December 16, 2010

A teacher's responsibility!!

A few years before, I made a terrible mistake when I was riding a bike. I did something which might cost me my life. It was a funny incident also. But, whats relevant is not what I did but what I have learned from it. A man watching my weird act responded something like this "Who taught you to drive?". It is a funny fact. I did a mistake and the one who is blamed for my mistake is the teacher who taught me.I was too young and too immature. I was not permitted to drive that bike as I never had a license at that age. But, from that day onwards, I considered 'teaching' as the most responsible job in this world. I was disappointed to hear some words from my friend "Responsible job? What is special in it? Just go to the school, come back from the school and that's it! It is just an easy job!"

I still remember some words of an another friend saying "Look at your marks, man!! If you continue like this you will end up being a 'school teacher' or something!". It was a time when I nearly stopped learning anything (studies) and my scores proved it and for that lazy, irresponsible fellow, my friend offered a much sophisticated  job, teaching!. It sounds like a joke to me now!! For the last few years, I've been a fan of a guy who said that teacher a stops learning when he gets his job. I believe that he is right but, that is not the way it should be. Actually, no one can ever stop learning anything from their lives. There is something to learn when you sit idle at your home doing nothing. How can a teacher stop learning anything from his life? The only curse of that profession will be a very wrong belief that teaching is the job for those who can't learn efficiently. If I look at some more examples, I've seen people people who has tried for a job for a long time and ended up being a teacher! The most senseless decision! Teaching is a smart job which requires talent and knowledge. If you believe that you are not talented or a bad student, never go for the teacher's job. Students can make jokes about you (I really meant it, you will become the 'sardarji' of that school!)

Everybody is a teacher in this world. No one can predict how we inspire or influence people around us and we are unknowingly following the path of a teacher. But, teacher has got a much more complicated responsibility. In my native, there is a teacher who is well renowned for his 'entrance coaching'. He began a school for coaching students. In his view, a student should learn at least 13 hours a day to make his future safe. Unfortunately, I was also a student of his coaching center. He was very strict and harsh to his students. What disappoints is not his strictness but his ill-mannered harsh words that was being used during his torture   of his students. I haven't met him because I rarely went to the class and stopped going there after one year. I heard a lot of stories about his manner from my friends at that time. If it was today, I have a plan to react against him. I will use the same harsh ill-mannered words in-front of him by saying that he is my role model of my life. I'm a student for the last 17 years of my life and with such a long experience, I made a decision about one thing, I will not let my child go to that coaching center for any reason. A teacher is supposed to be a role-model or a guide for his students. In some aspects, some teachers are like this, they will turn out to be the villain of the story and they will  teach a very important lesson by saying "you should never do like this!". I've seen a lot of them in my life.

Some people believe in one thing 'Strictness is the only way to success'. Some parents are proud to say that their children are studying in the most disciplined school of the area. In my personal opinion, that doesn't matter. In my view, discipline is the outcome of knowledge and wisdom. So, it is better to search for a school that provides knowledge and wisdom rather than running behind strictness. When I became free to think and decide, I never thought of any discipline from my old school or college but, I've heard of some people who says that I'm disciplined. Whatever I learn, I am doing what I like to do and such an activity does not have anything to do about discipline! For me,the words 'self-analysis', 'self-realization', 'wisdom', 'knowledge' etc made a better sense than the word 'punishment'. Education is supposed to make sense to our lives not to destroy its purpose!

I think, I've written somewhere in this blog that 'media acts like a teacher to the society!'. Lets make an analysis!! I've seen a movie called "Race" in Hindi. It was a thriller with unexpected twists and turns! It was my friend who recommended it to me.  I really enjoyed it. Today, I have a different thought. Every movie is supposed to have a message for his viewers and the message of that movie is really weird. The story is about two brothers. A brother cheats the other and killed him and in the climax, the dead one came back and killed his brother(Sorry, I forgot a fact that even their wives did the same as well). Everything was so negative! It was a good example of how a brother should never be. That movie is doing a teacher's job and whatever we learn from it the responsibility rests on its creators! Lets take another example. Rajnikanth movies movies have a usual flow. I've watched Sivaji a long time ago. During the intermission, the story was that, Sivaji has turned to nothing from a very high condition and he had just 1 ruppee in his hand. After the intermission, he changed the whole scene with that single coin and destroyed the evil power(villain). What is the message in his movie? Whatever happens in life a man can win anything if he have a good heart and determined mind. We cheered for the "Race" and we considered Rajni as a joker(Rajnikanth jokes are spreading very fast through our mobile phones,isn't it?) Rajni's movie might look like a cartoon movie but, I respect the message he conveys. So, the point is simple. You cannot blame your teacher for everything, what you learn depends upon what you extract from their lessons.



NB: I highly recommend a movie "school of life",  directed by William Dear regarding this subject!

November 22, 2010

An Indian Dream!!

I always used to consider myself as an analyzer in my life. Today, I realize that those were not really analysis but, criticisms. Am I not patriotic in this world? Why do I always take subjects which might depress or demotivate people? I've already thought about some serious social issues in India which do not require a good reference in any place("Attitude can change in a split of a second"). Media is the way through which people realize and understand the world. Today, it looks like they are determined to over-expose their news as a part of aggressive expansion of their own business. What are we doing? We are really good in blaming ourselves! I'm not here to criticize or demotivate or even to make a comment on what or why we are a little disappointed with the present condition of India, bu, I need to have a personal belief that I got a plan to create a better India. I do not know how far I'm going to express what I really need to express. At present, I'm trying to express thoughts about a better India.

All I'm thinking right now is a fact that we need to recheck the way we are looking at ourselves. What I've found in my life is a fact that I always used to have a reason to blame everything. I'm not always a positive thinker. I need to change the way I look into things. I need to categorize the information that I'm required to accept and that I need to ignore. I think, many of us are really good in blaming ourselves and enjoying the same. I live in Kerala and I used to crack a joke during many occasions, "Kerala is god's own country with devil's own people". Whenever I talk about some social issues or harthals or whatever, this joke is a usual one which I've accidentally copied from someone else. People like me are everywhere, waiting for their opportunity to blame ourselves and thus to make fun of ourselves. There is a perfect solution for such an insult. We need to stop providing opportunities for them to speak. We are not completely wrong, but we are accidentally doing something which results in a very negative effect. That's where we need to change.

How do we measure development of a nation? Financial terms? In my personal opinion, no one should analyze a country with its economy because it is fragile. We are developing since the stone age and still didn't qualify to gain the name 'developed nation' among the other nations. I think, we need to redefine the term 'development' here. Some people have already defined development  as a process of importing the civilizations of the foreign countries (who claims themselves 'developed'). Do we really have a unique face of our own? I still wonder why we consider ourselves 'under-developed'. Development doesn't mean that we should have highways like the west or we should have pubs and bars just as Americans or anything that the other countries possess. My idea of development is how far we are capable of withstanding difficult situations. India has already developed when we began to think that our nation is a representation of 'unity among diversities'. It can handle almost everything like it did before.

In this very conscious dream, I do not dream about big cities or big highways or even some better industrial units. I am thinking about making some sense. What if we could create some sense which no other country has made so far. Lets take the example of pollution.What if we could bring zero-emission vehicles rather than getting proud of owning a hayabusa at home? What if we could bring our destroyed forests back rather than creating ugly polluting concrete forests? What if we could bring  an end to all non-biodegradable wastes in the country? These are not completely difficult tasks, there are huge possibilities, which are essential for our survival(I watched '11th hour" today and these sentences are the results of its inspiration). We are well civilized and cultured. Indian civilization is well-renowned for its sense-making. We were the sense makers of the history. Our culture and its depth are immeasurable. The knowledge we had in  our past are still astonishing(may I call  it envy?) some of the foreign countries. The only change we need right now is the change in angle at which we are looking at ourselves. We have to regain this 'rich-knowledge' and get back to what we were.

A few days before, I happened to see a report on the the level of intelligence quotient. More than 30% of our population has above average IQ level. I noticed it in facebook and I commented on it like this "Intelligence is meaningless without a place to apply it!". The present condition of India is not that bad, but it could be better if these intelligent people's intelligence is utilized properly.  We are supposed to change something here and it feels like we are nearly at chaos just because of the same reason(intelligence)! People are guided and motivated in a very different way right now. Lets take the example of movies, why do we always get inspired of movies which resembles the foreign culture? I've seen people clapping hands and cheering when they hear the 'forbidden four letter word'(you know what that word is!) in a Malayalam film. I've seen some Malayalam movies which are purposefully copied some Hollywood movies. It looks like, we have lost our face on this earth. We have lost our uniqueness in the world. That is what we need to regain. Stop importing civilizations, create your own if you need to!

