May 31, 2011

The theory of 'habitual thinker'!

I think, there is a way of thinking for everyone in this world .I do not think that no one other than me has exactly the same thoughts. Each one of us may have different solution for a single problem. In my life, I am supposed to see a lot of things from my surroundings and I am supposed to grasp a lot from the surroundings. But, even if someone else has to move in the exactly same path as mine, I am pretty sure that he will be different from me. I used to be a day dreamer in my life and I am a partial daydreamer right now. But, have you ever thought of 'how to think?'. If you have, I am pretty sure that it will be different from my thoughts. Because, no one is completely have the same thought and attitude. Everybody is unique and different in their own ways. In my personal opinion, 'their own ways' in the previous sentence may not fit well for all of us. Sometimes, I just follow what others are doing without giving a second thought. I know that I am supposed to think before taking a decision but, I failed to figure out the way I should have thought about it. I was unable to dig deeper than what I thought about  and in some subjects, I still remain the same.

Actually, is there a common way to think about a subject? I do not think so! I see a lot of things from my life and a few of them will be captured into my brain. There are different levels in knowing things. In the first level, we just see the thing and at that level, everybody would be in the same condition. In the second level, we will do some analysis in our mind and it determines the applicable wisdom in our life. Let's take an example, Albert Einstein found his famous equation E=MC2. . Some people thought of making it useful to meet the need of energy while some others' thought of making the 'atom bomb'. In reality, they both had the same information but they thought about two different usages of the same information. Actually, can I say that one of them is right and the other is wrong? Yes, I may. But, what's right clearly depends on which part I support. If I support the atom bomb, I will definitely say that the formula is meant to be used for making atom bombs. This is the most important part which made me convinced that "Everybody have the right to choose their 'rights' and 'wrongs'!" But, there is one more level in deep thoughts, what if I could consider both part of it in my mind? Definitely, I will be able to justify anything, even Osama!! But, I am a complete failure in that part. It can be because my justification and their justification are completely different.

I am a person who used to think a lot about me. An 'about me' page in my orkut profile was the first thing that motivated me to start a blog. But, I always used to think of what others should have thought about my acts and behaviors. Today, I cannot support it as 'I feel like I was an actor for my entire life'. The deepest thought is the thought you have when you pretend to be an outsider. In my experience, I have heard and seen a lot of fights and ragging cases between seniors and juniors of my college and some other colleges as well. Does it really make sense if I say that they were too idiotic? In an outsider's view, everything was idiotic (for some insiders also!). It is not an issue here, but the core part is the way I think and the way they think (I swear, I do not have an idea of what they were thinking, but at present I do not have a good reason to believe that they are not crazy). Everybody should have a justification for what they are doing and I am pretty sure that they would have some justification for what they did. The success of a meaningful thought is when you can think like an outsider (A thought from 'No man's land'!!). About myself, what I should have thought if I was someone else? Sometimes, it can make some sense, but it won't work all the time the same way you would expect. 

Wisdom is a result of such thoughts in our lives. I had a lot of spare time in my life and I used to believe that the word 'bore' is meaningless to me as I never got bored of these thoughts. But, I can definitely say that it helps to take my decision and it helps to increase the confidence to justify my stands and that was the only thing I cared about in my life. I cannot advice that we should develop this habit of thinking in every single thing in our lives. Sometimes, we may need to take a random pick because it is an undisputed fact that no information in our mind is complete and unexpected things will keep on happening. But, I am aware that too much thoughts will make others call you a 'pessimist' . Thinking is not a life and don't let your life sink in the ocean of thoughts.



May 24, 2011

A completely personal note

Right now, I am at a very confused state of mind. To be frank, I got no idea of what I am doing here now. I'm here for the last four years by now. I mean,  my blogger id exists since 2007. But, what did I really gain by this? I do not know. I am getting recognized a bit. People know me better through internet while I always believed that creating too much of personalization of internet is not good for us. Internet is supposed to be an information center, but just like my life. I am exactly what I do not like to be. There is a bit of disappointment when I say that the first thing I do on every morning is to check my pageviews in this site. Everybody like to get recognized and everybody may have a tendency to what I am doing, but I am totally aware that this is not going to change me or anyone in this world with this kind of effort. To be frank, I am tired of forcing me to think for this blog and that is not the way it should be. Writing is writing when we give the true heart into it and I am pretty sure that the only thing I have in my mind when I typed few previous posts was the traffic I am going to receive for the keywords I used in my post.

