November 14, 2011

Educating the educational system

Why do I have to go for studies? Of course, I have to earn a job and live a luxurious peaceful life(Why did I use the word luxurious here? It is getting uncomfortable). I do not know the exact answer for this question, but if I ask the question to people around me, I am pretty sure that the answers will include 'money' ,'to marry', 'I don't know' etc. I couldn't say that I've had the complete knowledge of what I was going to learn before I choose a course. But if I had the opportunity to rewind my life, I would choose different for sure. Sometimes, I feel that a lot of people, who have different skills and talents, are pointed to the wrong direction. What is the real need of a university? They will analyze the student with their measurement and grade them into different categories. I'm not talking about the entire world, I'm just talking about Indian educational system. Recently, I came to see a report about India's educational behavior over the internet. It says that India's 'talent pool' is inefficiently used and it also recommends that Indians should increase the opportunity for research and development. I think, a lot of Indians are at a 'survival strategy' in the field of education. Somehow, our educational system does have a little discipline, but lacks some sort of passion in both student and implementer.

I have a lot to write when it comes to this subject and everything I am planning to write is extracted from my own experience. What is the most important aim of getting educated? It does have something to do with gaining knowledge, doesn't it? I'm learning about computers now and quite recently, I happened to chat with a 'haven't met' friend, who is a student in the same stream. I happened to talk about computers and she said something like this "I've been hearing the same 'technical stuffs' for the last 2 years and I hate to talk about it now". I still couldn't understand the logic behind such an attitude. But, I believe that she is one of a lot of victims, who has been forced to be pointed to the wrong direction(If you can't lend your ears, how can I expect that you are actually lending your mind? and unfortunately, this is not a unique incident and learning is not always done with 'mind', i guess). What is learning? memory test? I hope not. But, I am ready to confess that I had a habit of 'use and throw' learning(a.k.a exam preparations). I've been spending almost 6 hours per day for 6 months for learning and it doesn't make much sense if I have to prepare again to write an exam about the things I've been learning for the last 6 months. If you ask me about the subject after a few hours, I wouldn't be able to answer. My learning method was more like memorizing than learning itself. The mistake is that it really counts to my academics even though I may not be good at it after the exams. Let the exams be spontaneous and unprepared!! 

There is a lot of differences between learning and knowledge. When I was in school, there was an English teacher, who taught me English grammar. I am still pathetic at handling English grammar, but I  still remember the things she had told about advertisement of Mc Donalds ( There was a grammatical error in 'I'm loving it'). I remember a lot of things like this, though I do not remember much things I had learned for exams there.  Learning loses it's effect when we consider it as learning. Recently, I happened to read my text book as a part of preparation for examination. Later, I happened to know that most of the things I've learned were out-of-syllabus. At present, I think I remember those 'out-of-syllabus' things better than the things I learned in syllabus. Knowledge will never get wasted. I might not be the best scorer, but those out-of-syllabus things are really important to me. I'm a better tech geek than the person who doubts whether he is a geek or not, but I am never confident enough to call myself a geek. I'm curious to read technology news. No, let me put it this way "I'm curious enough to google about technological doubts and facts" and I've spend a lot of time in front of a computer which made others call me a geek. Somehow, it resembles to my passion though. If someone asks me about those tech stuffs, I always have an opinion (or at least a distraction). 

This is how it works!! If you learn to 'learn', it will be a lot easier for you to gain a decent knowledge through education and if not, I wouldn't say that you will never be successful, but there is a difference. I am not sure whether I am at a position to say that I am learning the things I really wanted to learn, but I believe that I've felt a little easier than a few people to learn the subject I am learning. A time may come when I realize the true passion of my life and starts a shop to sell philosophies!! In the present society, there is a huge difference between a man who have a few alphabets hanging with his name and the man who doesn't have any alphabets hanging with his name. But, it could have been better if you choose those alphabets wisely. Do not compare them with others as it is possible to gain knowledge without the support of any universities(I think, it works better than having a university to back you up). What makes you different is the things you know beyond the syllabus and to gain such a knowledge, passion is important. If you believe that those out-of-syllabus things are a waste of time, it is better to find a field you are best suited to. 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 
-Albert Einstein
Yes, I am a fish and I wouldn't say that I am dominating in the water, but it is much easier to crawl on the ground than to climb on trees.


November 7, 2011

Getting uncivilized and saving earth

I've already talked about the idea of getting uncivilized and saving earth here. I'm a little concerned about the subject as I'm a bit more enthusiastic and disappointed about the destruction of the mother earth. Honestly, I didn't do a research to see what is happening on our earth but, I have watched some documentaries which made me believe that I have no other choice other than believing it. Humans are the most intellectual creatures on this earth for sure, but my analysis (supposed to be unbiased) on the human intellect is not on how smart we are but it is on how effective we are. We have computers, technology, space explorations etc in our list of achievements, but deep down in our achievements and exploration there is a story of disappointment( at least for some people). We are destroying the planet! A lot of essential things we use, a lot of essential technologies we implemented, there are some incurable disasters hidden inside. I have a belief that there is nothing to negotiate about these facts, these are real facts.

Nothing is really special about us, except the brain. We are good at inventing tools and machinery, but do we outsmart everything we see on this earth. This earth is a beautiful thing and it does have a perfectly balanced algorithm to allow things to stay how they are. This is the real reason why I believe that there is no valid reason to be an atheist. A computer is really complex, it is hard to believe that what I am seeing right now is just a unique combination of 0s and 1s, which obviously makes an illusion that we are looking at actual facts and figures. But, deep down inside, they are just 0s and 1s and the combination of those 0s and 1s is the existence of a computer. When I looked at myself, I see a much complex algorithm. I'm just a combination of molecules. Just as we see a computer as 0s and 1s, we could look at ourselves as molecules. Not everything in our human body is explained or proved. The defense mechanism, reproduction, brain, energy utilization etc are truly a miracle. If we are still proud of what we did, just realize how smart our nature is.