I do not want to claim that I'm completely right about what I've written here. I do not want to claim that this post is the only unique post that refers about Indian dream. But, what if I could make some people realize that they are supposed to dream? That is also an achievement!

"People says that it is too easy to be a bad man in this world, but I realized that it is not so tough to be a good man either.All we need to check is the outcome of what we did and the words 'good' and 'bad' doesn't really matter if we could make our inner-mind believe that it is 'good' or at least 'fair'!!"



NB: To be continued.;)

October 17, 2010

Why should I lead a disciplined life?

I think, discipline involves some sort of sacrifices to everyone. From my early ages itself, I've been hearing a lot about discipline and still it continues. When I was doing my primary school, my school principal punished me by a pinch on my ear for using crackers( I do not know the exact word for it. I think, I can call it 'baby crackers' as it was so small) at school. I never stopped using crackers afterward and that punishment was a pure wastage of time. The disciplinary actions I've ever heard in my life were purely compulsions! I was afraid to use crackers again at my school, but I always had the tendency to use it until I leave the school. I've noticed a lot of people who are extremely attracted to well disciplined schools for their children. I still do not know how these disciplines are measured but, it doesn't make much sense to me. 

Disciplines and disciplinary actions are mostly for building up of mannerism! I believe in one thing, these compulsions are not going to help me gain anything in my life. I never followed all the disciplinary actions I've learned at school. I've always found some tendency to get indisciplined when I was at school.But, some of them remained in me. So, what should I do? I have to destroy this tendency to get indisciplined. My grandfather was also like this, he always used to wake me up at 6 O'clock in the morning which I hated more than hell. Yesterday, I slept at 1O'clock and woke up at 8! But, one day I'm going to realize that waking up at 6 is making much better sense than sleepless late nights!! That is wisdom!!

Who are these discipline makers? Mostly, they are highly matured and experienced people who got some idea of the value of disciplined life! And I do respect them. But, no one can ever compel me to follow their rules and make me look like a disciplined man as I'm already disciplined in my own way! You can convince me to be like you by your wisdom but, never force to implement your level of discipline to my life. It can have a very negative after-effect!! If some disciplines are not making much sense in any part of my life, I am not going to accept it. Discipline should have some intention or aims. If it is good or fair, I might be able to accept if not, I will get back to what I was.

A few years before, my parents used to complain a lot about my addiction to internet, but I do not regret for this addiction. That is the way I am today. I'm not allowed to use mobile, laptop etc at my college. Does it make much sense? Mobiles or laptops are not always bad words. They can be misused but, they are not built for misusing. A security camera is used in a place where the security is under trouble and if there were no trouble, the invention of security cameras will be a waste of time and energy. So, my point is simple. If a rule for making us disciplined is not capable of destroying the 'tendency to get indisciplined', that action is purely non-sense! I lead a disciplined life because I'm not going to gain anything by an indisciplined life either!

"Life is great if you live the way you want to be, but it will be greater if you let others live the way they are!So, avoid unnecessary interferences..."



September 28, 2010

A (not so innocent) view about 'flirting'!!

I've been receiving a little better response from people around the blogosphere for a post I've written before. It really inspires me as it is one of the main reason why I'm here today. The post ("An innocent view about flirting") is about flirting and you can read it from the link provided. Whenever I receive comments in that post, I used to think about the relevance of that post now. I personally object some specific things I've written there even though I've remarked about my ignorance in my topic. The status is still the same, I'm not a flirter and unfortunately, I'm still against flirting.

The reason for this post today and the post before are almost alike. Some of my friends are determined to make me fall in love and break my leg!! And I almost stood at a point at which forcing me to fall in love is an almost flirting. Just like before, I'm still noticing a lot of advertisements in facebook to find beautiful girls and they haven't received a single page view because of me and I consider it as an achievement.

The point is still the same!! Our behavior and habits have changed a lot because of our artificial life. What will happen if there were no internet? I'm supposed to survive so why should I care about advertisements? I have heard of a story of a man who created an orkut account just for flirting and later he deleted the same account as he got married. Internet is not always a place to flirt but, online games and flirting sites have changed the face of internet to a certain extend! Choosing a life partner is not as simple as we choose a shirt from the textile shop. It is easy but, it is not the way it should be! Smart boys can get smart girls! But in my view, smartness is just like pretending something. Its an act for temporary impression. I do not believe that girls are going to be a fan of me if I had a nice bike and expensive deodorant. These kinds of things are just exploiting our weaknesses. We are already aware of it.

I remember an advice from one of my friends to write 'love stories' instead of these weird blog posts for creating an impression. There are people who believe that everything they do is just for impressions. But, I can't accept it. I remember a status update of my friend which says that we should try to be ourselves by avoiding impressions. It impressed me a lot as he got a point. I'm not what I'm when I try to impress anything. I can't really maintain the level of my impression throughout my life. This thing seems to be insane to me. I do not like to behave like any celebrity to attract attention, I do not like to wear any freaky clothes just to attract attention. What I do in my life is just my standard and my life is not perfect or imperfect as it may seem.

A few years back, I and one of my friends were having a debate about the same subject and I remember the words I just said about this. "It is better to find someone who loves our weaknesses than to find someone who loves our show-offs". Today, it makes a lot of sense for me as it is perfectly true in many senses.I have a certain nature and my thoughts have a certain nature and I'm not ready to change myself just because I am supposed to make an impression. The real impression which can always remain in my life is when I can comfortably say that 'I am just what I am' and such a statement can automatically impress a lot of people. The real love is when I can find someone who loves my imperfections.

I wish everyone to be able to find your perfect life-partner, but I am well aware that luck has nothing to do about it. So, save your leg!!

NB: nothing specific but, I'm forced to put down something!

NB1: Some of my close friends might be able to figure out the reason for using 'not so innocent' in brackets. If they can't, I didn't mean anything!!


September 10, 2010

A mission to save the earth!!

There is a usual sequence in many hollywood movies. World will face a huge destruction (probably because of ourselves) and a hero rise from nowhere to save the world with his bare hands and intelligence! I watched the movie 2012 when it was on focus for a while but, the essence of that movie was also the same. I wonder, every single man in this world is expecting the end of the world some day. Not just the movies, our religions are also expecting the same! I'm expecting the same someday!! Yes, the world is going to end one day!! I've found a reason too. 'Our intelligence'!!!

I remember one fact which I have heard in my childhood "If we are creating a movie of 60 minutes with all the most important things happened on earth, humans own the last 3-4 seconds". If we compare the age of earth with that of the age of human existence, we lived only a very few years on earth(so far). Let's take the example of that movie, in 3-4 seconds, we made many animals disappear, we made most of our rain forests disappear, we built many buildings and increased the nature's average temperature, we drilled the earth and the list of achievements goes on. We almost changed the face of earth in comparatively very short time (milliseconds in comparison to earth's life). Please don't get bored of hearing the same news from the world around. I know, all of us are aware of what I'm talking and I need not waste my time in explaining this section.
What is our mistake? Mistake is not ours, it's our creator who almost made us responsible for the life of about 5 million species( it is estimated that the total number of animals in our planet comes to around 5 to 30 millions. Lets assume that it is about 5 million). Risking the life of about 5 million species just for the domination of 1 species seems to be insane. We got civilized and we built our own world by destroying the most beautiful 'beauty of randomness', the nature. We are considered as the brainiest animals on earth and we did all these insane activities. No one can skip from the responsibility of protecting the nature. I remember a dialog in the movie "The matrix" which explains that humans are not considered as mammals and that too by a program programmed by machines. We do not maintain a good ecological balance with the environment. We are getting outnumbered and we are exploiting as deep as we could. All that we are capable of doing is to dig our own (future generation's) grave by what the intelligent people call 'development'! What am I doing now? I'm sitting on a plastic chair (which won't destroy even after 1000 years) with a laptop(most of the components are going to be called as electronic waste in the near future) on a wooden table, that is made by destruction of forest wood!I'm also responsible for what I'm doing ! What shall I do? I'm also a member of 'intelligently insane creature's group' of the earth!!

