July 16, 2010

My definition for the word 'achievement'!

I think, the real reason for the existence of advisers is a fact that everybody believes that they are right. As far as I know, the most difficult fact to accept in this world is the fact that "I'm not always right". But, there is room for a counter-attack. To be completely personal, I hate advising!! I don't like to advice as well. Everything is just facts and no one can completely categorize 'right' and 'wrong' as it depends on the people who analyze them. I've seen people who used to advice me to try for a job in bank and definitely, they work in banks. As far as they see and convince, a job in a bank is the most safest job of the world. There are risks but, they feel so honored to be part of those banks. And I decided to try but, the real intention was different. I would like to be a bank officer and I believed that it could help me to follow my desire as a part-time job.

What is an achievement? Earning money? Living life? Enjoying life? I do not live to enjoy my life...I do not live my life to survive just as everyone else who assumes the way I am! My definition of achievement seems to be different. In my view, the most ugliest invention of our human history is 'money'! It killed people, analyzed people and even demotivated many others. If I were rich, I could do almost everything even if it is irrelevant and useless. I can buy people with money, sell myself for money or even bury myself in money. But, being any of these will never reach to my definition of 'achievement'. I consider money as my last preference for achievement. The only good thing which a rich man can do is to exploit the man who likes money. I received an sms from my friend :" A funny fact : Poor man runs for his daily food while a rich man runs to digest his daily food". What does it mean? In life, running is inevitable and the only difference is their appearance during the run. A rich may have a track suit but, the poor may not have it. Both runs for life. Trouble is inevitable as it arises one after another just because we could never have a complete definition for 'satisfaction'. I really hate people who analyze achievement with money. Money is essential but, it is not the only requirement of my life and a world without money can be fairer than what I see today! I love money just because its been established centuries before I am born and most of the people claim that they own most of the things in this world by this 'money'. The application of 'Darwin's Theory'(Existence of the fittest) on money is always unfair. I can assure one thing, I will never cheat anyone for money, I will never abuse anyone just because they don't have money and I will never respect anyone just because they got money (I do respect Warren Buffet for his philanthropic attitude )! Then, why should I work for money? I work for money because I need some support from people around me for my own survival.

People used to self-praise themselves by many means to show how rich they are. "I earn 2,00,000 per month" or " I got a lot of Lamborghinis in my house" etc are some examples. I used to do the same before but, it was almost 15 years before (I'm 18 years old since 2007). I told some of my friends in play school that I have an elephant, a gorilla and a tiger at my home (late confessions!). I didn't have anything at my home except a dog! Then, why did I say it? Because, I want to create an impression among my friends about it. Even today, I can see the same tendency in many people including me. I felt jealous of people who says that they have a shirt of 5,000 Rs(even if it worth just 500) or they own a bike of 1,00,000. My father is using a pretty decent bike than I had and I survived some criticisms from my friends in my college. I'm honestly trying to avoid it. I got a philosophy which I always used to apply in many real-life situations. "I'm supposed to survive even if these were not invented!". I'm supposed to survive even if my father was poor. So, if I call these an achievement, I'm ready to try buying lottery tickets as a profession! I'm not going to die even if someone offers me a billion rupees for dying.

So, what exactly is an achievement? There is no correct definition for achievement as it depends on the people. Even the word 'achievement' does exist just because the others' mentality to analyze me. I don't mind what they think about me. May be, I would struggle hard in my life just because of this mentality but, I won't regret for what I do (Things which we call stupid may not stay stupid for eternity). The only difference which I am trying to make is to differentiate what I do with what I'm supposed to do. I'm ambitious, definitely ambitious. I dreamed of being a lot of things in my life. Everything changed by the course of time. In my childhood, I dreamed of being a bus driver (I used to watch closely how the driver drives a bus and this is not a joke), a cricket player, a singer, an engineer, a businessman, a writer, a philosopher and even the president of India. Now, some of these ambitions are a laughing stock for me (Especially, the engineer's part). I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get a little different profession from any of the above ambitions but, I always loved to do something easier for me. People used to call me 'lazy' sometimes but, I know that I'm not always lazy. I'm lazy when I do not like what I'm doing. I still do not know why I'm sitting here in front of my computer in this late night and typing all these but, am I really lazy? I really like to do something like this and I wish if I could use this determined mind in my profession. I can feel the definition of 'achievement' in it.