Consider a movie, with all the things that have happened on earth of length 24hours( its a lengthy movie, I am bad at maths and I couldn't find anything better than this). Human race evolved at the last 4 seconds of the 24 hours. Which means for the majority of the earth's age, earth survived without humans. But, in the last 4 seconds we have a list of achievements. No!! Consider the last second (which means 50000 years. I'm bad with fractions too. I would like to take the example with 200 years), in the last second, we made tremendous changes on the face of the earth. We made a lot of animals to disappear and increased our participation to our maximum. We covered land with chemicals and plastics. We destroyed the ecology by provoking global warming. Actually, it is not really hard to see the after effects of what we are seeing right now. It is an indisputable fact that our average temperature is rising year by year in a dramatic way. But, still we are running behind luxuries. People advice to save energy and save life. We are not doing it. Even if we do, I do not believe that we are going to make a dramatic change without reducing the population(Usage of energy is more dependent on population rather than the level of usage of each person on the planet). We are blaming our government for not providing energy(sometimes, clean energy) and there will be a time when we could not blame our government for not providing enough facilities. We are running behind solutions, but I doubt whether they are actually solutions or just an attempt to reduce the effect of a disaster.

When we were at our stone age, we had nothing to be proud of but we could live a life without affecting the other creatures on this earth. I am not saying that we wouldn't survive, but I am thinking about a 'fair survival'. Some economists says that the earth is still healthy and safe and I believe that there is no reason to believe it. Some others says that economy is fragile and I believe that the entire economy is built on a much fragile environment (Can you build a building without a ground?).We hear what we want to hear and we can find reasons to neglect if that is what we like to do with our lives. Any one can break an argument and that is what we are seeing right now. I have watched some documentaries regarding the subjects and I am truly inspired by a video "The yes men, we fix the world"(It is quite interesting also, if you are not a passionate economist). I do not believe that we own anything in this world, it is better to think that we rented some place to live in though we are not paying any rent. It is better to avoid destroying the rented place. The time has come to outsmart ourselves. 



NB: I feel like I have re-written my previous post. I will be happy if you could recommend some sources for this subject.

October 24, 2011

Choice and compulsions

I'm a true believer that I have some control over my life. Not everything is unique in my life, but to an extend I do not follow or support some ideologies that a lot of people believe in. I'm not a guy who would like to peek into someone's life to do what I do (may be, not always). Some people address me as a self-disciplined, but I consider myself as a man of attitude. Sometimes, people would evaluate you with your face and will come to an assumption that you are disappointed and unhappy. They are not always right about my case as I believe that I am a person who is already living a life at its 'almost perfect satisfactory' level. In life, there are a lot of things which are to be done because of 'compulsions' and for some others, I always had a 'choice'. If I am capable enough to make a choice, I would always choose 'choice' in my life. 

I could be an open book in my life. I wouldn't do much things that couldn't be exposed in public and it is the major source of a factual thought that I'm literally doing 'nothing' in my life. I believe that I am not easily 'provokable' as I used to defend most of my friend's  unacceptable suggestions with a simple smile(things have changed a bit though). I believe that I haven't advised much people to be like me, except here in the blogosphere(I'm not pretty sure about it, but if it had happened that couldn't be my mistake. Why can't you notice an 'x' button on your browser?) . I can't understand why some people are still provoking me to give them false hope by wasting their time. I am ready to face the consequences of what I did in my life and normally, I wouldn't try to escape from those consequences.

If I am about to do something, I used to be cautious about some parameters. The first and the important thing is to ask myself whether I should do it or not (Nothing spontaneous, but there are some exceptional cases). I do not know how I regretted for an accidental insult on a very strange woman which was happened a long time ago and I still remember a lot of such incidents that may not be a notable incident in the memories or thoughts of the victims. I do not do everything I like to do in my life, but it will be appreciable if  people can stop blaming my 'fear' for not doing the thing I never intended to do. I'm not completely dependent on compulsions in my life. It is a fact that I haven't done everything I intended to do, but there are things that I've left undone and it is more likely because of my choice.

NB: I hope I haven't used the word 'you' in this post as this is all about 'me'. Anyway, if you have some suggestions feel free to comment. I'm always happy to 'simply smile'.:)



October 16, 2011

Dear lonely fellows...

I talk a lot to some people. This might be a little surprising fact for some of my acquaintances who are supposed to be my friends. Sometimes, I just explode a head on completely unknown people without any intentions. A few months before, I met a guy in a train and he just started talking about his life and his experiences and all of a sudden, I began to talk and I am almost sure that he should have cursed the time when he decided to talk with me. I was thinking about a lot during that journey and I still got no idea of why I talked to that guy. But, it is more like an explosion of my thoughts that I never planned to express to anyone. I was alone and thoughtful and he was just a victim!! I always used to pretend like I never cared of being alone in my life. I used to have a mobile/laptop to make others believe that I'm involved in something, but is a fact that I'm not always entertained by a mobile or laptop in my life. I'm always thoughtful when I am alone and I'm never bored at any times of my life. It is kind of weird, I know!!!

A few months before, I happened to hear an astonishing fact about family relationship status of our country. In the past, there were joint families where a lot of members lived together as a family. When it became intolerable, people began to live nuclear families. Now-a-days, old age homes can be seen in every corner of the country. Some are paid and some others can accept the 'unacceptables'. Which is a clear evidence of tearing up of nuclear families. The only reason for the current count of married couple in this country is inadequate judicial facilities. If getting a divorce is easy, there will be a lot of people who would like to get a divorce. Sometimes, it is just a fact that every single human is alone in his own world. But, his thoughts and his world is really important in his life. Check out this video.

This video is a thought provoker in my life. In my future, it is possible that I would think of a movie like this and I believe that everybody is already imagining their life in a similar manner. The word "I" is not always greedy. Sometimes, it shows self-confidence and in some other times, it shows unacceptability of one's ideas in other's life. I'm a little heroic in my life though it may not inspire anyone other than me. 