I've seen people who advice everyone to reduce using fossil fuels. In my view, it is already time to 'stop' than 'reduce'. It is heard that fossil fuels are created by a lengthy processes of millions of years by our earth and certainly, no man had lived a million year on earth. We can't refuel it and our future generations are going to suffer for it. But, quite recently, I saw a comment in a facebook group which says that our oceans are going to get fished-off in 2048. I showed the comment to one of my friends and he replied like this " Why should I bother? I will get too old by 2048 and by that time our scientists will invent tablets instead of food". I do not believe that the existence of the entire world is for human domination and I do not have much trust in scientists as they can always invent some worse inventions! Today's meaning for 'life' almost resembles 'process of enjoyment' and our generations will follow us which makes things worse. We are well aware of what we are doing but, who is responsible? Who really care what we did? Who really enjoy what we did? Just ourselves!!
This topic has been inspiring me a lot for a long long time as I found a very simple solution for all the problems that can ever happen on earth. Get uncivilized(there is no spelling mistakes in this expression)!! Get back to the life of 'cave man' and try to maintain sense of the nature by making our acts sensible! I got really inspired when I watched the movie "In to the wild" in which a man who tried to lead a life in a jungle and ended up in the jungle itself because of accidental consumption of forest plant. It was a sad ending but, the nature has to maintain its balance. What we have invented or achieved or exploited will become meaningless if we can't even maintain the place where we are living. And just as the hollywood movies, there will be a hero to save and it need not always be just a hero it could be achieved by the combined effort of 6 billion heroes also!! 

NB: I do not have an idea of what I've written but, this topic is always relevant!!



July 16, 2010

My definition for the word 'achievement'!

I think, the real reason for the existence of advisers is a fact that everybody believes that they are right. As far as I know, the most difficult fact to accept in this world is the fact that "I'm not always right". But, there is room for a counter-attack. To be completely personal, I hate advising!! I don't like to advice as well. Everything is just facts and no one can completely categorize 'right' and 'wrong' as it depends on the people who analyze them. I've seen people who used to advice me to try for a job in bank and definitely, they work in banks. As far as they see and convince, a job in a bank is the most safest job of the world. There are risks but, they feel so honored to be part of those banks. And I decided to try but, the real intention was different. I would like to be a bank officer and I believed that it could help me to follow my desire as a part-time job.

What is an achievement? Earning money? Living life? Enjoying life? I do not live to enjoy my life...I do not live my life to survive just as everyone else who assumes the way I am! My definition of achievement seems to be different. In my view, the most ugliest invention of our human history is 'money'! It killed people, analyzed people and even demotivated many others. If I were rich, I could do almost everything even if it is irrelevant and useless. I can buy people with money, sell myself for money or even bury myself in money. But, being any of these will never reach to my definition of 'achievement'. I consider money as my last preference for achievement. The only good thing which a rich man can do is to exploit the man who likes money. I received an sms from my friend :" A funny fact : Poor man runs for his daily food while a rich man runs to digest his daily food". What does it mean? In life, running is inevitable and the only difference is their appearance during the run. A rich may have a track suit but, the poor may not have it. Both runs for life. Trouble is inevitable as it arises one after another just because we could never have a complete definition for 'satisfaction'. I really hate people who analyze achievement with money. Money is essential but, it is not the only requirement of my life and a world without money can be fairer than what I see today! I love money just because its been established centuries before I am born and most of the people claim that they own most of the things in this world by this 'money'. The application of 'Darwin's Theory'(Existence of the fittest) on money is always unfair. I can assure one thing, I will never cheat anyone for money, I will never abuse anyone just because they don't have money and I will never respect anyone just because they got money (I do respect Warren Buffet for his philanthropic attitude )! Then, why should I work for money? I work for money because I need some support from people around me for my own survival.

People used to self-praise themselves by many means to show how rich they are. "I earn 2,00,000 per month" or " I got a lot of Lamborghinis in my house" etc are some examples. I used to do the same before but, it was almost 15 years before (I'm 18 years old since 2007). I told some of my friends in play school that I have an elephant, a gorilla and a tiger at my home (late confessions!). I didn't have anything at my home except a dog! Then, why did I say it? Because, I want to create an impression among my friends about it. Even today, I can see the same tendency in many people including me. I felt jealous of people who says that they have a shirt of 5,000 Rs(even if it worth just 500) or they own a bike of 1,00,000. My father is using a pretty decent bike than I had and I survived some criticisms from my friends in my college. I'm honestly trying to avoid it. I got a philosophy which I always used to apply in many real-life situations. "I'm supposed to survive even if these were not invented!". I'm supposed to survive even if my father was poor. So, if I call these an achievement, I'm ready to try buying lottery tickets as a profession! I'm not going to die even if someone offers me a billion rupees for dying.

So, what exactly is an achievement? There is no correct definition for achievement as it depends on the people. Even the word 'achievement' does exist just because the others' mentality to analyze me. I don't mind what they think about me. May be, I would struggle hard in my life just because of this mentality but, I won't regret for what I do (Things which we call stupid may not stay stupid for eternity). The only difference which I am trying to make is to differentiate what I do with what I'm supposed to do. I'm ambitious, definitely ambitious. I dreamed of being a lot of things in my life. Everything changed by the course of time. In my childhood, I dreamed of being a bus driver (I used to watch closely how the driver drives a bus and this is not a joke), a cricket player, a singer, an engineer, a businessman, a writer, a philosopher and even the president of India. Now, some of these ambitions are a laughing stock for me (Especially, the engineer's part). I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get a little different profession from any of the above ambitions but, I always loved to do something easier for me. People used to call me 'lazy' sometimes but, I know that I'm not always lazy. I'm lazy when I do not like what I'm doing. I still do not know why I'm sitting here in front of my computer in this late night and typing all these but, am I really lazy? I really like to do something like this and I wish if I could use this determined mind in my profession. I can feel the definition of 'achievement' in it.

I watched a movie recently. Its name is "A beautiful mind". It is a master-piece of one of my favorite actors Russel Crowe. It was a life of an almost psychic nerd who is trying to find a 'completely new idea'. Even I dreamed of doing something like that and I honestly believe that I can achieve it if I could make my passion my profession.  As far as I know, I'm a small philosopher and I may not be able to start a shop by putting a board "Philosophies for sale". But, it may offer 'satisfaction' and 'happiness' for me. Rather than being a really bad engineer, I may enjoy being a meaningless philosopher. It may not make me rich, it may not help me to gain enough money to live but, there are things which I need beyond it. Whatever happens in the end, I call it 'my achievement' and no one else has got anything to do about it.

"I define my achievements and I do not have anything to do to make it look like your achievement as 'every achievement' is unique and different. Sometimes, even a mind which do not have an idea of a definite achievement seems to be an achievement."



***To be continued as I got too much to process and define..

July 7, 2010

When astrology defines your destiny...

Everybody is curious to know about the future! Social networking sites are fed up with applications for astrology and there are sites which can predict your time and day of your death! I do not know what they really mean by these sites. There are better businesses to be taken care about! I personally, hate astrology and that doesn’t mean that astrology is wrong. A year ago, I was really surprised by the three facts (damn true facts) of my life which is revealed by astrology (that too in a printed material). That single incident changed the way I look into astrologers! Really, they are dangerous! It made me feel that I’m not in control of myself and what is my role if the purpose of my life is pre-determined? What if they can dig out the hidden secrets in me? That is really dangerous because everybody is different from what they show in their life (A mask of what I am)!

I remember a real-life joke about the same subject. I and two of my close friends were roaming around in the town. We saw an astrologer with a parrot sitting in the footpath. One of my friends is an activist of the communist party and with a curious naughty intention; he went to the astrologer to know his future. Even he recorded what the astrologer was saying about him! I think, he never believed in any of the facts he heard but, he got so excited when he heard that he will get married at the age of 21 or 23! I think, that astrologer is just like an advertisement! That astrologer and advertisements are gripping on the most sentimental things in our lives! At last, the astrologer turned to me and asked “May I tell your future?” and I replied “No. I may get scared of my future.” I still do not know what made me say that but, it makes a lot of sense here! I know exactly what that astrologer was doing out there! He talks all the possible things which may happen in our lives and some of them may come true.

