December 15, 2009

An impression from our medias!!

I always used to feel that media is the strongest thing which determines the thoughts of a country. It is the best tool to spread the thoughts. I used to think about the real effects of our media. Media is the way through which we know the outside world. I feel like this post will be similar to a speech of our former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam. And I remember a lesson about his views in which he narrates the present problems of media. I accept that our media have done some remarkable work in charity, politics etc. But still, I feel that they are concentrating more on negative part of our country. I can feel a "business mind" behind every report.

Media is really exploiting our people's interests now. Just consider advertisements, I used to note the theme of every advertisement. If you watch closely, it is really funny to narrate. If the product is expected to be marketed for male youngsters, the theme of the advertisement will be concentrated on 'impressing girls'. For some examples: face cream, deodorant(axe),tooth paste, Buiscuits(hide and seek), sun glasses,soft drinks,clothing, engine oil (castrol) etc. Please do not get astonished to see the last example, now-a-days the only thing in the advertisement maker's mind is to 'market the product effectively' so that even engine oils can impress girls. If we consider female youngsters, the only aim of advertisers is to make girls believe that anyone can be a celebrity by using that product. If we consider some household products, the only aim of the advertisers is to make the viewers believe that their product can make anyone smart(Now-a-days even the whiteness of the shirt can make a child smarter or even sharper!!). Some of the health drink companies claims that their product increased the growth rate of children. I advice them to stop using it as it may lead to gigantism!!I guess it can happen, isn't it?

I do not know how far these advertisements are honest. I do not feel so honest about it as I fall under the category of male youngster and I am still single(okay, my next try is with some engine oils)!! And about my previous experience, I used to drink health drinks in my child hood and my mother used to wash my white uniform with some specified washing soaps which offers smart kids. But, I am at normal height with below average 'smartness'.

Let's move to cinemas!!! Recently, me and my friend saw the movie "Race" . I made a comment about that movie "The most rubbish movie I've ever seen". But, my friend didn't like it. He said that it is really a good movie as its story have a twisting nature and it is a good entertainer too. I accept that story of that movie is really exciting but, I cannot accept the message from that movie. A brother kills another brother, a girl friend cheats boy friend etc. are some of the incidents in the movie. I think the hero in the movie can be a 'virtual role model' to the enthusiastic viewers and at some condition, we do not have the power to discriminate real and fantasy. We used to adopt latest trends from movies and the present mentality of the people is not so far from the story of that movie. Media have the responsibility to avoid such possibilities.

About newspapers!! I used read two newspapers at my home. When budget was called in kerala, I was confused by the headlines of both newspapers. One newspaper says that "Farmers in trouble" and the other newspaper says that "Farmers at heights". What should I believe? Even though these two newspapers are controlled by different political parties, I must reach to a conclusion, right? And the condition in Kerala was really honest as in the second newspaper. The farmers used to reach the very high branches of trees to hang themselves to death! What should be the assumption of farmers from that news?

I would like to change the present condition of our country. I would like to create an advertisement of a tooth paste which says "We bring you a toothpaste which will be useful to brush your teeth". I would like to write a story for a cinema where there is no negative characters. I would like to start a newspaper which is not supported by any political parties. Just stupid dreams, isn't it?? Who cares all these things?? ("Whatever the condition is, we should stand with the majority")



December 13, 2009

Why do we fight for a separation?

I've already written about unity and existence in a post before. And I guess it is the right time to write about it. What forced me to write about this subject is the recent issue of creation of a new state in India called "Telangana". And news are spreading about the demand for a lot more states like gurkhaland,Harit pradesh etc(read here for more). "Why do we fight for a separation?" This question made me to think a lot about human nature. Actually, in a post before I have written about the concept of "one world one country". I thought it was only me who thought about the same concept but, really astonished to realize that even the same concept is there in the movie "paa". But, still it is nearly unthinkable right now.