Recently, I happened watch an interview of Sri. Kamal Haasan(In my view, calling him an 'actor' is an understatement to what he really is) in which he said something like this "At the age of 21, I thought I am a lonely genius and decided to kill myself". See? He was lonely too and quite recently I happened to read an essay of Albert Einstein in which he addressed himself as a 'lone traveller'. These two are quite inspiring examples for sure. I know, I am not the only one who is suffering from an irrelevant "No one cares me!" kind of thought and this could motivate people like me  for sure. Loneliness is just a fact and it is better if we could accept and stop thinking about it. 

No one can accept you better than yourself because no one knows you better than yourself.



September 25, 2011

Me and the Jan Lokpal bill

I've been promoting the Jan Lokpal bill in my buzz and facebook for a while. Later, I came to realize that I've no clear idea of what this bill can do in this country. This thing is really making some move over the internet anyway. The reason behind my promotion is a fact that I really like to see the demolition of corruption from this country. As far as I see, Jan lokpal does have something to do with it. I was astonished to see the number of promoters for him in the internet. It was more like a new game is being released in fb. But, beyond a joke there is something good in such a move because there were still communities posts like finding 0s in a huge number of 1s or like if you support a stupid thing or else comment if you support another stupid thing other than this.

It is some kind of nice to believe that people who are so 'busy' doing such things really cared to respond in such issues. I believe that the number of participants will be higher if the real idea of making such a bill is properly communicated among the public. At present, I do not know whether I really support him or not as I came to hear some astonishing criticisms from some other people. I can't make a decision just by seeing a website over the internet who helps to write emails to the prime minister. Today, when I just searched about the bill over the internet I came to see an article which says that it is unconstitutional and dangerous. (read here)

I'm not against the bill for sure. The real victory of Anna Hazare is not in making the government accept the bill, but it is in making changes in the pessimistic thoughts of a large number of people who believed that 'one man can do nothing' in this country. I've seen a lot of people who say rubbish about Indian politics and politicians and I couldn't exactly go for a debate as I couldn't find a solid reason to believe in the opposite way. This is a part of an Indian dream for many of the Indians and it is definitely positive. I was thinking about a small push that could change the entire country and the Jan Lokpal Bill might be a beginning of it. No matter what happens by the bill, I am confident that it will never make things worse.



September 18, 2011

Is it too good to be not human?

Sometimes, humans believe that they outsmart everything in this world. Recently, I searched in the web for a word 'humane' and found something like this:

hu·mane  (hy-mn)
1. Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion: a humane judge.
2. Marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns: a humane education.

I believe that the word has came from the much more sophisticated definition of 'being human'!! It definitely shows that the words kindness, mercy, compassion, etc are supposed to be there in a human. In every situations of life, we analyze and find a solution for our problems in life. What would happen we were able to think of a non-human humane thought? What if I were an alien from outer-space? I do not support the concept that we outsmart every living thing in this world.We are just an animal with a better brain. We could have found some fairer conclusions if we could think like a non human. If I(the alien) come here for a visit, what would I see? "A very large number of animals in a specific species(human) is destroying the entire planet". 

This can be seen in many other aspects as well. We come to our conclusion or decisions by our human brain and I would like to remind you that there are some other horizons which are to be taken to our considerations before we take our decisions. A day might come when we realize that everything we were so proud of were not as good as it seems. A day might come when we realize that the earth and all the living things were so safe when we were not here. Even though we believe that we were fair to everything in this world, our civilization might have changed the entire concept of being fair (Using detergents can cause pollution, will you stop washing your clothes because of that reason?). We are just too addicted to our weaknesses. Making our lives easier is just one example of our tendency to get lazy. We might say that technology has changed the speed of our lives but, have you ever thought of a condition in which you ask yourself a simple question 'Why did I change the speed of my life?'. It is an unanswerable question for me. If there is an answer, I do not believe that the answer will worth enough for what we have done. We changed the course of the earth by doing inhumane methods, but the word 'humane' means kindness, mercy etc!!



September 8, 2011

Public Performances

This is not the first time I'm choosing a title like this in this blog. To be frank, this was the first topic that I've ever written in a blogging platform in my life. I deleted that post as I couldn't tolerate the standard of what I was doing at that time. I've been thinking about rewriting it as I can do better than what I did last time. But, I'm beginning to realize that I am good at something. I'm good at imagining and advising. My imaginations are a million times better than me. I am not claiming that I'm good at this subject, but it doesn't mean that I do not have any idea about the subject. Four or five years back, I happened to attend a personality development class and my previous attempt was to magnify the exact thing I saw there and write them in this blog. I couldn't say that it was a success, but it may turn out to be a turning point in my life.

Last time, I was a bit confident about what I was going to say. Today, I do not support the facts that I've written in my past. I've been changing a lot and whenever I see that post, I see an 'immature me' in it. None of these are relevant here and I am trying to be honest. I think, I deserve to be famous for my nervousness of my life. I'm not here with a success story of anything, but some attempts which could have been a worth noticeable ones. My philosophy is simple, if you really want to learn or achieve something, you need to know what the losers have to say about what they have tried. I'm entitled with a bit of bitter experiences with public performances. But, it has given me some thought on how it could be corrected. I'm not the one who is writing this post. For a moment, consider me as a different person or I'm just thinking of what I should have thought if I were a successful performer in public. 

I'm a criticizer in my nature even though I never used to criticize in public, I used have my own personal debates. Everybody is confident when they know what they are doing. So, knowledge is more important than confidence. I would never go for a lecture about "Indian classical dance" as I do not know anything about it and most importantly, we need to know our audience well. I think, unknown audience is the main cause of sleep in class hours. If I am not able to attract attention of my audience, it is my mistake and unless you are sure that there are no 'rotten eggs' in nearby shops and all the footwears in the audience's legs are of highly expensive type, it is better not to give any chance to luck because rotten eggs and foot wears can hurt you and your confidence. But, I was provided with a lot of opportunities in which there is no probability of receiving an egg or chappal on my head and I still didn't do anything. So, it is very simple to avoid such a problem, you have to stop being me. 