It feels like every human in this world is curious about their future. I do not know how many fictional stories are there in this world about the future of the world. The weirdest thing is that most of them are representations of world destruction! I think, world destruction is some sort of nightmare for the entire human beings and most of them are the result of our own inventions or the result of our activities! So ultimately, we believe that we are supposed to receive what we deserve by our activities! What is the point in believing astrologers if I stop doing what I’m supposed to do? I can think about suicide even if our astrologer predicts that I will survive 84 years on earth!

I’ve seen people who have left their life to fate. Whatever happens in their life is justified by the name of fate! I do not like that idea even if it is a truth. If I can’t change anything in my life, why should I have a brain? Robots can do better! I can dream of being the president of India and the others have the same right to dream the same! Unfortunately, the seat available is just one! No one should stop dreaming but remember that our president may also have the same zodiac sign as mine and the astrology report can also be the same!! In my view, life is just a hope that we will receive what we deserve and definition of the word ‘deserve’ depends on the people around you!

At the same time, there is a positive fact about astrology! When I’m disappointed or at chaos, an astrologer can easily motivate me by saying “Never mind, one day you are going to be the president of India”. Sometimes, it can be a bridge from death to life! Why should I care about whether it is right or wrong if it can do something good? How can I categorize such things? I don’t know but, I still believe in one thing “Astrologers cannot change my fate as I got a brain to define my destiny!”


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June 27, 2010

I'm my greatest fan!

I'm inspired by a scene in the movie "Bluffmaster"!! Actually, I didn't watch the entire movie but, I saw a scene where a man doing his own 'aarathi' in front of a mirror! According to him, the world's most respectable person is himself! Many people used to consider it as self-praising but, I got some justification and I'm trying to express here.

Recently, I watched a programme where two teams of Argentina fans and Brazil fans were having a quarrel(an almost fight) about the world cup football! Both of them claims that the world cup will be theirs!! This time, I am a fan of Korean team and the same day I claimed that I am their fan, they lost their game with Portugal(7-0) and yesterday, they are out of the world cup!! Why did it happen?? It happened because, I got nothing to do to make them play well. I'm not in their team selection, I'm not their coach and I'm definitely not their player and I got nothing to do about it. It was just a wish! May be, any team other than Argentina or Brazil can also win the world cup! It can happen I got experiences! In the last world cup, every single team lost their games when I started supporting them (I supported Germany in the final)!! I believe that they are coincidences as I got nothing to do to make them play well. What is the point?? Showing our support can be accepted but, I can't really support this weird quarrels. I cannot find much room for it as everybody is ignoring themselves.

I believe that the true energy of me comes from myself. The true inspiration of my life is when I believe in my own powers. Looks like everybody is supposed to be their own fans! I remember a boy, who used to play cricket with me during my childhood days. The interesting thing about that boy is that he always used to do his own commentary for his game.For some eg:- "Well batting Stanley", "well bowling Stanley, "What a great catch Stanley!!". I still remember his disappointed funny face when he lost a game with small children like me(According to us, he was an aged man)! He is self-praising but, its the most effective motivation!

I didn't really mean to say that everybody must stop appreciating others. My justification for me being my greatest fan is a fact "I know exactly what I'm doing". The person who know my capabilities is me. I'm the only one who can control or outburst what I do and I'm unique as every single human in this world. No one can just be nothing! No one can just be an exact copy of someone else. I'm motivated by many things in others' life but, I will never try to be like them as I perfectly know that I can just be me! My suggestion: You can show your 'honest appreciation' to the one who deserves it but, never mix it with 'honest jealousy' and forget the real part of yourself!



June 6, 2010

Why should I break the rules?

An advertisement has been receiving a lot of attention from me for the last few months. It was an advertisement from Kerala state government! Interestingly, Kerala state government is writing off a lot of malpractices of our people in Kerala. Kerala government is arranging an offer for people who cheat on paying taxes. The people who haven't paid enough tax for land are expected to pay a huge fine of lakhs but, Kerala government is giving a discount of about 90% for them. I am thinking about the condition of those who paid enough land taxes! They are fooled!! They lost their money!! The advertisement is like this "Mega offer, you need not pay 3,00,000 fine for faking tax for your land transactions,just pay Rs 3000 instead." I still can't understand why people are not opposing such a disastrous offer. I think, there is no one who is eligible to file a case.

I always used to notice some people who are so proud of breaking the rules. I can't support the sense behind "rules are meant to be broken!". People hate rules, I accept but, these rules help us to survive! Without rules, the world is at complete chaos! Rules are created to develop a fair environment for everyone if it can't be promised; they are expected to be broken!! If the law about land transaction is making non-sense, they are expected to be changed. Wrong is always wrong even if it is followed by a billion people.It is not a good justification for breaking the rule. A law to support cheaters in a place where majority cheats cannot be considered as fair!

We are living in a democratic world and knowingly or unknowingly our leaders represent us and if they are not making a well balanced rule, we are responsible too! The most complex thing in democracy is a fact that our control over the rules are in our own hands! But, this freedom is mostly misused by our own people. This is the reason why we need a better rule to control our own people and we are not expected to hide from the responsibilities to create some! Rules are created and meant to be followed as breaking them can be unfair to many around us! Still some rules are broken just because some believes that those rules are not applicable to them!

Never feel so proud when you break some rules around you. They are created for you or may be for your own protection. Breaking rules can't be considered as heroic while following some sensible rules may be considered as an honor! It is not a must that someone should implement some rules to apply it in your life, you have an opportunity to create your own!



May 21, 2010

Defining humanity!

A few years before, when a train accident happened in Kerala, people were talking a lot about the helping mentality of some fishermen who helped to save a lot of lives. They got a lot of publicity from the media. I value their efforts! I value their dedication and I was proud of them until I happened to watch a program in TV where a fisherman abused a renowned paper for not publishing and congratulating their efforts! It may be a unique fisherman but, I do not believe that I should expect some publicity by wearing a mask of humanitarian! If I could meet him now I will ask a simple question “Are you ready to die for publicity?”. Today, it feels like he is not completely wrong! If someone believes in his own efforts and commitment towards the others, they deserve some reference and appreciation! But, humanity is supposed to be a part of every human in this world but at present, it is not! Yesterday, I heard about some news about a lorry which killed 2 men which is then driven away without even a mind to provide them proper medical support!

Humanity has nothing to do with selfishness but, inhumanity can’t be defined without selfishness! A humanitarian need not be an unselfish person! If I happened to see an accident and gave some more priorities to my car rather than helping them, I am inhuman! It is a usual case now-a-days; I have seen it in the movies and life! I got just one thing to remind them! They need not pray to god for any help from anyone if they are in the same condition because, you do not deserve to get help! I have seen people who used to call humanity as foolishness! I remember some words from an acquaintance “A wise man will not go for any help!”. I still do not know how he defines “wise” but, that wise man will never make any sense to me! Is it better to be selfish?

In this world, people are getting used to learn from experiences! It is just like they are waiting for some things to happen for taking a better choice! Until it happens, everything is just a game! I have seen a photo in the news paper recently! In that photo, there are 4-5 people who are fighting hard to take pictures using their mobile phones! It seems like they are in a fight to get a perfect shot on something! I astonished to read the description which says that they were trying to take a photo of a man who is fighting for his life under a bus! Rather than helping him, people are interested in taking his photo! This is not a unique incident! Recently, I saw a report about a bus accident which killed about 10 people in Kerala. A newspaper reported the pathetic condition of ambulances and fire forces who were trying to reach the incident area because of the crowd which is assembled to take photos of the bus which is nearly destroyed by the accident. What is human intelligence? It was not a Hollywood movie stunt; it was an accident where many people were fighting for their lives! What is common sense? They learn only if their or their closer ones are in trouble! How many of them remember our pledge? “All Indians are our brothers and sisters”, isn’t it? Every Indian should be your brother or sister and it makes us relatives! Let patriotism do the work..

About humanity of different regions, I always used to notice that our rural areas are still strong in spreading love! When I was in Delhi for a small trip, a car driver told me about a fact in Delhi “You will be dead if you can’t walk into the nearest hospital after an accident. Don’t ever believe that someone is going to help you to get there!” Why is it applicable to Delhi only? Delhi is a metropolitan city and it seems like it is cursed by this ‘insane mentality’ which can be applicable to many other cities also! If we consider villages, they are a lot better than cities! At least, they will get you some water to drink! Does intelligence and knowledge make man crazy and selfish? I just want to say that knowledge or intelligence need not be a barrier to show humanity!

