May 10, 2011


What is the difference between a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian? In my view, conceptually there is no difference in being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian! Both are taking lives! If you cut an onion, you are taking the life of that onion and if you cut the neck of a chicken, you are taking the life of that chicken. So, what is the real difference that could possibly make by being a vegetarian? I'm almost a vegetarian and in my life, I've seen some eyes of astonishment when I say that I have tried to be a vegetarian. All the animals in this world is in need of food for their survival. It is nearly impossible to live a life without killing anything on this earth. But, there is  huge difference between killing an onion and a chicken in my life.

I'm a man who can almost justify every single thing in my life. So, this blog is going to reveal the reason behind my vegetarianism. First of all, I am brought up as a vegetarian in my life. None of my family members are known to take non-vegetarian food (I can't assure anything about the 'new generation' as they are not expected to reveal everything they do in their lives. Life is supposed to have some sort of secrecy, I accept!!). In the past, taking non-vegetarian was a mistake among us! At this stage, there are people who comfortably take non-vegetarian food as a part of modernizing their attitudes and lives. As I am not good enough in adopting and modernizing my life without a valid reason, I almost remained to be  a vegetarian in my life. But, this is not the real reason behind my vegetarianism. I can comfortably tell that I should have tried to be a vegetarian even if I am born in a non-vegetarian environment (like a butcher's family).

Recently, I came to know about the 'butchering process' of my area. It is said that the cattle are butchered in a very inhumane method. They use a hammer to hit the cattle on its head to kill it. It surprised me, because I was never heard of any issue regarding this subject as I used to give a little better priorities to issues like this than rapists or politics. I have seen the head of cattle in public places where butchering is supposed to be a common scene in places like Malappuram in Kerala and people like Maneka Gandhi were supposed to be active against such issues. Or is it just me who have a wrong feeling about doing such things? (I purposefully removed the words 'in public' with the last sentence. If you can't do it in public, nothing is different when you do it in private as well). For those who do not know much about slaughtering house, I would like to share a video which shows the pathetic 'slaughtering process' in some foreign countries and unfortunately, our condition is far more worse than this.

It feels like I have a solid reason for being a vegetarian. But, there can be a reason for me to be a non-vegetarian as well. If I am stuck in a place where there is no vegetarian food, may be I would become a non-vegetarian as it can be a matter of my own survival. But, if you ask me to take a choice between vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food, I will choose vegetarian. I cannot support this injustice just for the taste that will fade away in a few minutes. I remember the findings of a friend who expressed his astonishment when I said that I am a vegetarian ' I do not survive just because I want to eat, I eat because I want to survive'. That is not completely right about me but, it is possibly the best justification for any vegetarian.



NB: 'God created all the animals to meet the human food requirements*!'

*This is a joke because some people are still not laughing :).