By the way I write this post, you should have realized that English is not my mother tongue. But, do you know how many times, I have recited the exact dialogues of some Client Eastwood movies (from Kung Fu Panda & dark knight too) in my bathroom? I'm not perfect, but I believe that it can work out some day.  I believe that I can handle some sort of 'understandable english' by now. Sometimes, we might need to communicate well in a different language and it is definitely a challenge. I'm better when I write rather than I talk in English. I can take all my time to frame or reframe the sentences. Talking is really fast and I might not be able to catch up with my thoughts. A lot of translation process is going on behind everything I write here and I already know that it is not the way it should be done. I have to think in English to make sure that I can talk in English. I believe that I've achieved something by trying it out. I can't really translate what I write here into my mother tongue in a fair manner. I would be very happy if you say that I really lost both language skills!!!

In my previous post, I have written something about the posture and actions you must maintain when you talk in front of some people. That is completely wrong. I feel that those rules or shortcuts to success are implemented by someone who really learn how 'successful public performers' are performing it. There is a good possibility that you will turn out to be a mimicry artist rather than being a true performer. I do stupid stuffs when I am nervous and many of the personality developers might tell you to avoid being nervous by acting like you are not nervous. Stuffs like 'don't play with your fingers', body language, actions etc can be considered as symptoms of nervousness. But, if you kill your nervousness itself, do you really need to act? Things may not work out your way, but you can always be a bit more serious than what you really are or you can always pretend like you are a better comedian than what you really are or pretend like you are a master in some subject or any method which can prove that you are not really what you show to this world. Sometimes, you may really need to change your attitude or body language to be a good performer. The world listens to the show-offs, not how that show is planned or executed. I mean, we are living at a point at which the entire credit of a successful film is taken or given to the hero of the movie, though the credits can be given to the creator or writer of that movie too. I may or may not change my attitude or body language to be something in my life that you need not bother, but I would recommend you to do it if it really makes you comfortable or unique. 

Sorry for wasting your time. You are on your own now. Best of Luck.


September 3, 2011

The true inspirer!

I'm the most important part of my life for sure. I always have something to say when it comes to the most complex subject of my life :'me'. But, I am a victim of a lot of criticisms and analysis for which, I always had a response of an irregular smile( Just a reflex action to show that 'I am not entertained!'). Some people believe that  I am living a very miserable life of 'being pathetic and perfect'. At present, I am free to do a lot of things in my life. I am not independent, but I can decide a lot of things that my father wouldn't interfere. But, I wouldn't do all the things that I can do as I define my perimeters and boundaries of my life. I have always been questioned for the things I didn't do in my life, but none of those questions had provoked me to change what I really stand for. 

In many occasions, I was put aside for the choices I made in my life. I never regretted for any of those occasions and I am well trained to accept that it is just the way I am. I do not know how many times I've heard of a question 'Who are you afraid of? No one will tell anything to anyone' . I smiled at them, but that is not enough. I have an answer for that question. 'I am not afraid of anyone, but I have a person to whom I need to justify and it is myself. If you can keep hiding it from him, I would do whatever you want to do in my life'. I am the best teacher of my life and I enjoy doing everything my way even if it may not sound perfect to others. I was criticized by my mother when she noticed that I am not engaged in any art or creativity, I was criticized by some of my friends as I never had a good socializing capabilities, I was criticized for not showing some courage to  make 'a cheap comment' on a girl. I always had some ideologies in my life that are defined according to the needs of the situation. I do what I feel like I am doing. But, I really enjoy getting criticized for something. 

I have done a lot of things in my life by following other's path. But, I always knew that their paths were uncomfortable for me.I am pretty sure that many of those criticizers would understand the reason for being me, if they had an opportunity to have my brain and experiences of life. I do what I really wanted to do in my life and I really like to have a respectable, humble life. I may not have a good reason to look into your definitions as I have given enough thoughts on how my life should be. It is not difficult to convince me with your ideologies, but they are supposed have some reason other than 'This is what everybody does!'. Because, that is the most stupid reason I've ever heard in my life especially when it comes in ideologies and role-models of my life. It is just like 'I like Anna Hazare because the word 'Anna' sounds funny to me' which is quite irrelevant though. I see and analyze things and I do believe that the real and genuine part of life is not in howmany years I lived or the number of experiences or sufferings I happened to face, but  it is all about what you really find worthy of noting, which could change your life. You can always remain the same even if you live a life of 100 years. I choose not to be blind by shutting by eyes and it doesn't look like a mistake!!!

I value a lot of things in my life. Sometimes, those invaluable things of my life might look like a very simple thing in other's life. I always want to be unique in my life and whenever I face a criticism,which could never ring a bell in my mind, I am at an extreme point of self-respect in my life. No matter what other's believe, I really like being me and it is not going to change if I remain in my perimeter and boundaries. This is the true inspiration of my life. To be a respectable man, I am supposed to do something respectable!!!



August 28, 2011

The word "Internet" is not always a bad word!!

I'm a guy who used to sit a lot of time in-front of internet everyday. It almost made me think that I exist only in the internet. I behave different when I am in the internet. Some of my friends thought that I am chatting a lot and some others believed that I am learning a lot of things through internet. In reality, I was doing nothing, just sitting idle watching some TV series or movies. I think, many of us believe that our young generation is misguided by internet. But, I want to say one thing "'internet' is not always a bad word".

My life is severely influenced or affected by internet. There used to be a time when I used to blame myself for sitting infront of a computer for long hours. But, internet has changed a lot of things in my life for sure. I've been using blogger for the last 4 years and it is an achievement that I'm recognized or famous among people I do not know. It was always a good thing to know that there are people who like my thoughts and in a sense, I believe that I've improved a lot in my language just because of this blog. I've been thinking a lot about blogging though I write less. Internet was always an arena of knowledge and thought provoker in my life. Today, I use internet whenever I have some doubts about anything. To be frank, google made others believe that I am smarter than I look. If someone asks me a doubt in anything, all I used to do is to google it. I'm their big fan!!

