May 21, 2010

Defining humanity!

A few years before, when a train accident happened in Kerala, people were talking a lot about the helping mentality of some fishermen who helped to save a lot of lives. They got a lot of publicity from the media. I value their efforts! I value their dedication and I was proud of them until I happened to watch a program in TV where a fisherman abused a renowned paper for not publishing and congratulating their efforts! It may be a unique fisherman but, I do not believe that I should expect some publicity by wearing a mask of humanitarian! If I could meet him now I will ask a simple question “Are you ready to die for publicity?”. Today, it feels like he is not completely wrong! If someone believes in his own efforts and commitment towards the others, they deserve some reference and appreciation! But, humanity is supposed to be a part of every human in this world but at present, it is not! Yesterday, I heard about some news about a lorry which killed 2 men which is then driven away without even a mind to provide them proper medical support!

Humanity has nothing to do with selfishness but, inhumanity can’t be defined without selfishness! A humanitarian need not be an unselfish person! If I happened to see an accident and gave some more priorities to my car rather than helping them, I am inhuman! It is a usual case now-a-days; I have seen it in the movies and life! I got just one thing to remind them! They need not pray to god for any help from anyone if they are in the same condition because, you do not deserve to get help! I have seen people who used to call humanity as foolishness! I remember some words from an acquaintance “A wise man will not go for any help!”. I still do not know how he defines “wise” but, that wise man will never make any sense to me! Is it better to be selfish?

In this world, people are getting used to learn from experiences! It is just like they are waiting for some things to happen for taking a better choice! Until it happens, everything is just a game! I have seen a photo in the news paper recently! In that photo, there are 4-5 people who are fighting hard to take pictures using their mobile phones! It seems like they are in a fight to get a perfect shot on something! I astonished to read the description which says that they were trying to take a photo of a man who is fighting for his life under a bus! Rather than helping him, people are interested in taking his photo! This is not a unique incident! Recently, I saw a report about a bus accident which killed about 10 people in Kerala. A newspaper reported the pathetic condition of ambulances and fire forces who were trying to reach the incident area because of the crowd which is assembled to take photos of the bus which is nearly destroyed by the accident. What is human intelligence? It was not a Hollywood movie stunt; it was an accident where many people were fighting for their lives! What is common sense? They learn only if their or their closer ones are in trouble! How many of them remember our pledge? “All Indians are our brothers and sisters”, isn’t it? Every Indian should be your brother or sister and it makes us relatives! Let patriotism do the work..

About humanity of different regions, I always used to notice that our rural areas are still strong in spreading love! When I was in Delhi for a small trip, a car driver told me about a fact in Delhi “You will be dead if you can’t walk into the nearest hospital after an accident. Don’t ever believe that someone is going to help you to get there!” Why is it applicable to Delhi only? Delhi is a metropolitan city and it seems like it is cursed by this ‘insane mentality’ which can be applicable to many other cities also! If we consider villages, they are a lot better than cities! At least, they will get you some water to drink! Does intelligence and knowledge make man crazy and selfish? I just want to say that knowledge or intelligence need not be a barrier to show humanity!

After a long analysis, it feels like I should support people who wear the mask of a humanitarian today. At least, they did what they are supposed to do even though they aim publicity as a result! Media is doing a lot of work to reveal such incidences and I must appreciate their determined effort! I can’t estimate their result but, they are trying to make some sense! Humanity is a special word which is applicable only to humans because we got brain and intelligence! We are not humans if we can’t find humanity among us! If I honestly consider it as a truth, it is already time to count the number of ‘real humans’ rather than counting the number of tigers in India!!