in my whole life!!! I smiled back to my friend and it was enough for him to realize my condition! It made me think a lot! It made me think that I am wasting my memory by holding this type of stupidity in my brain. One funny fact that I remember an incident where I can use that formula but at that condition I failed to realize the use of that formula.Then, for whose sake I am studying this thing for? To make my parents believe that I was good at studies or to make my teachers believe that I was good at studies! I really do not know but, in my view this is another part of my stupidity!

What is the real aim of Education? The real education should aim at the application of knowledge in the life. We are living in a situation where education is based on the marks, I guess.! Everybody needs their child to be the first in the class. But, real fact is that only one could win the first place. In my concept education does not mean to analyzed by taking the marks as the basis.! I believe the marks should not be given in the basis of a single test. Yes, this same concept is taken by kerala government by bringing DPEP and SSA. It is a good concept but there are some problems. From my part I could say that I haven't got a good education even though the concept was there! It have changed a little but, not in the full! The assignments, projects and all the works in the text books are highly efficient to make the student perfect but what if the student is not doing it by himself (my condition!). We should make this condition better!

Education does not depend on what we have studied only. In this world of competition you cannot withstand with what you have studied. Everybody needs difference so in the case of a job you should be a different person or you should have some difference over the others. I think the best way of education is to study the matter yourself so that you can go beyond what you can or up to what you want! it's your decision.

Education should not be an imposition to the student. I guess the system of education here will not be supporting the student's interest. Everybody is studying for a successful certificate, I guess. If he is scoring good marks, he will be happy. But the real happiness is there only when you apply this in his future and if it helps to get him in a successful part. There are some people who have scored high marks in his education and failing to get a successful job! And there are some people who have good jobs with low qualifications. It depends upon the skills and these skills are also a part of the education. We should develop everyone's skills seperately.

Teachers have a good role in educating the students. Even though there are classes for teachers to teach the students there should be a good skill for effective education. Teaching job is not a simple job. The thoughts of the teachers are the thoughts of the students. It is just like making of a stone sculpture. Only the professional worker could make the sculpture beautiful and if he is not the sculpture will look different. A teacher should be a guide to the student. Teaching is a job which needs good commitment and responsibility. A well educated person may not be a good teacher if he fails to bring what he has to the students. Everyone may not have the ability to express what you have to others even if he knows everything.

The story of education does not end anywhere because it have developed to a part which is unexpectable. Even there are some courses to develop the teaching ability. But real education should not be considered with the teacher alone it is also the student's responsibility for his own future..I may not be a good student to all my teachers. Everything I have said is also a part to me. In my view as a student I haven't made any successful attempt but realized some positives and negatives from education.. There are many examples which made me think a lot of this subject and I honestly say that the good things here I said are some examples which I haven't made.But I know that it should be the way I should move! I really hate the current concepts of education and I am expecting a wind of change from both the students and the educational concepts.



November 24, 2008

Analysing "Life!!"

What is life? We cannot give correct definition to life because, life depends differently on different persons.. Life of Sachin Tendulkar and life of mine is different. It is an analysis of two different ends! I cannot live like Sachin at the same time Sachin cannot live like me! The experiences I have faced will be unknown to Sachin at the same time Sachin's experiance will be unfamiliar to me. So, life is different for everybody. If somebody ask for the definition of life! I can say "If you can teach the sound of a violin who haven't used his ears, you can define life". Everybody have something to study from others! Everyone is unique.I'm not efficient enough to say about real life because I have a lot of life remaining in my carrier in this beautiful earth to study about life with reality

What is reality? In the movie matrix, a character morphius is talking about real as "real is what we can touch, smell or taste. so simply it is the electrical impulses produced in your brain." Yes, it is right! all we are seeing here may not be real but we think that it is real. We are all living on the basis of expectations!! If we drive a car, we expect that we can stop it by applying brakes. It is the true motivation in driving a car.! We expect something from every situations and on the basis of that we are making decisions.Expectations may not be reality but it is our reality. If every situation in this world is fake and every phenomenon we are seeing may also be fake..! but, now you can believe that everything is as expected...Anyway it doesn't rely on understanding it actually rely on it's successful application!

Discriminating real and fantasies is very difficult because some fantasies have lead to some future realities! But I think humans always like some unexpected supernatural fantasies...This can be explained with the help of the application of heroic movies. Suppose you are seeing a movie with heroic activity you may appreciate the supernatural activities knowing the real fact that you cannot do what you are seeing! But you likes to do it! It is a mere dream! Actors like Rajanikanth didn't got any chance of failure in his films. I mean the heroic failure not the failure of film. He hits every enemies and it is a clear motivation to the people. And everyone knows that it is impossible in real life. Why these medias are far away from realities? Where was it's start? I really cannot say.