After a long analysis, it feels like I should support people who wear the mask of a humanitarian today. At least, they did what they are supposed to do even though they aim publicity as a result! Media is doing a lot of work to reveal such incidences and I must appreciate their determined effort! I can’t estimate their result but, they are trying to make some sense! Humanity is a special word which is applicable only to humans because we got brain and intelligence! We are not humans if we can’t find humanity among us! If I honestly consider it as a truth, it is already time to count the number of ‘real humans’ rather than counting the number of tigers in India!!



April 29, 2010

Why should I believe in god?

I do not know why but, many people define me as a communist whenever I start speaking about god!! So, I think it is time to redefine god for the second time in this blog. I am a person born in a Brahmin family who never used to visit temples or do any rituals which are supposed to do by our community. Today, some people define a communist as a person who does not believe in god! I do not know much but, basically I do not like to hear that I am a communist just because I externally look like an atheist! I consider myself as agnostic instead! Yes, I really do not know whether a god exists or not.

Why do I look like an atheist? I look like an atheist because; I really hate to do meaningless activities. If I am going to a temple, I feel so artificial in the way I behave. I will worship as others are doing it there. I always used to feel that I never worshiped my god with my true heart! So, if a god really exists, it will be the hardest thing for him to accept. I have a lot of examples for people who used to do many meaningless things. I have seen a person who used to be a follower of god on his birthdays and leads an atheistic life afterwards. I really hate this way of worship! I am not going to a temple just to make my family or my native people aware that I am a follower of god! I am misguiding them but, I really do not like to do it. Today, I believe in one thing, today’s concept of religion is bundled with misguidance and business! The main problem of today’s religious beliefs is a fact that it is not properly described or derived so that the true meaning of religions are still unaware to its followers!!

Why there are religions in this world? Consider the condition before religions in this world! If I kill someone and nobody is aware that I am the culprit then, I will not be afraid of the consequences! If someone says that god is going to punish me for what I’ve done. I will get afraid of the consequences from god so that I will be a little kind in the way I am. It is really easy to be a bad man in this world but, religions have successfully controlled people to several extend!! Today, we can feel the change! Today, religious beliefs are getting weaker and weaker so that people in this world are forgetting many important facts like humanity, kindness etc. My father always used to talk about lessons from religious stories but, how many of our people are aware of the lessons from those stories? Today, TV and films have a great influence in people but, in olden times, it was stories which influenced people. So, the best way to influence and force people to lead a successful and meaningful life is through these stories. Even today, grand mothers used to narrate stories and morals to small children just because it is the best way to reach the minds of the people. I know a little about Hinduism as I am a Hindu. So, my father used to say that “you can read mahabharatha just as an action thriller or you can read it by learning its lessons or you can consider it as a puzzle where it includes a lot of wisdom, yoga and many things which are meant to motivate people to do the right thing!!”

I am also aware of a lot of sensible customs which are implemented for health, protection of nature etc. So, the aim of religions is to enlighten the people. In Europe and other western side, it started as Christianity..In Arabia, it may be started as islam…In India, it may be started in the form of Hindus. The reason for this discrimination is a fact that many of the rituals in these religions are suited to the climate of the region. In Arabia, people used to wear long dress which covers their entire body to survive in the huge wind blows! In west, people used to wear tie and coats to survive in the cold. But, these two costumes are inevitable parts of these two religions in India too!! I think, it represents their origin. It is not a matter now. I just wanted to say that there is no point in fighting against each other just because their implementation is started from different regions! All religions are built to make some better sense among people!
A god always made a better sense to us. It is an indisputable fact. In Hinduism there is a belief that the end of the world will be with a flood where we are hearing about over melting of ice in both poles our earth which may result in floods! It may happen!! We are already seeing a senseless world which is described as “kaliyug” in Hinduism. So, our problem in this world is our intelligence! We believed that we are intelligent but, really we are nearly sinking our own ship! We are well known about it but, still we are running behind money, power and entertainments. If religions were still strong in this world with its true sense, the world will certainly be a better place than this! It is a powerful weapon against ignorance and selfishness.

You have the right to choose whether to be a follower of god or not. If you are an atheist you have to make sure that you can make a better sense than a god! If you are with the god’s side you have to make sure that you are grasping what god is trying to implement! You can act like a man who is atheist or you can be an atheist itself and I can assure you one thing, a god will not punish you for not being a follower of him because, revenge is a human nature and it is not suited to him. If you are capable enough to say that you can always be a perfect man in this world, take a mirror and address yourself as the god! I know, no one can take that responsibility just because “perfection is just an illusion”. But, god is perfect!! I know I can’t make it. So, I will always be a lover of god in my inner mind even though I look like an atheist!!



Am I matured enough?

A few days back, me and my friend was talking about maturity in the class. It was a small chat and he was pointing out how many matured people are there in our class. There was a funny fellow in my class, and he said he is immature and he also considered a lot of students as immature where he considered me as a matured!! It made me think about my condition in maturity. Am I matured enough? How can I measure my maturity?
I have already written somewhere in my blog that it is really easy to be an intelligent man. No one can have a balanced knowledge about everything. I think, maturity has something to do with this! Why funny fellows are always considered to be immature? I think it is a wrong concept that whoever you look funny is really a fool. I always used to notice one thing in Mark Twain’s quotes! I have a small collection of his quotes somewhere in my bundle of DVDs!! He always has something funny to say in his worth thinking quotes!! In a similar fashion, I was really astonished to see a small piece of paper in which that same funny guy has written something about his college life! It was so funny but, it was a worth thinking one! A perfect view of what he had gone through!! No one can call him immature if he is happened to see what he had written! If you are analyzing a man with his external view, it is the greatest mistake that can ever do you in your life!
In our country, everyone is allowed to vote after an age of 18! Why 18 years of age is considered as a qualification for maturity? How can you feel that you are matured? I think, before the age of 18 no one can ever imagine someone to be eligible to take his own decision! Maturity is all about eligibility to take your own decision! At the age of 18, you are expected to have your own views! A few years back, when my father bought a new bike in my home, I happened to give a lift to one of my cousin to my home! It was a short journey but, as I was on a thrill to ride my bike my driving style was a little “rash”!! After reaching my home, that cousin, who is 5 years younger than me, told my mother that I am driving the bike really fast and it is because I am immature! So, to be frank, maturity has nothing to do with age! And I accept that that cousin has made a better sense than me.
In my life, I always used to feel that I am a little immature in the way I am! But, I feel a little better when I see people of my age doing a lot of stupid stuffs than I do! It can be because of their attitude but, I call a matured person as a man who can make sense of his own. In this life, you have a lot to analyze and realize from the outside world. If you feel that you are getting matured, it should be a time when you begin to see the world. We have a lot to realize from this world, we have a lot to analyze from our life which is what we call experience but, today it feels like many of us are acting and behaving like they are blind! Anyone can live a life like that because it is really simple to stay away from everything with a small stupid philosophy “Ignorance is bliss!”. In my view, ignorance is a curse if you are wasting your opportunities to do what is right to yourself! You can live a 100 years on this earth without watching what you are supposed to watch but, a life which lasted only for one day which changed a lot of people can make a better sense!