My mind was not here. Whenever I try to sit in front of the computer with an already opened edit post button, I really do not know what I am going to write or where I am going to reach. I definitely do not feel like writing when I post blogposts in this site. But, in a sense, I really expected me to be truthful to myself for many reasons. Today, I am not willing to continue like this and I definitely have a lot of things to criticize. I'm not that of an explosive writer, but this blog is not as dumb as it was. I used to receive comments from my friends who used to read this thing and I am perfectly aware that there are people who used to visit my site frequently(These days, you can't predict how perfect some traffic monitoring tools are). I'm almost sure that I am supposed to do this for myself not for anyone else, but I feel so silly and immature when I write like this here. I can do a lot better than what I've ever done here and that is the real reason behind this post.

What do I really mean by this? Actually, I do not know the real intention of this blog. Even though, I used to say that my intentions has changed by the course of time, but I faced an unanswerable question 'do I really had an intention for this blog?'! Have I ever had a good feedback about this blog? Yes, there were, but today it is more like a mirror(I say and thats what I am). I've heard that my subjects are too heavy but I would like to inform that I can handle a lot depressive heavier topics than what I've ever wrote about. I could not say that I've worked enough to write something like what I did here. I can't say that I really like what I am doing here, but I really liked the way I influenced people and I will not be able to do it forever. These things doesn't really make sense to me. I have a lot to write about myself than any other subjects and I have thought about myself than any other subjects. This is not really me what you are seeing. I should have done better.

I always used to hear that my language is powerful and there is a man who even said that I remind him of Clint Eastwood. That is really inspiring, but I couldn't really say that I have satisfied myself by doing almost senseless things I did here. Sometimes, I used to think that I can write a contradictory part just opposite to what I've written for every single post I've written here. It doesn't really make much sense to me and I really want to be a sense-maker to myself. I always used to write lengthy posts whenever I write about myself and my views in my personal blog and I do not want to call it a personal blog now, but I have a better view at myself. I am not saying that I am going to quit here. I would like to stay connected, but I would like to be myself also. So, I am stopping this artificial way of writing. It is time to do some serious stuff. I am a bit expressive when it comes to writing and I haven't gained anything special by being a blogger and I really do not expect it either. But, I would like to decrease the difference between this blog and myself.

I called my thoughts 'None of my business thoughts', but it is beginning to make sense now. Some of them really are 'none of my business'. I want to do what I am good at and presently, I believe that I have a good part in myself and I do not mind exploring those parts. Exploring the better part of me!!

Everything begins from yourself!!


May 21, 2011

The clean professional!

Some people believe that the only trouble that can ever happen to a man is 'money'. They can value everything in terms of money. I called them economists! Recently, I had an opportunity to sit in an economics class and against all the odds, rather than letting my mind wander around the world, I was listening to everything my teacher was saying. As far as I see 'money' will be the most frequently heard word in those classes. I started to see things in terms of money after that and that is the reason why I call them economists. Anyway, what would happen if there is no 'money' in this world? I will do whatever I like and as there is no money I will fight to meet my needs. I'm thinking about a condition at which no one really owns anything. A matter of real survival! I'm stuck with a small thought 'what will be my profession if I did not have the term 'money' in my mind?'. Today, everybody is supposed to have a job for their living or everybody is supposed sell their efforts, that may be interesting or it may not be so interesting, to live. What if we live a life of our own? In a simple sense, what if we are living a life like an animal?

Every single day, I do a lot of things. To be honest, I haven't earned much money for my living by anything I did in my life, but I am able to survive as my father's efforts can be sold to buy me meals. So, what I am doing in my life is simply the things that I really like to do. What will you do when you are free? Some watch television, some others may browse internet and I used to think when I am free. We can call it hobby. Yes, thinking is my hobby! I never used to get bored of my hobby and the condition will be same for most of us. What about bringing this hobby to my profession? I think, I may not say that I am tired of my work for ever!! I'm thinking and some are paying money for thinking and I will be able to live my life with it. As far as I can believe that there are no one who is foolish enough to do something like that, I am supposed to do some work as well. The reason why I am writing this post is a fact that I've seen people who sacrificed their hobbies for their job and as I have given some efforts to think about that condition, I think I can talk a little about it as well!!