In my assumptions, I feel that even though we used to say that we are the brainiest creature in the world, we have some similarities of many animals as well. I've heard about the life of lions, it have some specific ways of territorial concepts. The head of the pride will determine a certain area which is not supposed to be trespassed by other prides. They are the kings in their specific area and they will fight the trespassers. Who taught lion about this greedy, egoistic discrimination? I think they need not have a teacher as it is their nature. I think, we have a similar nature too. In this modern world, we have begun a tendency to get privacy from many things. In my state, if we look into the increasing number of families and decreasing number of average number of family members in a family we can reach to some assumptions. Basically, we like to live with some privacy of our own. In earlier times, we used to see a lot of families which include a large number of members. Today, just as our national issue, we will fight for our ancestor's results of the sweats and begin a separate life.

Actually, the reason why we think like this is because of the 'taste of freedom'. We are getting rich and we are nearly capable of leading a separate life without the support of others. We are getting selfish. I think democracy is forcing us to think like this. I remember a remark of my neighbor "I am the king of my family and I do not want anyone to interfere". Everybody or many of us including me are trying to make others believe that we have influences in many things and we are the kings of some areas. It is becoming a human nature according to the influences of the outside world.

I do not know why we behave like this but, I cannot find a reason to talk against this tendency. I feel like India is a country with 28 small countries. At the same time I do not want to say that a tendency to separation is not good for our country. But, we should avoid fights along with conserving human rights! It is better to satisfy with different states rather than motivating a fight in a single state. Nobody can force everyone to think alike or live alike. If anyone does it can be called as an autocracy! Anyway, I hope we will not give up our unique view of our country ("Unity in diversity") by motivating unwanted separations!



December 8, 2009

A good sportsman!

I’m not a good athlete; I’m not so good in any other games or sports too. But, I’m interested in sports as it is good for your health and mind. It is a stress relief to me. It is a good way of entertainment. Today, I would like to write about the real effects of sports. What is the real aim of sports? I thought it was just an entertainment. But, actually it isn’t just an entertainment. For some people, a game is their profession and I call them the ‘players’ (Eg: Sachin Tendulkar, Chrisiano Ronaldo etc). For some people, a game can be a business and I call them ‘organizers’ (Eg; BCCI, Lalit Modi ). For some others, watching games is a profession and I call them ‘audience’ (Eg: generally audience in a ground or audience watching TV etc.). In these 3 categories, the most benefited people are the organizers. They play with money and they gain huge ‘profits’! And the second most benefited people come under ‘players’. The benefits earned by these 2 categories are because of the ‘audience’ for entertaining them or may be wasting their time. It depends on which side they are supporting.

A few years back when Indian Cricket team reached finals of cricket world cup, there was a report in newspaper. It was about a man who is very interested in watching cricket. And he says that he watched every international cricket match in India. The interesting thing is that, watching cricket was his profession!! If games are for entertainment, how many of us have an ‘entertainment profession’ in our carriers? How can it earn for our living. The funniest thing about that guy, who is a ‘professional cricket watcher’, is that he lives with the donations from the other ‘partial professionals’. It seems like begging is also a trustful profession! I’m really sorry to relate him to begging. But, in an indirect way he was just doing what I said.

Rather than an entertainment, games have a little emotional sense too. I wonder why we have a special column for sports in newspapers today. And why do I search for that specific column at the first glance of reading a newspaper? Why the other important news is neglected by me? This is my case. Whenever I start reading a newspaper, my first glance to it will be on probable second last page of the newspaper bundle, which will be sports page. I think I am neglecting other important news. I still wonder why everybody is giving a little more importance to sports than it really deserve. In India, that importance is mostly concentrated only on cricket while I remind you that this post is not about abusing anything. I just want to make sure that what we follow is good for ourselves. I still wonder why India- Pakisthan match is a little special to all cricket lovers in India and Pakisthan. I accept that there is a national clash between India and Pakisthan but why do we bring the same emotion to games? I pity to confess that I do not know how many Indian soldiers died in Kashmir for India but, I know how Indian cricket team defeated Pakisthan cricket team in the last cricket match between them.

I am not trying to bring a feeling that I am totally against everything in India. I am really pity to hear that a foot ball player lost his life because of an accidental self goal in favor of his opponent team. It was really crazy! What is so entertaining in that situation? It reminds me of a Colosseum of ancient times, where games of death takes place. That kind of stupidity should not be allowed in modern times. We have to redefine our concepts and thoughts. Game should always be a game! And a player’s job is to play the game, not to win the game.