I am a student for the last 17 years of my life. I’ve already written about my concepts about education in some other post in this same blog. Today, it feels like I need to update my educational concept as it has changed a lot recently. What is the real aim of education? To gain knowledge? In my opinion, the real education should not concentrate only on knowledge. Success depends on how it is utilized in your life. The overall result of education must be wisdom! I always used to notice that there are still people in this world who are still motivating their child to memorize their lessons for examinations. I still remember when my mother used to teach me when I was in my primary school. Mugging up my lessons was a difficult task since I was 4 years old. I still remember the definition of “domestic animals” where my mother imitates my learning ability like this “Animals that we keeeeeeee(a pause of 5 seconds will end if my mother threatens me with a sharp look) ppatt our home are called domestic animals”. Actually, I was not aware that the words are “keep” and “at” I was just mugging up and I always used to mess up my examinations as the efforts given for it was too much to accept!!!
Today, I am nearing to a situation where I am implementing a new technique for education. “Use and throw” knowledge!!! That is what I call it! Memorizing things just to write an exam! After the exam, we can forget everything. Just as in the primary school, I am just mugging up! This is not what education is meant to be. The funniest part of education is not mugging up! It is a fact that the knowledge through education is used only up to 7.5 % in our job! Why should I waste my 92.5% of my efforts by learning irrelevant things? It doesn’t make any sense to me! It looks like, learning is just a waste of time if you consider the benefit you are about to receive. Learning irrelevant things in your life is simply a waste of time!! Do not waste your efforts and memory! The real education should concentrate on lot more than knowledge. It is the reason why I consider the job of a teacher as the most responsible one in this world. No one can predict how influential a teacher’s role is!! Thoughts of a teacher are the thoughts of the students and it must be. This must be the reason why I believe that the most influential teacher of my life is a teacher who hasn’t taken a book to teach me!!
In some aspects, there is a teacher in every single man in this world. What we have to do is to realize that you are influencing people around you and you are just doing the job of a teacher. If we see a movie, you may be inspired by the hero of that movie and you may have some tendency in copying him. Indirectly, he is going to be a teacher to you. I’ve noticed some actors in Malayalam cinema, who had taken an oath not to act the role of a drinker in their movies! But, one of our actors justified his part by saying that the liquor he used in movie is made up of just coco-cola and water! It doesn’t make any difference as the truth about his liquor is not known to any of his fans. Nobody is going to avoid liquor and drink coco-cola and water instead! The best thing that a teacher has to do in his life is to avoid being responsible for misguiding his students.
In the last day of my college life, I had an experience. It was a university exam where our invigilator told us a sentence like this “I will give you five minutes to copy the one word answers!”. May be, it will be the reason for this post at this time. It made me think about a lot. It is the biggest mistake that can ever do by a teacher. If I were him, I must feel shy of being a teacher. If a student gets motivated to stop learning by such an activity as they can earn free scores without even a risk or effort, a teacher is responsible for it! From my past experience, many of my school and college mates used to copy each others' papers just to pass their examinations. In the last exam of my college life, I didn’t do well just because I couldn’t stop thinking about the condition which I’m going through. If I can’t make myself believe that I really earned that degree, why should I waste my three years of life just by stealing other’s efforts? Some tried to dominate, others tried to survive but, what makes sense if both of them receive the same result?
I got a lot to talk about this subject. Let me shrink it a little. I was a student of an entrance exam coaching teacher who is renowned for his strictness. I went to his class for one year and left the place as I felt useless to be there. He was a devil to some of his students (I think, I can nearly replace the word “some” with “majority”). All he used to do is to threaten the students and thus the students will learn more efficiently. I remember my tuition teacher who used to praise him a lot because of this strictness but, I got no reason to praise him. I heard a lot about the abusive language which he uses to threaten the students. If I had an opportunity to meet him now, I will ask him whether he is ashamed of being a wrong teacher like this. Many parents are forcing their children to join this master of threatening in sake of a good engineer or doctor through entrance exams. The best way of education is to achieve it with your passion. If a teacher could motivate a student to follow his passion, he need not threaten the students to do his homework. Today, that master of threatening is a great inspiration!! Never ever be a teacher like him. Some teachers are like this they motivate us a lot by being a perfect model of what you should never be in your life.
Everybody have their own subjects of interest. A real teacher’s job is to nourish the student’s interest by making aware of his desire! One day or another, a student can reach his destiny if he is properly guided by someone. I remember a dialog from the movie matrix “I can show you the door, you have to open it!”. Being a worst professional which you have no interest is much worse than being a man with a small earnings. Today, I used to hear a lot about IT professionals who works more than 16 hours a day and earns a lot of money with short time. I accept that they are getting a lot of money but what will you do if there is no opportunity to use it. Never ever assess a job with salary, assess a job with the amount of satisfaction! To achieve that satisfaction, education is the base!
If I were a teacher, my primary objective will be to share my wisdom with my students. It is the best thing that can ever do by a teacher. Enlightenment is the purest motivation to achieve success. It can destroy immatureness and realize what life is! Some teachers may help students to achieve their success by their marks but, I do not like to assess a student by marks.Everybody is unique and different in their own ways so it is difficult to measure one’s wisdom as there is no measurement to compare!If a student can gain marks just by mugging up his notes, I know I am supposed to award him marks but, it is not just the way it should be because, that mugged up knowledge is not going to achieve anything in his life. Then why should he waste his efforts? "Hardwork has nothing to do without a little 'common sense'!! The real inspiration in one’s life will come from himself! If he defines his own rules and his own destiny, no one can ever stop him by any means! I do not know how many times I am referring the movie “School of Life” in this blog but, it is the most relevant time to refer it. If I am describing some valuable points from that movie, I may have to write 3/4th of the entire script of that movie. I do not know how many times I’ve watched that movie in my life. The most important quote in that movie is “You are your own teacher!”. So, just try to be a good student to yourself!



February 16, 2010

How to provoke a war?

How to provoke a war? This post is going to reveal the ways in which a war can be provoked! A few years before I got a dvd of the movie "The Alexander" and became a fan of him. I even created a community for him in orkut(It had nearly 800 members).Recently, I saw a movie "schindler's list" and deleted that community at the very moment!! After seeing that movie, I can't be a fan of a man who loved wars!! Today, I hate Alexander.!! A war is not what we see and hear from TV or newspapers. The real story is always bad! I know, I am not eligible to say something like this but, I used to write what I never used to say or do but, what I really like to do.

A few months before I saw some comments about India-China collapse in facebook. I was really surprised by the attitude of Indians who commented there. The discussion was about Chinese activity against India. I was really astonished to see some 'forbidden four letter words'(I know, I need not explain) which may inspire any Chinese citizen to take gun against India!! Some of them were calculating the amount of armour and the number of soldiers available in both countries, some others believed that Chinese army is much stronger than ours and even analysed the war will be over after some serious kicks on Indian side(A three letter forbidden word can also be used instead of "side")!! For that comments I commented that a Chinese soldier is always a "Chinese" soldier and beyond quantity we give priorities to quality. But, I added one thing "We have our pride and we should not provoke a war as our army is just for defence!". Once, my cousin told me about a great fact in Kerala. "The most outstanding firework in Kerala's point of view will be a firework which creates louder noices! We never used to face wars or anything of such sorts. It may be the reason why we like this tremendous violence!!". It is right.. We are away from dangers of war even if we are nearly facing a war against pakisthan. Sorry, I would like to make a small correction in the above sentence "I am away from...." . We used to hear a lot about wars in India. But, one thing is clear, none of them affected me.

If a war is going on in Kashmir, I would say "It is in Kashmir, we are far away from it!!". (I know, our capital is not so far from Kashmir). I do not know why this happens but, I consider this as India's fall in unity!! But, when it comes to entertainment, we have a strong unity between us. (Especially in sports.). I used to notice that we have a separate page for sports news in newspapers and every incident will be reported in detail regarding the game. But, I have seen a small column of news which says about the death of a soldier in Kashmir due to enemy gunfire. But, when it comes to a soldier of native state, the priorities may differ. I think, we should not give different priorities to different people in India as everybody is 'Indian Citizens'. So, a person like me in Kashmir who has seen enough war may talk different things regarding a war. If I am responsible for provoking a war, it will be a disaster to some others. I would like to remain in peace whatever the condition is.

The reason why I deleted the Alexander's community was a movie "Schindler's list", which is a must watch movie for all war lovers in the world(A must watch movie for George W Bush). It was a heart-breaking picturization of Nazi's cruelty against jews. No one is expected to watch that movie unless you are ready to sacrifice at least one night's sleep!!

Everybody likes to live in peace and we should maintain it. But, in some conditions, I used to feel that a mentality for a war can be seen in many people around us. My college used to face a lot of problems regarding seniors and juniors where our principal used to remind us that "We are cultured people and fighting in streets like this is an animal nature" and some scenes in discovery channel and animal plannet reveal that many animals are violent in nature. But, we are humans and we have a god given gift "brain"!! So, we have to prove that we are using it! A war is not a problem solver, it is the problem creater as we are inventing a lot of tools and equipments of unimaginable power using the unimaginable power of brain! None other than us used to have such great power!!

