November 14, 2011

Educating the educational system

Why do I have to go for studies? Of course, I have to earn a job and live a luxurious peaceful life(Why did I use the word luxurious here? It is getting uncomfortable). I do not know the exact answer for this question, but if I ask the question to people around me, I am pretty sure that the answers will include 'money' ,'to marry', 'I don't know' etc. I couldn't say that I've had the complete knowledge of what I was going to learn before I choose a course. But if I had the opportunity to rewind my life, I would choose different for sure. Sometimes, I feel that a lot of people, who have different skills and talents, are pointed to the wrong direction. What is the real need of a university? They will analyze the student with their measurement and grade them into different categories. I'm not talking about the entire world, I'm just talking about Indian educational system. Recently, I came to see a report about India's educational behavior over the internet. It says that India's 'talent pool' is inefficiently used and it also recommends that Indians should increase the opportunity for research and development. I think, a lot of Indians are at a 'survival strategy' in the field of education. Somehow, our educational system does have a little discipline, but lacks some sort of passion in both student and implementer.

I have a lot to write when it comes to this subject and everything I am planning to write is extracted from my own experience. What is the most important aim of getting educated? It does have something to do with gaining knowledge, doesn't it? I'm learning about computers now and quite recently, I happened to chat with a 'haven't met' friend, who is a student in the same stream. I happened to talk about computers and she said something like this "I've been hearing the same 'technical stuffs' for the last 2 years and I hate to talk about it now". I still couldn't understand the logic behind such an attitude. But, I believe that she is one of a lot of victims, who has been forced to be pointed to the wrong direction(If you can't lend your ears, how can I expect that you are actually lending your mind? and unfortunately, this is not a unique incident and learning is not always done with 'mind', i guess). What is learning? memory test? I hope not. But, I am ready to confess that I had a habit of 'use and throw' learning(a.k.a exam preparations). I've been spending almost 6 hours per day for 6 months for learning and it doesn't make much sense if I have to prepare again to write an exam about the things I've been learning for the last 6 months. If you ask me about the subject after a few hours, I wouldn't be able to answer. My learning method was more like memorizing than learning itself. The mistake is that it really counts to my academics even though I may not be good at it after the exams. Let the exams be spontaneous and unprepared!! 

There is a lot of differences between learning and knowledge. When I was in school, there was an English teacher, who taught me English grammar. I am still pathetic at handling English grammar, but I  still remember the things she had told about advertisement of Mc Donalds ( There was a grammatical error in 'I'm loving it'). I remember a lot of things like this, though I do not remember much things I had learned for exams there.  Learning loses it's effect when we consider it as learning. Recently, I happened to read my text book as a part of preparation for examination. Later, I happened to know that most of the things I've learned were out-of-syllabus. At present, I think I remember those 'out-of-syllabus' things better than the things I learned in syllabus. Knowledge will never get wasted. I might not be the best scorer, but those out-of-syllabus things are really important to me. I'm a better tech geek than the person who doubts whether he is a geek or not, but I am never confident enough to call myself a geek. I'm curious to read technology news. No, let me put it this way "I'm curious enough to google about technological doubts and facts" and I've spend a lot of time in front of a computer which made others call me a geek. Somehow, it resembles to my passion though. If someone asks me about those tech stuffs, I always have an opinion (or at least a distraction). 

This is how it works!! If you learn to 'learn', it will be a lot easier for you to gain a decent knowledge through education and if not, I wouldn't say that you will never be successful, but there is a difference. I am not sure whether I am at a position to say that I am learning the things I really wanted to learn, but I believe that I've felt a little easier than a few people to learn the subject I am learning. A time may come when I realize the true passion of my life and starts a shop to sell philosophies!! In the present society, there is a huge difference between a man who have a few alphabets hanging with his name and the man who doesn't have any alphabets hanging with his name. But, it could have been better if you choose those alphabets wisely. Do not compare them with others as it is possible to gain knowledge without the support of any universities(I think, it works better than having a university to back you up). What makes you different is the things you know beyond the syllabus and to gain such a knowledge, passion is important. If you believe that those out-of-syllabus things are a waste of time, it is better to find a field you are best suited to. 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 
-Albert Einstein
Yes, I am a fish and I wouldn't say that I am dominating in the water, but it is much easier to crawl on the ground than to climb on trees.