Internet is a very vast thing and I feel quite natural to see the dark side of using internet.Misusing such a great opportunity is what I really meant. At some point, I believed that I've forgotten how to behave in the normal world just because of this internet addiction and I felt so sad about it. But, I believe that I've realized some facts about this addiction. This addiction happens when we make this internet more private and personal than it has to be. I like to meet new people, make friendship and share thoughts and internet is the best place to do it. I never got bored of using internet in my life. I always had something to do here and I consider it as a good thing. 

What makes internet bad? We are making this too personal in a virtual world. Meeting people in internet is simpler now. I have a lot of friends whom I do not know and I do not believe that I am going to have an opportunity to chat with them. I really do not want them to get disappointed if they like to see my status updates and shared items in their home page. My social networking profiles are full of acquaintances or strangers and I have no problem in their presence except for a huge number in the friends list. Nothing in this internet is true or honest. Why should I be honest here? No one should care what I do here, because there is no reason to. I can comfortably type ":(" by laughing too hard, I can think of a programming code to type "hmm" in my chat box on every 20 seconds and do something else so as to make the person at the other end believe that I really listen to what they are saying, I can use google translator to make others believe that I know a lot of languages. Anything can be faked including our intentions and interests. I will not be entertained if I happened to meet a person with my photo as his profile photo just because I am cuter than him. It is not so difficult to find a 'completely open' photo album of cute girls (preferably strangers) so that you can download them and make your own fake profile. These things must feel weird to all of us. I think, these things made some of us believe that we have nothing believable in this internet.

I do not know whether I take this thing personal or not, but I would like to see internet as a place where I can meet anonymous people and share my knowledge. Actually, I have a weird idea in my mind today. What if I could make a online place where you could never use your name or photo in your profile. Being anonymous seems to be a good idea for me. "I do not know you and you do not know me. So, let us be friends." looks like a great idea that can avoid addictions as well. What would you do if there were no facebook or orkut or internet itself?



June 18, 2011

Sensible selfishness and the process of money making!

I've been using the phrase 'sensible selfishness' for a while. In my view, selfishness is sensible if I can justify why I am a selfish man. A simple 'almost valid' reason will do. People talk a lot about corruption these days. Somehow, I can almost adjust with some of the issues with police and government offices as far as issues like '2G spectrum' is still on fire. Everybody is expecting a prosperous and luxurious life in this world(well, most of us). Making money is the only way to achieve it in this world and as we all know, human needs are unlimited. But, what is the real point behind exporting our money to swiss banks?

Actually, I haven't searched for any new information about the swiss bank accounts of Indians. But, I feel some immature aspects in the tendency to export money to Swiss banks and I may not be completely truthful to real concept of Swiss banks. As far as I know, these banks do not give interests to your deposits and the only good thing about this banks is a fact that they will not reveal your personal details to anyone. So, depositing money in those banks is equivalent to digging a hole on the earth and depositing the money in that hole. Switzerland will have some benefits for sure. I am not rich, but if I had some 'black money' in my hand why should I give my money to make a better Switzerland?  I think, I know some concepts about money that many others do not know. I highly recommend the readers to correct me if I am wrong. Money is not really the currency we see, it is a measurement of human efforts of people. I make money by doing job and I exchange these money to meet my requirements. That is the basic concept of money. Depositing money in Switzerland is just like lending the value of the human efforts of Indians to Switzerland for free. 

We Indians have a huge tendency to conserve money and it is expected to be a very good reason behind the successful tackling of recession of recent years.I have seen people worshiping money in some Malayalam films. But, money is just paper(or may be cotton) if it is not exchanged between people and I think some people are unaware of that. If you bury your money (considerably a huge amount) somewhere and take it out after 10 years, there will be a considerable change in the value of money and it is definitely a loss. I tried to think like a man who has deposited some money in a Swiss Bank and found a very absurd reason to deposit that money. But, before I talk about it, I want to tell a small story from my own life. In my childhood, me and my friends used to play a small game using the pictures collected from match stick boxes. The boy with the largest collection of pictures is supposed to be the king of the game. I used to hid those collection in a safe, 'not easily accessible place' to avoid theft. But, one day I forgot the place at which the pictures were hidden and I lost the entire collection. At that point, I thought it was better to give them to my friends so that they can use it for a use. It was definitely better than losing the entire collection. Today, I do not regret for that 'terrible loss', but if I knew the place where I hid, I could tell my friends that I have a good collection! Unfortunately, it won't make any sense after it is lost!!

Actually, the black money in Swiss Banks are just like that. After this much of issues and disputes, I really do not think that the depositors can easily access that money with a peaceful mind. It is just like money hid in the earth and forcefully forgot about the mark on the ground. It is better to recover the entire collection so that it can be used for Indians or else, it would be a loss to the depositor and the country itself. The only thing which is benefited for the depositor is that he can secretly say that he have a huge amount of money in Switzerland that he never used or needed and be proud of making that money useless and enjoy seeing a huge number,if that satisfies him. Sensible selfishness is the point to be noted here. I can accept the thefts which are done for survival, even I can accept the thefts which are done for living a luxurious life than anyone in this world. But, what is the point in stealing something and keeping it at a place where none of us can be used or benefited. They really lack the sense in that kind of selfishness, isn't it? Anyway, the policy of Swiss Banks never made a sense to me either, it is better to put up a board in front of their banks like this

"Stolen money will be accepted"


NB: I am not a billionaire and I do not have an account in any Swiss Banks!

May 31, 2011

The theory of 'habitual thinker'!