I have seen some ‘war of stupid comments’ between Indian cricket team captain and Australian cricket team captain through media before some cricket matches. I do not know why these media is giving this much importance to all these things. And when a match is won by Indian team the media will encourage our team members to a great height and if India loses the game, media will make them fall from the same height so that they will reach deep under the dirty mud of harassment. We have to accept a truth that losing is also a part of the game. Losing a game doesn’t means that the game is not so entertaining. I would like to write a small quote from my favorite movie School of life! “Winning is losing games with winning attitude!” I think this makes a better sense now. There is no scope for any revenge or anything of such sort and every game should end in the field itself.

We used to see complete silence in our galleries when Sachin gets out. I would like to appreciate everyone who is playing a good game in the field. It is the real sportsman spirit. I am not discouraging anyone to love sports. Sports are always good for health. But we have to be sensible to it. We should not get over enthusiastic about it. It’s meant for pleasure not for a war. And let’s make it more enjoyable by being "a good sportsman"!



September 10, 2009

"Do you really own yourself?"

I saw a video recently; it was a suicide of a man. A man is standing on a train compartment and many people are watching and talking to him and suddenly the man stood up and touched the electrified line just above the compartment....some smoke and sparks...He fells down!!! This was what I saw. I would like to slap on the face of the cameraman of that video.. It is heart breaking to watch a video like this. What I have to say is that, this is the best example of how we spoil ourselves. I believe that everyone in this world is alive now is just because of there is a reason for "HOPE" in this world. No one is satisfied with what they received in their life. They expect more, they try more and many of us will reach to success...But, what happens to the others who believe that they faced failure in their life? They just vanish like this, leaving no remark of what they were or why they do like this!

I remember a case of a 12 year girl who killed herself because of a 'great reason'! Her mother didn't allow her to watch television. It was her reason for suicide!! What is happening to us? What does this mean? In my life also, I've thought about a suicide in several situation. But, I survived!!! Do you want to know how? I can reveal the secret now! I was afraid of death!! This saved me from death. And I'm proud to say that I am a coward to take decision for a suicide. In my opinion, being afraid of something like this cannot be a mistake. As I said before the easiest way is to find hope for everything. Trust yourself, if you can't, trust god. He will save you! Everything is just a belief which saved us.

One thing is certain; I will not kill myself for any reason in my life. It is not just a strong decision; it is a realization of a truth that time will certainly reduce hardness of any feelings! In my school days I was afraid of punishments from my teachers but, today every punishment I got is a reason for a laugh. Many things in my life which was considered as a great job or risk is not a serious matter now. The things I'm doing very seriously now will be an easy or risk-less job in the future. I will laugh at myself in many other situations. All I need to do is to find a reason for my survival and thus to find time for cooling down difficult situations.

I do not know what is going on the minds of those who suicide. But, I do not want to hear that many are dying because of some stupid reasons. I believe that a good word at the right time can save our life. But, even our judiciary is also against those who suicides. Suicide cannot be a mistake but, suicidal attempt is a mistake in our judiciary! I do not know why this is so! At a time which needs maximum support from everyone, our judiciary is trying to file a case for suicidal attempt. Indirectly, this may block someone who thinks of a comeback from suicide. But, I'm sure about one thing, a law like this will not help anyone to avoid thinking about a suicide! It is just like punishing a man for trying to punish himself!

I saw a newspaper report about the farmers in Kerala. Kerala government has written off all the loans of the people who killed themselves because of their poor financial conditions due to fall in prices of various crops they cultivated! But, if the government can write off all the loans before they were dead, they can save lives of many farmers. This looks like it is just like giving poison for suicide through ration shops! If a farmer think that 'if I suicide now, I can save my family atleast’. This is just a motivation for more suicides!

Anyway, we are living in a world of responsibilities, affections, love etc...None of these are owned by a single person. Everybody is somebody for many others. Everybody have roles in many others. A single man can be a son to his parents, a husband to his wife, a father to his children, at least a friend of someone. These are our responsibilities of being a social animal. A departure of a man from his life can affect many people like this. If you destroy something which belongs to someone else, it is your responsibility to rectify their loss. So, to all who think about a suicide in this world, I have a small question to ask... " Do you really own yourself to destroy yourself?"