I watched a movie recently. Its name is "A beautiful mind". It is a master-piece of one of my favorite actors Russel Crowe. It was a life of an almost psychic nerd who is trying to find a 'completely new idea'. Even I dreamed of doing something like that and I honestly believe that I can achieve it if I could make my passion my profession.  As far as I know, I'm a small philosopher and I may not be able to start a shop by putting a board "Philosophies for sale". But, it may offer 'satisfaction' and 'happiness' for me. Rather than being a really bad engineer, I may enjoy being a meaningless philosopher. It may not make me rich, it may not help me to gain enough money to live but, there are things which I need beyond it. Whatever happens in the end, I call it 'my achievement' and no one else has got anything to do about it.

"I define my achievements and I do not have anything to do to make it look like your achievement as 'every achievement' is unique and different. Sometimes, even a mind which do not have an idea of a definite achievement seems to be an achievement."



***To be continued as I got too much to process and define..

July 7, 2010

When astrology defines your destiny...

Everybody is curious to know about the future! Social networking sites are fed up with applications for astrology and there are sites which can predict your time and day of your death! I do not know what they really mean by these sites. There are better businesses to be taken care about! I personally, hate astrology and that doesn’t mean that astrology is wrong. A year ago, I was really surprised by the three facts (damn true facts) of my life which is revealed by astrology (that too in a printed material). That single incident changed the way I look into astrologers! Really, they are dangerous! It made me feel that I’m not in control of myself and what is my role if the purpose of my life is pre-determined? What if they can dig out the hidden secrets in me? That is really dangerous because everybody is different from what they show in their life (A mask of what I am)!

I remember a real-life joke about the same subject. I and two of my close friends were roaming around in the town. We saw an astrologer with a parrot sitting in the footpath. One of my friends is an activist of the communist party and with a curious naughty intention; he went to the astrologer to know his future. Even he recorded what the astrologer was saying about him! I think, he never believed in any of the facts he heard but, he got so excited when he heard that he will get married at the age of 21 or 23! I think, that astrologer is just like an advertisement! That astrologer and advertisements are gripping on the most sentimental things in our lives! At last, the astrologer turned to me and asked “May I tell your future?” and I replied “No. I may get scared of my future.” I still do not know what made me say that but, it makes a lot of sense here! I know exactly what that astrologer was doing out there! He talks all the possible things which may happen in our lives and some of them may come true.

It feels like every human in this world is curious about their future. I do not know how many fictional stories are there in this world about the future of the world. The weirdest thing is that most of them are representations of world destruction! I think, world destruction is some sort of nightmare for the entire human beings and most of them are the result of our own inventions or the result of our activities! So ultimately, we believe that we are supposed to receive what we deserve by our activities! What is the point in believing astrologers if I stop doing what I’m supposed to do? I can think about suicide even if our astrologer predicts that I will survive 84 years on earth!

I’ve seen people who have left their life to fate. Whatever happens in their life is justified by the name of fate! I do not like that idea even if it is a truth. If I can’t change anything in my life, why should I have a brain? Robots can do better! I can dream of being the president of India and the others have the same right to dream the same! Unfortunately, the seat available is just one! No one should stop dreaming but remember that our president may also have the same zodiac sign as mine and the astrology report can also be the same!! In my view, life is just a hope that we will receive what we deserve and definition of the word ‘deserve’ depends on the people around you!

At the same time, there is a positive fact about astrology! When I’m disappointed or at chaos, an astrologer can easily motivate me by saying “Never mind, one day you are going to be the president of India”. Sometimes, it can be a bridge from death to life! Why should I care about whether it is right or wrong if it can do something good? How can I categorize such things? I don’t know but, I still believe in one thing “Astrologers cannot change my fate as I got a brain to define my destiny!”


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