I think, there is a way of thinking for everyone in this world .I do not think that no one other than me has exactly the same thoughts. Each one of us may have different solution for a single problem. In my life, I am supposed to see a lot of things from my surroundings and I am supposed to grasp a lot from the surroundings. But, even if someone else has to move in the exactly same path as mine, I am pretty sure that he will be different from me. I used to be a day dreamer in my life and I am a partial daydreamer right now. But, have you ever thought of 'how to think?'. If you have, I am pretty sure that it will be different from my thoughts. Because, no one is completely have the same thought and attitude. Everybody is unique and different in their own ways. In my personal opinion, 'their own ways' in the previous sentence may not fit well for all of us. Sometimes, I just follow what others are doing without giving a second thought. I know that I am supposed to think before taking a decision but, I failed to figure out the way I should have thought about it. I was unable to dig deeper than what I thought about  and in some subjects, I still remain the same.

Actually, is there a common way to think about a subject? I do not think so! I see a lot of things from my life and a few of them will be captured into my brain. There are different levels in knowing things. In the first level, we just see the thing and at that level, everybody would be in the same condition. In the second level, we will do some analysis in our mind and it determines the applicable wisdom in our life. Let's take an example, Albert Einstein found his famous equation E=MC2. . Some people thought of making it useful to meet the need of energy while some others' thought of making the 'atom bomb'. In reality, they both had the same information but they thought about two different usages of the same information. Actually, can I say that one of them is right and the other is wrong? Yes, I may. But, what's right clearly depends on which part I support. If I support the atom bomb, I will definitely say that the formula is meant to be used for making atom bombs. This is the most important part which made me convinced that "Everybody have the right to choose their 'rights' and 'wrongs'!" But, there is one more level in deep thoughts, what if I could consider both part of it in my mind? Definitely, I will be able to justify anything, even Osama!! But, I am a complete failure in that part. It can be because my justification and their justification are completely different.

I am a person who used to think a lot about me. An 'about me' page in my orkut profile was the first thing that motivated me to start a blog. But, I always used to think of what others should have thought about my acts and behaviors. Today, I cannot support it as 'I feel like I was an actor for my entire life'. The deepest thought is the thought you have when you pretend to be an outsider. In my experience, I have heard and seen a lot of fights and ragging cases between seniors and juniors of my college and some other colleges as well. Does it really make sense if I say that they were too idiotic? In an outsider's view, everything was idiotic (for some insiders also!). It is not an issue here, but the core part is the way I think and the way they think (I swear, I do not have an idea of what they were thinking, but at present I do not have a good reason to believe that they are not crazy). Everybody should have a justification for what they are doing and I am pretty sure that they would have some justification for what they did. The success of a meaningful thought is when you can think like an outsider (A thought from 'No man's land'!!). About myself, what I should have thought if I was someone else? Sometimes, it can make some sense, but it won't work all the time the same way you would expect. 

Wisdom is a result of such thoughts in our lives. I had a lot of spare time in my life and I used to believe that the word 'bore' is meaningless to me as I never got bored of these thoughts. But, I can definitely say that it helps to take my decision and it helps to increase the confidence to justify my stands and that was the only thing I cared about in my life. I cannot advice that we should develop this habit of thinking in every single thing in our lives. Sometimes, we may need to take a random pick because it is an undisputed fact that no information in our mind is complete and unexpected things will keep on happening. But, I am aware that too much thoughts will make others call you a 'pessimist' . Thinking is not a life and don't let your life sink in the ocean of thoughts.



May 24, 2011

A completely personal note

Right now, I am at a very confused state of mind. To be frank, I got no idea of what I am doing here now. I'm here for the last four years by now. I mean,  my blogger id exists since 2007. But, what did I really gain by this? I do not know. I am getting recognized a bit. People know me better through internet while I always believed that creating too much of personalization of internet is not good for us. Internet is supposed to be an information center, but just like my life. I am exactly what I do not like to be. There is a bit of disappointment when I say that the first thing I do on every morning is to check my pageviews in this site. Everybody like to get recognized and everybody may have a tendency to what I am doing, but I am totally aware that this is not going to change me or anyone in this world with this kind of effort. To be frank, I am tired of forcing me to think for this blog and that is not the way it should be. Writing is writing when we give the true heart into it and I am pretty sure that the only thing I have in my mind when I typed few previous posts was the traffic I am going to receive for the keywords I used in my post.

My mind was not here. Whenever I try to sit in front of the computer with an already opened edit post button, I really do not know what I am going to write or where I am going to reach. I definitely do not feel like writing when I post blogposts in this site. But, in a sense, I really expected me to be truthful to myself for many reasons. Today, I am not willing to continue like this and I definitely have a lot of things to criticize. I'm not that of an explosive writer, but this blog is not as dumb as it was. I used to receive comments from my friends who used to read this thing and I am perfectly aware that there are people who used to visit my site frequently(These days, you can't predict how perfect some traffic monitoring tools are). I'm almost sure that I am supposed to do this for myself not for anyone else, but I feel so silly and immature when I write like this here. I can do a lot better than what I've ever done here and that is the real reason behind this post.

What do I really mean by this? Actually, I do not know the real intention of this blog. Even though, I used to say that my intentions has changed by the course of time, but I faced an unanswerable question 'do I really had an intention for this blog?'! Have I ever had a good feedback about this blog? Yes, there were, but today it is more like a mirror(I say and thats what I am). I've heard that my subjects are too heavy but I would like to inform that I can handle a lot depressive heavier topics than what I've ever wrote about. I could not say that I've worked enough to write something like what I did here. I can't say that I really like what I am doing here, but I really liked the way I influenced people and I will not be able to do it forever. These things doesn't really make sense to me. I have a lot to write about myself than any other subjects and I have thought about myself than any other subjects. This is not really me what you are seeing. I should have done better.