I figured out something from the movie "AVATAR" recently. Actually, the people in "Pandora"(Sorry for everyone who hasn't watched the movie) were wiser and stronger but, they tried to live a life closely related to their nature. I think, it is time to think like that. Animal fights were safer than the human fights!Human fights even destroyed a lot of animals as well.Imagine if a third world war begins and results in the human extinction. Imagine that we are in front of god who asks "I gave you brain to think, what have you done with it?".And at that condition, our probable answer will be "We fought and destroyed everything", which will be the most shameful thing in human history. So, we should avoid it.

I know, some of you are here to study 'how to provoke a war' through this post. Sorry for the disappointment!! But, this post is really meant for people who likes war and that is the only secret behind the title of this post.

(NB: This post is dedicated to Osama bin Laden and George W Bush!!)


February 7, 2010

A victim of changes!!

A life in this world depends on the choices we make. What forced me to write this is my change in attitude towards my life. Recently, some of my friends have been notifying me about my tendency to support both sides in a contradiction. Let me be clear about my intentions of writing this blog. The real intention behind this blog in its early stage was to prove that I am a good comedian (I know this is the first joke). But, it changed a lot now. Now, I do not have an idea of where I am heading towards. Everything is inert and ambition-less. Today, the reason why I still post new posts is nothing. I have some ideas and I still got no other ways of communications. I always expect some criticisms from this blog as I believe my subjects are worth criticizing. I am not always right. Everything I write here is a good example of what I am not and it must be the reason why people who personally know me kept on asking me whether this is really me or not. I received some comments about this blog from my relatives and friends confirming it.

From birth to death every human being is subjected to changes. Everybody is a victim of changes in their entire life. If I relate this tendency to this blog, I could say that I do not have any intention to stand with any side. Many of my friends used to convince me to stand with one side but, I used to think about the consequences and I always used to say that "Everything is none of my business".I used to think "why should I bother?". But today, I feel like I was wrong. I have some businesses in this world which is bundled with some responsibilities to choose from some available options. I think the entire world have some similar tendencies. The world is just like this just because the majority believed they can't change their worlds. A life is not with what you do with yours but, it is worth living only if it can influence the surroundings. It can promote changes in everybody's life.

Consider my condition, in this post the most appropriate person who needs to get criticised is me. So, if you check my previous blogs, you can feel some sort of "leg on two boats"(an old malayalam saying) mentality. For example, if I am writing a post about "god" now, I may say like this: "I do not want to prove that god really exists or not. It was a mystery throughout my life. It doesn't matter even if there is a god or not as far as I am right!". In the above sentence you may not be able to figure out whether I am an atheist or not. Simply, I support the both atheist and non-atheist!! Because, I believed everybody have their own rights and wrongs!! No one can be easily convinced to change their views.I think, giving a reason for not choosing anything in life for the same is a mistake. I call this blog as the result of my "unproductive thoughts". In my life, I need not care about many of the subjects I wrote in this blog. I need not think about sportsmen, role model, any social issues. I got a lot of problems in my life which deserves a lot more attention than this. But, I didn't...It is all about choosing the right choice in life! I am the best example of a "total failure". So, never ever try to imitate me.!

I've seen the selfish mentality of people around me and I swear I am one of them. I'm not the only one who has some tendency to stay away from responsibilities. Today, I'm still hearing a story of my college mate who met with an accident and struggled to get help from others. What is the mentality at that condition? Selfishness?? I think, it is not. Because, if you are not helping others how can you expect some help from others? It is the mentality to avoid risks and the tendency to follow others. I still believe selfishness is not a mistake but, we have to give rise to a "sensible selfishness"! There is no change in this mentality just because there are no role models. I always have a tendency to do what others are doing. Majority have some similar mentality. If majority can change their views, automatically others will follow. It is time to give rise to a mentality who feels honoured if they get an opportunity to help. I think, many of us have mentality to change but, none cared to start a change by their own. I know this because; I am the best example for this.

Its time to influence people around by being a good role model to all. I remember a jewellery advertisement in TV. One girl just stood up and said she wants to be a role model to this entire world and the receivers of this small speech claps their hands by seeing her jewels. I felt so irrelevant to use a subject like this in an advertisement for jewels. To be honest, all she said in that advertisement inspires me except the jewels. But, the advertisement was expected to promote jewels! I expect some changes over here.

I know this post is a collection of some random thoughts of mine. I know it hasn't reached the way I expected but, I have changed a little recently. This is how it is revealed!!


January 25, 2010

A mask of what you are not!

Once, my English teacher made a remark about students in my class. "Everybody is wearing a mask of what they are not!". It was a truth!! I wonder why everyone including me is behaving like this... In this society, we have some responsibilities. I think someone defined this type of responsibilities as "manners"!! And we act like what we are not and makes a good impression with what we are not. The teacher's explanation about his philosophy is making a little sense here.In the school, we may behave different when teachers are not around us. When we were in the school, some teachers used to complain about the need of showing respect to teachers. We were advised to greet teachers whenever we see teachers in my school and nothing is different in my college also. No matter what we feels like, even if we are facing the ugliest morning in our life, we are supposed to greet our teachers "Good Morning"(preferably with a smiling face) when we see them in the school(A recorded voice can do better). For some teachers, a good student is a student who wishes the teachers in a polite manner(Unfortunately,I felt so).

The same thing can be seen in many aspects of our life. I doubt whether it is a show off or not! But, it created some illusions about the views of many people. The unit of measurement of behaviour of us depends upon creating illusions like this. I felt like I am cheating and for every such activity, I have an artificial look. Many people used to say that the character of a person depends on what he study from his family. But, I cannot support that fact because, my behaviour in my family and in public are different. I used to act so weird in my home while I used to act a little "descent" in the public(Or may be viseversa.It depends on how far you know me!!)..

I searched for the exact meaning of the word show-off in the dictionary. It says that the verbal meaning of the word "show-off" is to Display proudly or act ostentatiously or pretentiously. If I analyse this, being proud of what you are is not a mistake but, being proud of what you are not is a mistake. We have to know ourselves to behave like what we are!! I have a friend, who used to be a normal man. But one day, he changed his hair style, he pierced his ears and many of us laughed at him. And there was a rumour that everything he do is a show-off!! I felt a little irritated to see him at the first time but, later I realized that many of our fellow college mates was doing the same thing. I think, this matter is a small fight for survival for some people. If everybody is showing off what they are not by creating an illusion of what they can never be, we are supposed to take part in that competition. I think I am facing a similar problem now!

Beyond all these, there is an another dark part in this subject. I have seen people who are really proud of being a jerk! For some example, "I was a naughty guy in my child hood and I kicked my teacher once", "I troubled my parents when I was doing my SSLC", "I am a born trouble maker to my native"... Those people are so proud of being a negative character. And I can see a heroic-adventurous view in their narration. I had a friend before, who was just like the above narration. Actually, he was not a real villain but, he used to convince that he is a villain. The primary objective of these people is to create a good impression about themselves(The most frequently used word in their narration of their own story will always be an "I"). But, I felt so bad about this kind of show off...

But, if an advertisement comes with a caption "We are the best" can I say that they are doing a show off? If a candidate in an interview says that "he is the best", can I say that he is doing a show-off? If an honest student says that he is really good in studies, may I say that he is doing a show-off?. In this world, you see a lot of films, I used to notice one thing. The hero will not do anything bad. May be he will be wrong but, he will never be bad!! So, behind this tendency we used to have an intention to make others believe that we are good and we like to be a good man in the society. So, a show-off of such sort can't be mistake.

In some aspects, our world is full of illusions(Looks like I am stuck with the word "illusion" now-a-days. I found a reason too, that's what I used to do and see in this world). But, what is the problem with creating an illusion if you can hide the reality forever! Such illusions can create some sort of ability to develop confidence! Show-off in such situations is inevitable. But, I think, show-off without intention can be avoided!



January 18, 2010

An illusion of safety!

Recently, I heard about a wonderful thing about my homeland. Kerala is a place where there are a lot of boundaries. One of my friend said that it is a place where people care for a lot of walls. Just because we just care for the safety of our belongings.I do not know how far your belongings are safe with you if you are under an attack of some professional thieves. We know that if someone who is so determined to take something from you by force, our best safety measures may not be good enough to defend it. But, we used to create an illusion of safety around us so that we could live peacefully.