If you get a job, people will begin to question you for sure. I've heard of people asking the question 'How much do you earn?'. Personally, I do not like that question as I feel that it is a small exploitation of one's privacy. But, I haven't heard of people asking 'How satisfied you are with your job?', that can be answered by anyone! . Most of us are taking these in terms of money(Not everybody). If so, everybody is some sort of an economist(according to my definition of the word 'economist'). Job will be a lot easier if you like what you are doing and it will be a lot difficult if you really take it as a punishment or burden. Everybody is dreaming about domination in their life and I've found my domination in the subject 'The art of being me'! But, it feels like it will be a lot easier for me to dominate if I go to the area I really like for my job. Sachin Tendulkar is famous in the world of cricket if he decided to be a chemistry professor I do not think that the name 'Sachin' would ever be popular! Luckily, he did not! So, everybody is having a small inbuilt talent in them and we have to find it to make it useful in our lives. If you are choosing your subject with a support from the word 'trend', I would like to remind you that your life may be a little weirder than you may imagine.

The very best thing you need to do when you are determined to be a professional in a field is to implement a very simple policy. "Accept advices with justifications"! People may ask you to be an IT professional when you really hate using a computer. People may ask you to be a scientist when you hardly spell the word 'scientist'. Because, it is very easy to advice. People may ask you to do a different job as it pays better but, to be a little extra ordinary, it is not enough and the word 'domination' may fade away with your efforts. Ask yourself whether you want a 'survival strategy' or a 'domination strategy' and trust no one other than you. "You are your best teacher!"(Quote from "School of Life")

Thanks for listening!


NB: I feel like it is the first time I am writing a post in this blog

May 10, 2011


What is the difference between a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian? In my view, conceptually there is no difference in being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian! Both are taking lives! If you cut an onion, you are taking the life of that onion and if you cut the neck of a chicken, you are taking the life of that chicken. So, what is the real difference that could possibly make by being a vegetarian? I'm almost a vegetarian and in my life, I've seen some eyes of astonishment when I say that I have tried to be a vegetarian. All the animals in this world is in need of food for their survival. It is nearly impossible to live a life without killing anything on this earth. But, there is  huge difference between killing an onion and a chicken in my life.

I'm a man who can almost justify every single thing in my life. So, this blog is going to reveal the reason behind my vegetarianism. First of all, I am brought up as a vegetarian in my life. None of my family members are known to take non-vegetarian food (I can't assure anything about the 'new generation' as they are not expected to reveal everything they do in their lives. Life is supposed to have some sort of secrecy, I accept!!). In the past, taking non-vegetarian was a mistake among us! At this stage, there are people who comfortably take non-vegetarian food as a part of modernizing their attitudes and lives. As I am not good enough in adopting and modernizing my life without a valid reason, I almost remained to be  a vegetarian in my life. But, this is not the real reason behind my vegetarianism. I can comfortably tell that I should have tried to be a vegetarian even if I am born in a non-vegetarian environment (like a butcher's family).

Recently, I came to know about the 'butchering process' of my area. It is said that the cattle are butchered in a very inhumane method. They use a hammer to hit the cattle on its head to kill it. It surprised me, because I was never heard of any issue regarding this subject as I used to give a little better priorities to issues like this than rapists or politics. I have seen the head of cattle in public places where butchering is supposed to be a common scene in places like Malappuram in Kerala and people like Maneka Gandhi were supposed to be active against such issues. Or is it just me who have a wrong feeling about doing such things? (I purposefully removed the words 'in public' with the last sentence. If you can't do it in public, nothing is different when you do it in private as well). For those who do not know much about slaughtering house, I would like to share a video which shows the pathetic 'slaughtering process' in some foreign countries and unfortunately, our condition is far more worse than this.

It feels like I have a solid reason for being a vegetarian. But, there can be a reason for me to be a non-vegetarian as well. If I am stuck in a place where there is no vegetarian food, may be I would become a non-vegetarian as it can be a matter of my own survival. But, if you ask me to take a choice between vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food, I will choose vegetarian. I cannot support this injustice just for the taste that will fade away in a few minutes. I remember the findings of a friend who expressed his astonishment when I said that I am a vegetarian ' I do not survive just because I want to eat, I eat because I want to survive'. That is not completely right about me but, it is possibly the best justification for any vegetarian.



NB: 'God created all the animals to meet the human food requirements*!'

*This is a joke because some people are still not laughing :).