I always used to hear that my language is powerful and there is a man who even said that I remind him of Clint Eastwood. That is really inspiring, but I couldn't really say that I have satisfied myself by doing almost senseless things I did here. Sometimes, I used to think that I can write a contradictory part just opposite to what I've written for every single post I've written here. It doesn't really make much sense to me and I really want to be a sense-maker to myself. I always used to write lengthy posts whenever I write about myself and my views in my personal blog and I do not want to call it a personal blog now, but I have a better view at myself. I am not saying that I am going to quit here. I would like to stay connected, but I would like to be myself also. So, I am stopping this artificial way of writing. It is time to do some serious stuff. I am a bit expressive when it comes to writing and I haven't gained anything special by being a blogger and I really do not expect it either. But, I would like to decrease the difference between this blog and myself.

I called my thoughts 'None of my business thoughts', but it is beginning to make sense now. Some of them really are 'none of my business'. I want to do what I am good at and presently, I believe that I have a good part in myself and I do not mind exploring those parts. Exploring the better part of me!!

Everything begins from yourself!!


May 21, 2011

The clean professional!

Some people believe that the only trouble that can ever happen to a man is 'money'. They can value everything in terms of money. I called them economists! Recently, I had an opportunity to sit in an economics class and against all the odds, rather than letting my mind wander around the world, I was listening to everything my teacher was saying. As far as I see 'money' will be the most frequently heard word in those classes. I started to see things in terms of money after that and that is the reason why I call them economists. Anyway, what would happen if there is no 'money' in this world? I will do whatever I like and as there is no money I will fight to meet my needs. I'm thinking about a condition at which no one really owns anything. A matter of real survival! I'm stuck with a small thought 'what will be my profession if I did not have the term 'money' in my mind?'. Today, everybody is supposed to have a job for their living or everybody is supposed sell their efforts, that may be interesting or it may not be so interesting, to live. What if we live a life of our own? In a simple sense, what if we are living a life like an animal?

Every single day, I do a lot of things. To be honest, I haven't earned much money for my living by anything I did in my life, but I am able to survive as my father's efforts can be sold to buy me meals. So, what I am doing in my life is simply the things that I really like to do. What will you do when you are free? Some watch television, some others may browse internet and I used to think when I am free. We can call it hobby. Yes, thinking is my hobby! I never used to get bored of my hobby and the condition will be same for most of us. What about bringing this hobby to my profession? I think, I may not say that I am tired of my work for ever!! I'm thinking and some are paying money for thinking and I will be able to live my life with it. As far as I can believe that there are no one who is foolish enough to do something like that, I am supposed to do some work as well. The reason why I am writing this post is a fact that I've seen people who sacrificed their hobbies for their job and as I have given some efforts to think about that condition, I think I can talk a little about it as well!!

If you get a job, people will begin to question you for sure. I've heard of people asking the question 'How much do you earn?'. Personally, I do not like that question as I feel that it is a small exploitation of one's privacy. But, I haven't heard of people asking 'How satisfied you are with your job?', that can be answered by anyone! . Most of us are taking these in terms of money(Not everybody). If so, everybody is some sort of an economist(according to my definition of the word 'economist'). Job will be a lot easier if you like what you are doing and it will be a lot difficult if you really take it as a punishment or burden. Everybody is dreaming about domination in their life and I've found my domination in the subject 'The art of being me'! But, it feels like it will be a lot easier for me to dominate if I go to the area I really like for my job. Sachin Tendulkar is famous in the world of cricket if he decided to be a chemistry professor I do not think that the name 'Sachin' would ever be popular! Luckily, he did not! So, everybody is having a small inbuilt talent in them and we have to find it to make it useful in our lives. If you are choosing your subject with a support from the word 'trend', I would like to remind you that your life may be a little weirder than you may imagine.

The very best thing you need to do when you are determined to be a professional in a field is to implement a very simple policy. "Accept advices with justifications"! People may ask you to be an IT professional when you really hate using a computer. People may ask you to be a scientist when you hardly spell the word 'scientist'. Because, it is very easy to advice. People may ask you to do a different job as it pays better but, to be a little extra ordinary, it is not enough and the word 'domination' may fade away with your efforts. Ask yourself whether you want a 'survival strategy' or a 'domination strategy' and trust no one other than you. "You are your best teacher!"(Quote from "School of Life")

Thanks for listening!


NB: I feel like it is the first time I am writing a post in this blog

May 10, 2011


What is the difference between a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian? In my view, conceptually there is no difference in being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian! Both are taking lives! If you cut an onion, you are taking the life of that onion and if you cut the neck of a chicken, you are taking the life of that chicken. So, what is the real difference that could possibly make by being a vegetarian? I'm almost a vegetarian and in my life, I've seen some eyes of astonishment when I say that I have tried to be a vegetarian. All the animals in this world is in need of food for their survival. It is nearly impossible to live a life without killing anything on this earth. But, there is  huge difference between killing an onion and a chicken in my life.

I'm a man who can almost justify every single thing in my life. So, this blog is going to reveal the reason behind my vegetarianism. First of all, I am brought up as a vegetarian in my life. None of my family members are known to take non-vegetarian food (I can't assure anything about the 'new generation' as they are not expected to reveal everything they do in their lives. Life is supposed to have some sort of secrecy, I accept!!). In the past, taking non-vegetarian was a mistake among us! At this stage, there are people who comfortably take non-vegetarian food as a part of modernizing their attitudes and lives. As I am not good enough in adopting and modernizing my life without a valid reason, I almost remained to be  a vegetarian in my life. But, this is not the real reason behind my vegetarianism. I can comfortably tell that I should have tried to be a vegetarian even if I am born in a non-vegetarian environment (like a butcher's family).

Recently, I came to know about the 'butchering process' of my area. It is said that the cattle are butchered in a very inhumane method. They use a hammer to hit the cattle on its head to kill it. It surprised me, because I was never heard of any issue regarding this subject as I used to give a little better priorities to issues like this than rapists or politics. I have seen the head of cattle in public places where butchering is supposed to be a common scene in places like Malappuram in Kerala and people like Maneka Gandhi were supposed to be active against such issues. Or is it just me who have a wrong feeling about doing such things? (I purposefully removed the words 'in public' with the last sentence. If you can't do it in public, nothing is different when you do it in private as well). For those who do not know much about slaughtering house, I would like to share a video which shows the pathetic 'slaughtering process' in some foreign countries and unfortunately, our condition is far more worse than this.