I haven't seen any supernatural activity in my life. Everything in the world is usual and natural. But we live in a fantasy life. We really do not know what will happen in the future. Life shows us what that unexpected future is. I remember someone's voice which says "we should expect the unexpected"..We cannot expect the unexpected because the unexpected do not rest on your part! And you cannot withstand the consequences! Nobody is supernatural if anyone is, they cannot be refered under humans! But there are many people with some efficient skills. But, they cannot be called as a hero because, they cannot win always in every subjects.

If somebody is willing to talk about the complete analysis of life.He should be probably died to tell his whole story. So, an analysis of life is purely stupidity and impossible. This is a realisation of how stupid this analysis is!



June 10, 2008

God And Me....

I do not know what is the interrelationship between god and me...Even though it is good or bad. There are something which I believe about god.. According to my concept god is created by humans..Actually what god is doing is that he makes the man's way right..He gave confidence to the people..He installed some good customs in people..He always said to make the people work in the perfect way..When there is no one to control ourselves it was god who made some beliefs, which can be said as a fear. Fear of the consequences for the works he have done.. I never believe that god will do magic if I believes in him, instead we can do magic if we believe in him...God is created in different regions as different manner and called them religions...I think we are in a misunderstanding here.We believe in god because of fear and it created this misunderstanding..I do not know how far our beliefs are strong and wide..Still there is no answer for a question 'Who created us?". The whole things in earth,including animals and humans, who have brilliant piece of 'engineering beauty' in their origin. At the same time why don't our god do not take action against the misunderstandings and wars of this worlds.. If he is the creator why do he stand aside and watch what is going around here? Is this powerful god have nothing to do for his creation's existence?? I do not know which side I should stand..

It will be pity if I say I don't believe in god.I do believe in god not the way others are seeing him.. Definitely he will be a good guide for us. I do remember my father's opinion as see god as a good friend, teacher or anybody who have good connection with you. Every point in every religion have a good thought or work.But the violence is created because of the lack of unity between the people.Different religions fought for themselves and destroyed their own religions. As many of the experts says that all religions are saying the same thing through them.Nobody listens to them nobody studies their own religions, but they fight for their religions..This is not what religion and god is aiming at.

A few months before I was watching TV one evening. A program came into my attention.. It was a phone in program. And the presenter of the program received a call from a woman and as usual she said some family matters and at last she said to presenter that she wanted to wish her husband "a happy journey". The place her husband was visiting is 'sabarimala'. which is a pilgrimage center. It may be a unique incident. But it made me think a lot...I was thinking why do we go to temple??As far as I see it is to worship..But what here we is that he is just going like vacation tour or something.I realized that if there is god..This incident will be a great piece pain to him.. People is coming to see him just for enjoying their vacation and enjoy the beauty of the place!!!. I think here what we could see is that, everyone is copying their ancestors and the way of new life does not actually allow them to do...But they do it as their ancestors have done..Every prayer will have a meaning. there is not a word which is meaningless in the prayers..If we see its depth we could know what is expected from them..

This same feelings of people is taken as a business trick to others. Actually many of those businesses made some people sleep without hunger,while many others made millions out of it..If you are spending money on any temple, I have a little advice to you..Think that let this money help the poor people and if you think that this money is for god.Actually god do not need that money because he is it's creator and owner..Nothing will be taken as your's after your death. What you own now is not yours if you die..Never decrease what you have done like those..Because still it helps some good people..

I do not know whether I am right or wrong but I want to assure you that I have never discouraged any religions or never said anything negative about god..I do want to say that purity of mind is the only thing you need to attain god..Never deviate from the way you believe..



June 9, 2008

My views about Politics

I do not know much about politics in India..But, I believe that this condition is not going well..Politics is not doing good which is expected to do. People's country in people's own control.But still I believe that the condition is not so good for actual people.. The country's actual control rests on the people who is selfish and those who have power and money...The whole system of administration supports these people...As people controls a country every citizen have a responsibility to make the country's path healthy to themselves..I accept that this is your country.. You are one of the proud citizen who supported the real leader and made him the country's leader...But, if he is making mistakes.then, who is there to help the county get back it's health..India is a country which have a lot of resources including human resources.But still we are backward in every aspects. The country's real power rests on how it's powers are controlled..

Now, we are lacking unity. everyone is living in a situation in which we are fighting against ourselves..Yes, really politics have a great role in creating this situation.. Politics destroyed the unity of people. People stands in a condition where some supports money, other supports prosperity,, other supports unity... And is none is gaining any of these..Instead they fight and kills for their party.. and become a hero or sacrifice..Just think of who is killing whom.. We are fighting against ourselves and killing ourselves by gaining nothing?? Is this the real human being..If it is. I can say that there is no differences between a human and animals..Basically they are rude against themselves. Then, what does the word humanity stands for?

I do not say that every portion of politics in India is like this.. But there are places like this...Is democracy created for this?? Is democracy meant a battle field for misunderstandings and non-corporation? We do not know what is our role in these problems...but, we cannot stand aside and wait until our country's situation changes to another step of worst condition..