Nothing is safe in this world and we all know it. It is the reason why insurance companies still exists in this world. But, we used to try to be safer. We used to invent some mechanisms which can assure better safety. Consider a news about a car driver who got stuck in a car by malfunctioning of its automated door locking facility followed by a fire due to short circuit. He was dead because of the car's safety measures!! I think we should have an insurance for our "luck" too.. Luck is a great way beyond your assumptions. Life is always uncertain even if we got some good plans and the reason for this uncertainty is "Not everything goes according to our plans". There is a risk factor in every job in this world.

We can neglect everything except life insurance. I noticed some people who used to find reasons to avoid using helmets during a bike ride while the same people used to have a protective covering for their mobile phones along with an extra tag!! If there is a facility to insure your mobile phones, they may replace your damaged or lost mobile phone with a new one. But, none of our life insurance companies can offer you a replacement to your life. They can help your family by some money but, there are some things money can't buy(Courtesy to mastercard!!:)).

I had a friend before, who was a rash driver. I remember the day on which me and my friend took his bike to my college which is nearly 140 kms away from our native. He was just recovered from an accident at that time and I just wondered about his ability to take sensible decisions while he drives. I was totally impressed by the way he drives. Later, when I took my bike to college, I asked for his company!! It was a disaster. I never knew that my old Kawasaki 4S Champ could reach upto 90kmph. I nearly got killed at least half a dozen times at that single journey. Later, within few months that friend of mine passed away in a bike accident and that was the most dreadful experience of my life. It was a sudden realization of a fact, many of us including me were riding bikes just as we play a video game. There is a difference, in the game of reality, there is no "reset button".

There are laws which compels bike riders to wear helmets but, I still can't understand the secret behind the law which compels to wear helmets only for the driver of the bike. Does it really mean that the unlucky person(maybe an always unlucky person!), who sits in the back seat deserves to die? Or is this law just meant to identify the driver which created the accident?? Nothing makes sense to me except corruption!! In my case, the law about helmets can't even guarantee an illusion of safety in driving bikes.. But, it creates some illusion of safety in getting rid of traffic police!!I remember an advice from my cousin at this situation, "Be alert as if none other than you knows how to drive a vehicle on this road!"

There are a lot of things which deserves a lot more than what we do to make them safe and I feels like I need not criticize them all. In my view, never be afraid of any such unsafe situations But, we have to be alert of possibilities!



January 9, 2010

An innocent view about "flirting".

The second greatest lie in this world will be "I never loved anyone"(According to me, the greatest lie in this world is "I never lied in my life"). As it was my habit to find reasons for what I think, I found some interesting things about this specific subject. Actually, I'm little different from what I am here in this online world. I guess, blogger is the place where I nearly opens my mind. I would like to express my views about love in this post.
Recently, my friend asked about my affairs in my life. I said I never tried them out. It is a truth but, I accept that I have some tendencies. I felt it like just attractions and I used to pretend like I am not interested in it. But, now I believe that I have no problem with revealing it as nothing is wrong in that tendency. Falling in love is just a human nature. Many organisms in this world used to fall in love and lead a successful life. We are not the only animals who used to try something different to attract the opposite sex just for creating an impression!
Brain is the only thing which makes humans different and it created some sort of creative artificiality in many things in our lives. Just as we use social networks and internet for flirting. Just now, I saw an advertisement in facebook about Indian matchmakers. I do not trust these sort of advertisements as it exploits our interests. Anyone can cheat if they have a fake ID and a creative mind! Online world is a place where you can easily create an exhibition of your positive part. In the case of social networking, you can upload any photo in your profile and unfortunately, a nice photo of a female celebrity and name of a girl can attract a lot of boys.! But, what is their real intention? I really cannot understand. I cannot understand why there are advertisements to love someone! I accept that it is giving some opportunities but, does it makes any better sense?
If I starts flirting, I will not show my negative part to anyone. I may say that I am the only man who is perfect in all ways. To be frank, it is absolutely wrong.Nothing is perfect in this world...One day or another, I am going to reveal my real nature and this is the reason why I do not trust the expression "Love at first sight!". If I marry someone, we are supposed to live together forever. So, the external view of a person is not what I really want to love. I support Shakespeare's opinion about this "marrying a girl for her beauty is just like buying a house for it's paint" (I am not sure whether it was Shakespeare who expressed something like this.I got this as a message from my friend). Beauty will fade by ages and I have to love my partner even if her beauty dies.
I have heard about some people who used to propose a lot of girls in sake of a positive reply from any of them. My opinion about these kinds of activities is that you are destroying the reasons to love you. I think an intelligent girl will not accept any of those applications. It looks like love is just a mutual attraction. I do not know whether it is a reality or not but, I do not like to accept it. We used to see pairs of birds and many other animals who used to lead a life like a family (just like father, mother and children). Just beyond an attraction, there is something in it.
I've heard a lot of movie dialogues which says "I will die for you". In my case, if a girl asks me to prove it, I am not going to die to prove that I love her.I am supposed to survive even if she was not born. It is just like begging for love. I will not do it. I am not compelling anyone to love me. I've seen a lot of scenes in movies and advertisements(eg: some mobile phone companies) about people who break up because of simple reasons. If lovers break up for simple reasons like getting late for a meeting, a day without a call etc. I prefer them to break up rather than being a slave to your lover. In my view, there is no need of a master-slave relation in my life. I do not live a life just to love a girl.
I thought it is inappropriate to discuss something like this in this blog. What made me think is my responsibilities. As I said before, brain is the only difference which makes humans and animals different. Basically, majority of our people are religious and I strongly believe that human minds created religions. So being a social animal living in a society I have some responsibilities. Even though inter-caste marriages are increasing now-a-days, we still have some resistive tendency against it. Even if I am not religious, how can I disappoint my religious family? The shade of such thoughts are still in my mind...I've searched in orkut for a community of my caste and I visited a lot of profiles of girls just to make myself safe!!
I feel like this is not the way I should express my thoughts. Some truths are not expected to be revealed like this.This is how I see this subject and may be, everything I write here is total rubbish. But, it doesn't matter. Just fall in love and break a leg:)!!(wikipedia says that the expression "break a leg" also have a meaning of "Good Luck". READ HERE)

January 4, 2010

Do I really need a role model?

Who is a role model? How do you define your role model? A few years ago, I used to say that Martin Luther King Jr is my role model. I felt so stupid to address him as my role model as I didn't even complete reading the most famous speech of his life at that time. I accept that he really impressed me but, he will never be my role model. If I am considering him as my role model, I may have to consider me as a man who is inspired by a lot of role models. Actually, I am inspired by a lot of people and I had a tendency to adopt their life to my life. I do not have such tendency as I realized that I need not have a role model to live my life.

I own a community named "Alexander The Great" in orkut. The reason is really funny, I got a DVD of the movie "The Alexander" along with the purchase of a DVD player.It was an inspiring one. So, if that company bundled a DVD about Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden. I may start a community named with them also!! At my present condition, I really hate wars and I cannot find a reason to praise Alexander as he never hated war. In my view, I used to have a tendency to appreciate anyone who support me or those who have a tendency to accept that my views are right. So, views of some people who inspired me shaped my character. What if I am wrong? My role model is not going to correct me if I am wrong and I am not going to correct my role model even if he is wrong.

Once, one of my friend told me that "Gandhi tried to convince his views!". Even if I didn't make a comment about it, my inner mind was against it. In my views, Gandhiji was a great man and I cannot even think about him as a person who tried to implement something like this. What if he was a selfish man? What if the reason why I felt him so great was just ignorance? If someone convinces that Osama is a great man. I may have to accept it!! I feel the same thing when some fans of certain celebrities keeps on praising him even if the whole movie cannot even catch up the standards! I think we have to accept that we have a tendency! At least, I accept that I have a tendency...

These things made me think about the real intention of a role model! I was trying to be like my role model and I was just adding up their popularity. I accept that I am totally impressed by Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhiji, Salim kumar (Malayalam Comedy Actor) etc. But, I can never be a Martin Luther King or Gandhiji. They were unique and that is the reason why they are great. They just made history by bringing their views to the people as Gandhism, Marxism etc. Why can't I think about a "raghuism" in the future? If something like that happens, I admit that my followers will be greater than myself. To that condition I have my justification... I will be an illusionist as I will never reveal my negative part to the public. My followers will be inspired by my positive part and they will follow what my positive part is. So,they are simply great! Just keep one thing in your mind... "You need not have a role model to be yourself!"