November 7, 2011

Getting uncivilized and saving earth

I've already talked about the idea of getting uncivilized and saving earth here. I'm a little concerned about the subject as I'm a bit more enthusiastic and disappointed about the destruction of the mother earth. Honestly, I didn't do a research to see what is happening on our earth but, I have watched some documentaries which made me believe that I have no other choice other than believing it. Humans are the most intellectual creatures on this earth for sure, but my analysis (supposed to be unbiased) on the human intellect is not on how smart we are but it is on how effective we are. We have computers, technology, space explorations etc in our list of achievements, but deep down in our achievements and exploration there is a story of disappointment( at least for some people). We are destroying the planet! A lot of essential things we use, a lot of essential technologies we implemented, there are some incurable disasters hidden inside. I have a belief that there is nothing to negotiate about these facts, these are real facts.

Nothing is really special about us, except the brain. We are good at inventing tools and machinery, but do we outsmart everything we see on this earth. This earth is a beautiful thing and it does have a perfectly balanced algorithm to allow things to stay how they are. This is the real reason why I believe that there is no valid reason to be an atheist. A computer is really complex, it is hard to believe that what I am seeing right now is just a unique combination of 0s and 1s, which obviously makes an illusion that we are looking at actual facts and figures. But, deep down inside, they are just 0s and 1s and the combination of those 0s and 1s is the existence of a computer. When I looked at myself, I see a much complex algorithm. I'm just a combination of molecules. Just as we see a computer as 0s and 1s, we could look at ourselves as molecules. Not everything in our human body is explained or proved. The defense mechanism, reproduction, brain, energy utilization etc are truly a miracle. If we are still proud of what we did, just realize how smart our nature is.

Consider a movie, with all the things that have happened on earth of length 24hours( its a lengthy movie, I am bad at maths and I couldn't find anything better than this). Human race evolved at the last 4 seconds of the 24 hours. Which means for the majority of the earth's age, earth survived without humans. But, in the last 4 seconds we have a list of achievements. No!! Consider the last second (which means 50000 years. I'm bad with fractions too. I would like to take the example with 200 years), in the last second, we made tremendous changes on the face of the earth. We made a lot of animals to disappear and increased our participation to our maximum. We covered land with chemicals and plastics. We destroyed the ecology by provoking global warming. Actually, it is not really hard to see the after effects of what we are seeing right now. It is an indisputable fact that our average temperature is rising year by year in a dramatic way. But, still we are running behind luxuries. People advice to save energy and save life. We are not doing it. Even if we do, I do not believe that we are going to make a dramatic change without reducing the population(Usage of energy is more dependent on population rather than the level of usage of each person on the planet). We are blaming our government for not providing energy(sometimes, clean energy) and there will be a time when we could not blame our government for not providing enough facilities. We are running behind solutions, but I doubt whether they are actually solutions or just an attempt to reduce the effect of a disaster.

When we were at our stone age, we had nothing to be proud of but we could live a life without affecting the other creatures on this earth. I am not saying that we wouldn't survive, but I am thinking about a 'fair survival'. Some economists says that the earth is still healthy and safe and I believe that there is no reason to believe it. Some others says that economy is fragile and I believe that the entire economy is built on a much fragile environment (Can you build a building without a ground?).We hear what we want to hear and we can find reasons to neglect if that is what we like to do with our lives. Any one can break an argument and that is what we are seeing right now. I have watched some documentaries regarding the subjects and I am truly inspired by a video "The yes men, we fix the world"(It is quite interesting also, if you are not a passionate economist). I do not believe that we own anything in this world, it is better to think that we rented some place to live in though we are not paying any rent. It is better to avoid destroying the rented place. The time has come to outsmart ourselves. 



NB: I feel like I have re-written my previous post. I will be happy if you could recommend some sources for this subject.