May 11, 2012

satyamev jayate!!

Aamir is an amazing man! I think, I missed the word 'actor' in the last sentence. Obviously, that was for a reason. He could have lived his life without thinking about creating a TV program named 'satyamev jayate'! But, he did. More than that, he didn't just restrict his act by thinking. I am not in the right position to judge his activities, but I see 'greatness' in him. Not a lot of people at his position, would do something he did. I would like to address him as a very 'determined responsible human being'! I'm inspired by what he has done as a social commitment to the country. There might be people who had sacrificed more than he did, there might be people who is still working much harder than what he is doing, but the kind of influence he can make in areas like this will be tremendous. 

I think, there is a reason for such a big praise from my side. Let me expose some personal secrets. I was almost thinking the same thing he is doing right now. 'Make the people see the world!'. It looks like he is doing what I have imagined in my life. When I am at a very high level of ego,self-respect and pride, I used to imagine of things I could have done. That thoughts had a lot of 'what ifs'!( What if I could hire an auditorium and invite people to hear my speech, in which I could explode my thoughts on life, ethics,self-righteousness  and selflessness. ) What Aamir is doing is much more effective( Yeah, no one can survive my ego and pride, as what others call!!). As a citizen of this country, I was disappointed by the way many people and things move around here. I was disappointed by many things I have seen and more than that, I have seen people who are desperately trying hard to hide from those realities. I wouldn't say that being a selfish man is a crime or a little unethical behavior is going to be a crime, but does it really hurt me if I choose to do things which might not come under my responsibilities, but still  I choose to be responsible(obviously, if I could). 

I am not always right and when I watched the first episode of 'satyamev jayate' TV show, I was stunned by hearing the stories of female foeticide in India. I couldn't think of how immature and selfish those people are. I do not think that they can just remove those people from our country, our only choice is to educate them on 'how to love and feel'. I feel pity about them and it must change by any cost. They do not need punishment, they need help. Help to save themselves from their own blind eyes. I honestly, believe that a lot of areas requires this kind of help to get motivated. May be, this program can bring some differences.

I know, there are people who would say that 'we should adapt to our situations'. But, I believe that we are the cause of these situations and sometimes, getting adapted is more like avoiding responsibilities. We have our choice and I believe that Aamir has chosen his. I do not know whether this initiative is going to be a grand success, but I honestly wish if it could. I seriously doubt whether this video will receive as much views as the "kolaveri" song had received. This is not entertainment, an entertainer doing some serious stuff. Life is not always about entertainment, accept it! support it!