May 23, 2009

The Extend of Honesty

I saw a program in television recently. Its name was “the moments of truth”, I believe. It is a program which astonished me in some specific aspects. Simply, it is a program like “Kaun Banega Krorepathi” and all you want to do in this program is to tell the truth. You don’t need to answer any difficult puzzles; you don’t need to think, all you need to do is to tell the truth and for that you are offered millions of dollars. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to make easy money in this world. But, when I reconsidered, I found that it is very difficult to be honest. Everything has its own secrecy and in some cases we cannot be a man of truth because, some truths can affect others. And I think I may not be able to support the concept of being honest by losing something which is really important.

I heard a lot that Karna is the best character in Mahabharatha. His quality was his honesty and his willingness to help in any situation. In many aspects he was a perfect man. He has done a great number of truthful things. And he is the only character without faults. Krishna is another character who used to make his point clear even if it is wrong. In several cases, I can’t support some of the points in his character. I cannot think of a god who motivates to do wrong and wrong collisions. But, what happened to Karna?? He just disappeared with shame and dishonor! It just says one thing, in this world of irregularities we may not be able to continue as a regular guy and doing right may not a good rectification to the wrong.

But, everybody likes to be like Karna, he is a hero. But, what he gained by his perfect life is disgusting. We can’t make him a role model because we usually do not consider failures for our future victory. Being an honest man is nearly impossible. If someone does, he may get isolated from others, which is not a good thing to us.

Everybody is selfish. I think, selfishness is not a mistake! It is just how someone loves himself or his own belongings. Normally, we cannot blame anyone for being selfish because in this world it is this selfishness which helps everyone’s survival, where “survival of the fittest” is the nearest possible policy.

I do not have an intention to make anyone believe that they are wrong and I am right, instead I am trying to convince that everybody is right. No one can be honest in everything, in some condition we have to make sure that our honesty will not affect others. I’ve been a man who used to tell lies in perfectly wrong situation and I used to tell lies without reasons or healthy impacts. But, now I am trying to become a liar of healthy situations!

A few months before there was a mimicry program in TV, where two political leaders are having a competition for “the best liar”. One politician tells a long lie story while the second leader tells a small sentence “I am an honest man in my entire life” and the second politician won the prize! It was just a comedy skit, but, it has a great message. I enjoyed that story very well but, I would like to tell one thing that, Beware of those who look too honest because they may be really good in hiding their opposite part!



March 8, 2009

The idiotic exhibitions!

I believe that "we are what we exhibit!". I believe so, because I felt that exhibition is responsible for the views about a person in the society. Every leaders, every workers, every student and everyone who believes that they have gained something in life is created because of the exhibition they have done. Everyone do different things and get noticed in their respective manner and they are qualified to believe what they are.! This is exhibition! They are the result of what they exhibit. But, now I am not thinking about this exhibitions. I really wanted to tell something about an another section of exhibitions.

How many brave people are there in our country? If we just make a rough calculation, the number will not be a small one. I am sure..! Because we are really brave. I have seen many people who do stunts on bikes in public roads. I have seen some of my college students used to do stunts on their bikes..I just asked one of them why they are doing like this. What if you fail and result in an accident? The guy just told me that he does this just because of his bravery and confidence, and I believe that the purpose is to get noticed in public! I just thought about my condition. If I am doing(Normally, I will not) like this what will be my thoughts. Really, I should have a tendency to do the same as him, But, for what reason? I do not know.! I would like to do it safer, because if I fails the whole scene changes. If I can do a stunt I may see some eyes of excitement but, if I can't the same eyes will give me sympathy and laughter to themselves. You may say that I should do this only if I am good enough to do the stunt. But what is the extend of the condition good enough? It is my own belief! But, Nothing in this world works as you expect and I believe that we should not make a decision to go for stupidities like this.

The usual practice of our society is to copy what is new and imported. Imported goods have a great market in our society and also the funniest thing is that even civilizations are imported. A person in a cold country needs more clothing! So, the countries like Britain invented suits with ties to survive in the cold. And this dress code is a trade mark for executives in India. So, some Indians are still sweating inside this dress even in the comparative cold season in India. Do we need to do this? I think we need not import such a practice over here. It is stupidity! We do have our own dresses which is good for our climate. We should have promoted that thing instead.

