May 31, 2011

The theory of 'habitual thinker'!

I think, there is a way of thinking for everyone in this world .I do not think that no one other than me has exactly the same thoughts. Each one of us may have different solution for a single problem. In my life, I am supposed to see a lot of things from my surroundings and I am supposed to grasp a lot from the surroundings. But, even if someone else has to move in the exactly same path as mine, I am pretty sure that he will be different from me. I used to be a day dreamer in my life and I am a partial daydreamer right now. But, have you ever thought of 'how to think?'. If you have, I am pretty sure that it will be different from my thoughts. Because, no one is completely have the same thought and attitude. Everybody is unique and different in their own ways. In my personal opinion, 'their own ways' in the previous sentence may not fit well for all of us. Sometimes, I just follow what others are doing without giving a second thought. I know that I am supposed to think before taking a decision but, I failed to figure out the way I should have thought about it. I was unable to dig deeper than what I thought about  and in some subjects, I still remain the same.

Actually, is there a common way to think about a subject? I do not think so! I see a lot of things from my life and a few of them will be captured into my brain. There are different levels in knowing things. In the first level, we just see the thing and at that level, everybody would be in the same condition. In the second level, we will do some analysis in our mind and it determines the applicable wisdom in our life. Let's take an example, Albert Einstein found his famous equation E=MC2. . Some people thought of making it useful to meet the need of energy while some others' thought of making the 'atom bomb'. In reality, they both had the same information but they thought about two different usages of the same information. Actually, can I say that one of them is right and the other is wrong? Yes, I may. But, what's right clearly depends on which part I support. If I support the atom bomb, I will definitely say that the formula is meant to be used for making atom bombs. This is the most important part which made me convinced that "Everybody have the right to choose their 'rights' and 'wrongs'!" But, there is one more level in deep thoughts, what if I could consider both part of it in my mind? Definitely, I will be able to justify anything, even Osama!! But, I am a complete failure in that part. It can be because my justification and their justification are completely different.

I am a person who used to think a lot about me. An 'about me' page in my orkut profile was the first thing that motivated me to start a blog. But, I always used to think of what others should have thought about my acts and behaviors. Today, I cannot support it as 'I feel like I was an actor for my entire life'. The deepest thought is the thought you have when you pretend to be an outsider. In my experience, I have heard and seen a lot of fights and ragging cases between seniors and juniors of my college and some other colleges as well. Does it really make sense if I say that they were too idiotic? In an outsider's view, everything was idiotic (for some insiders also!). It is not an issue here, but the core part is the way I think and the way they think (I swear, I do not have an idea of what they were thinking, but at present I do not have a good reason to believe that they are not crazy). Everybody should have a justification for what they are doing and I am pretty sure that they would have some justification for what they did. The success of a meaningful thought is when you can think like an outsider (A thought from 'No man's land'!!). About myself, what I should have thought if I was someone else? Sometimes, it can make some sense, but it won't work all the time the same way you would expect. 

Wisdom is a result of such thoughts in our lives. I had a lot of spare time in my life and I used to believe that the word 'bore' is meaningless to me as I never got bored of these thoughts. But, I can definitely say that it helps to take my decision and it helps to increase the confidence to justify my stands and that was the only thing I cared about in my life. I cannot advice that we should develop this habit of thinking in every single thing in our lives. Sometimes, we may need to take a random pick because it is an undisputed fact that no information in our mind is complete and unexpected things will keep on happening. But, I am aware that too much thoughts will make others call you a 'pessimist' . Thinking is not a life and don't let your life sink in the ocean of thoughts.