It feels like I have a solid reason for being a vegetarian. But, there can be a reason for me to be a non-vegetarian as well. If I am stuck in a place where there is no vegetarian food, may be I would become a non-vegetarian as it can be a matter of my own survival. But, if you ask me to take a choice between vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food, I will choose vegetarian. I cannot support this injustice just for the taste that will fade away in a few minutes. I remember the findings of a friend who expressed his astonishment when I said that I am a vegetarian ' I do not survive just because I want to eat, I eat because I want to survive'. That is not completely right about me but, it is possibly the best justification for any vegetarian.



NB: 'God created all the animals to meet the human food requirements*!'

*This is a joke because some people are still not laughing :).

March 12, 2011

A world cup for patriots!!

I'm writing this post just because I came across a little serious discussion with my friend about the subject cricket and patriotism. Actually, I have a feeling that we are playing a lot with emotions rather than we play cricket in our country. I have already written my views about the sportsmen in this blog(read here). The current trend in sports is definitely not healthy to us. I have heard that "Cricket is a religion in India!" ! I regretfully hate to hear that, because it affects my view of religion as well! The way we give priorities to the things we do in our lives is little weird! Unfortunately, it applies to me as well. I like cricket(mostly watching)! We are moving beyond the limit of the game.  If cricket is supposed to be a religion in India, it is not supposed to be called a 'game'!

What is so special about cricket? I do not know! Cricket has grown too strong in our country, very strong! A game need not be this important to us. At the same time, other games are almost completely neglected. It is pity to hear that we couldn't manage to find a descent football team from our 1 billion people. It is heard that BCCI is rich! richer than ICC! It makes a lot of money from the cricket fans. It will be advisable to promote other sports through the money of this 'little over enthusiastic cricket fans'! All sports are equally important! Everyday, I am noticing some of the most important comments about cricket in the social networking sites. When it come to cricket, there is some sort of patriotism in everybody's mind. But, game is just a game and we should never give this blend of patriotism to it.

A few days before when India won against Ireland, I said "Ireland has played really well!". I was trying to be honest! Being a team which has just entered into the cricket world, it was a very fair performance! I liked the performance and tried to appreciate it. But, some of my friends didn't like it(a few others liked it though!!). I received a tweet mentioning me which included some sort of patriotic words in terms of cricket! And today, I saw some other tweets that mixes the British history with Indian cricket team (an appreciation to Bangladesh for their victory against England!).Do Indian cricket team represent us? If so, it is time to interfere! Some people(including me) believe that BCCI has failed to find one more specialist bowler for our team and if you can do something, you must act now! As far as I know, I do not have much to do about it! :(

Let's take the patriotism into focus! What is patriotism? The love towards one's country! There are much more relevant patriotic heroes in India who deserve a little more appreciation than what they are receiving, soldiers who died for our country! A life is worth a million times more than a century in the field. I know, they are not so good in being exhibitionists or glamour freaks, but still they deserve some appreciation. Give priorities according to the relevance and after all, cricket is still a game!

NB: What if I could stop using Indian flag and the name of the country from the team jersey, in my view it can be used for much more sense-making activities.



February 12, 2011

Let's destroy 'feminism'!

I've been hearing a lot about feminism these days. I've searched here to find the exact meaning for feminism. Our society is a society based on discriminations. We have caste system, wealth system, position systems etc. those which are efficiently evolved like a hierarchy and destroyed the true essence of life. Professional criticizers will be tired of criticising the above discriminations. Beyond these, there are some other discrimination techniques too. Humans and animals, Man and woman, NRI and RI(Resident Indians ;)), fan of Shahrukh khan and Amir khan (or may be vijay and ajith of tamil industry) etc are some of the major discriminations which are so fragile and may collide at any point of time.But, still this power to discriminate is considered to be the best quality of a human being. 

It sounds weird when I hear people quarrelling with the name of celebrities. I have witnessed some similar incidents that I've mentioned in this blog before. All such quarrels were meaningless and there is some sort of weirdness in the discrimination of man and woman. I wonder why there is a word 'feminism' in the dictionary. What is so special about woman? Why do some people believe that this is a 'male dominated world'? In the previous era, I understand that there were some troubles that kicked out females in some aspect and it should have paved way for the evolution of feminism. Its time to remove the word from the dictionary. Today's world is not based on muscle power alone it depends more on intelligence. Basically, every human thinks different in different situations. If someone else could live my life instead of me, I'm sure that he would be entirely different from what I am. As every human is supposed to have a brain, what possible difference does it make by the discrimination of man and woman? If you think that Indira Gandhi was the best prime minister of our country so far, its not because she is a woman, its more likely because she is a human. Still, if we could check the percentage of participation from woman's side, it is nearly pathetic. 

It sounds weird when I hear people quarrelling about woman and man domination as well. If you believe that a woman is not as good as man, its because they are under utilized.We expertise on things we practice. If someone believe that a woman can't rule a country, its because they have some lack in practice. If you believe that a woman can cook better and write recipe blogs well, its because men lacks practice in that field (But, I haven't seen much woman cooks in hotels in my life!I assure you that I'm a disastrous cook anyway). Somehow, its all about how a human life is lived or how the problems are faced. In my personal opinion, I have no problem to work under a woman in my future, if she deserve it. Its better to stop allowing the men to dominate. It is time to realize that human values should be given more priorities than the gender of any human. Maybe we could remove the word feminism from the dictionary someday(I have checked the wordweb 6.0 in my computer and the word was still there in the dictionary)


NB: I would like to recommend  a new word that can replace both "Mr." and "Ms.", because, I want to completely eliminate man-woman discrimination from the world.