I cannot understand what is the secret behind our fashion concept! I can narrate some latest fashion. Let's start with hair, probably the hair will look like someone who have touched an 11KV electric line with bare hands(Every single hair will point upward). Shirts commonly have misplaced stitches and four letter words which cannot be told publicly. Trousers will be worn and will have colours of mud everywhere.In short we look like a villain. And I really do not like to say about fashion of girls. Because it is too interesting! I wonder why we got such a fashion. Why do we like something which is a whole mess of neatness. I think fashion reflects our likes because we are in a condition where we likes villains more than heroes. We like to live in liberty and under our own wish. Unfortunately, liberty lacks discipline. And this fashion shows us the lack of discipline or tendencies to become undisciplined. But I really cannot understand why we follow such a way of non sense while we used to have an option of disciplined and neat ways.

I felt in several situations that we used to follow what others are doing even though it is wrong. But, I think a small push is required to change the whole concept. I may have the tendency to ride bike faster, I may have the tendency to wear stupid clothes, I may be a man with imported civilizations but, I believe the reason why I am so is that 'everyone used to do the same, then why don't I?'. I used to express what I do not do and what I feel which should not be in the way that is! I knew that if I feel something is wrong I need not watch others to take my decision. I am ready for a change if the world is changing because I reached here just because of the world's change. This is my belief and I strongly believe that these are idiotic and I just cannot find a good reason to be like this!But, I am doing the same.!



February 9, 2009

The art of being stupid!!

A few days before one of my friend told me that he will be glad if he get a chance on a stage to say "I am a stupid!". When we heard this most of us laughed at him, yes, me too..But, when I think now, I realized that I may say the same dialogue if I get a chance. Because, it is a universal truth, I am a stupid. I have no right to laugh at him for a reason that he was too honest! And I believe that no one should! Because no one can be a genius in every subject.

Being a genius is very easy! If you have some knowledge about some specific subjects you can be a genius in a crowd which do not have any knowledge about the same.But, for how long? There will be subjects which will make you a stupid because of the lack of knowledge. I think it will be great if you accept the truth that you are a stupid than you reveal it by your acts. In practical, you may try to make you do something you cannot and that will be a great laughing memory for all others. So, accepting you as a fool is a better!

Stupidity is a common factor in all men. Everyone must have done some stupidity at some time. There may be some incidences which was done so seriously in the past which is remembered as a laughing stock at present. There may be some incidences which made others laugh at you. For example : A few years before one of my friend told me about a sherlock holmes story. I never read that book..But the incident he told have some importance in this subject. I do not even remember what Sherlock holmes' partner's name was. I am really sorry about that. Any way the incident was simple Sherlock holmes' partner asked sherlock holmes whether earth is revolving around the sun or the sun is revolving around the earth? Sherlock holmes says that he do not know. And he just added it is not his subject to know.!! As a character Sherlock holmes was a world famous dictactive and he do not know just the basic things!!! Can you call him a stupid just because of this? Certainly you cannot!! As he just said it was out of his subject!! And he is really a genius in some another subjects!!

Let me tell you something about a comedian! Being a comedian or a joker is very difficult task. I think a good comedian must be a mix of stupid and genius! Because, a good comedian should be a genius who acts like a stupid.! All he have to do is to entertain the crowd in front of him with some laughter. I can see some highly skilled comedians in cinema field who are really serious in nature in the public. Laughter can be created by many different ways but, the best and easy way which now exists is to make the audience watch a stupid. Stupidity is becoming a tool for laughter.

I think a stupid is a very lucky guy( am I lucky?).A stupid do not have any limitations. He can do anything and no one will question because he is a stupid. He do not have to worry about anything. Really I like the concept of Sreenivasan in malayalam film. He always acts like a stupid and he will not give any of the others a chance to make him a stupid as if he have made it himself!!!

Just one more thing. If you are laughing at anyone! Just realize one thing. 'You are a fool. And you are laughing just because you have found a better one to compete with you!!!'