June 10, 2008

God And Me....

I do not know what is the interrelationship between god and me...Even though it is good or bad. There are something which I believe about god.. According to my concept god is created by humans..Actually what god is doing is that he makes the man's way right..He gave confidence to the people..He installed some good customs in people..He always said to make the people work in the perfect way..When there is no one to control ourselves it was god who made some beliefs, which can be said as a fear. Fear of the consequences for the works he have done.. I never believe that god will do magic if I believes in him, instead we can do magic if we believe in him...God is created in different regions as different manner and called them religions...I think we are in a misunderstanding here.We believe in god because of fear and it created this misunderstanding..I do not know how far our beliefs are strong and wide..Still there is no answer for a question 'Who created us?". The whole things in earth,including animals and humans, who have brilliant piece of 'engineering beauty' in their origin. At the same time why don't our god do not take action against the misunderstandings and wars of this worlds.. If he is the creator why do he stand aside and watch what is going around here? Is this powerful god have nothing to do for his creation's existence?? I do not know which side I should stand..

It will be pity if I say I don't believe in god.I do believe in god not the way others are seeing him.. Definitely he will be a good guide for us. I do remember my father's opinion as see god as a good friend, teacher or anybody who have good connection with you. Every point in every religion have a good thought or work.But the violence is created because of the lack of unity between the people.Different religions fought for themselves and destroyed their own religions. As many of the experts says that all religions are saying the same thing through them.Nobody listens to them nobody studies their own religions, but they fight for their religions..This is not what religion and god is aiming at.

A few months before I was watching TV one evening. A program came into my attention.. It was a phone in program. And the presenter of the program received a call from a woman and as usual she said some family matters and at last she said to presenter that she wanted to wish her husband "a happy journey". The place her husband was visiting is 'sabarimala'. which is a pilgrimage center. It may be a unique incident. But it made me think a lot...I was thinking why do we go to temple??As far as I see it is to worship..But what here we is that he is just going like vacation tour or something.I realized that if there is god..This incident will be a great piece pain to him.. People is coming to see him just for enjoying their vacation and enjoy the beauty of the place!!!. I think here what we could see is that, everyone is copying their ancestors and the way of new life does not actually allow them to do...But they do it as their ancestors have done..Every prayer will have a meaning. there is not a word which is meaningless in the prayers..If we see its depth we could know what is expected from them..

This same feelings of people is taken as a business trick to others. Actually many of those businesses made some people sleep without hunger,while many others made millions out of it..If you are spending money on any temple, I have a little advice to you..Think that let this money help the poor people and if you think that this money is for god.Actually god do not need that money because he is it's creator and owner..Nothing will be taken as your's after your death. What you own now is not yours if you die..Never decrease what you have done like those..Because still it helps some good people..

I do not know whether I am right or wrong but I want to assure you that I have never discouraged any religions or never said anything negative about god..I do want to say that purity of mind is the only thing you need to attain god..Never deviate from the way you believe..



June 9, 2008

My views about Politics

I do not know much about politics in India..But, I believe that this condition is not going well..Politics is not doing good which is expected to do. People's country in people's own control.But still I believe that the condition is not so good for actual people.. The country's actual control rests on the people who is selfish and those who have power and money...The whole system of administration supports these people...As people controls a country every citizen have a responsibility to make the country's path healthy to themselves..I accept that this is your country.. You are one of the proud citizen who supported the real leader and made him the country's leader...But, if he is making mistakes.then, who is there to help the county get back it's health..India is a country which have a lot of resources including human resources.But still we are backward in every aspects. The country's real power rests on how it's powers are controlled..

Now, we are lacking unity. everyone is living in a situation in which we are fighting against ourselves..Yes, really politics have a great role in creating this situation.. Politics destroyed the unity of people. People stands in a condition where some supports money, other supports prosperity,, other supports unity... And is none is gaining any of these..Instead they fight and kills for their party.. and become a hero or sacrifice..Just think of who is killing whom.. We are fighting against ourselves and killing ourselves by gaining nothing?? Is this the real human being..If it is. I can say that there is no differences between a human and animals..Basically they are rude against themselves. Then, what does the word humanity stands for?

I do not say that every portion of politics in India is like this.. But there are places like this...Is democracy created for this?? Is democracy meant a battle field for misunderstandings and non-corporation? We do not know what is our role in these problems...but, we cannot stand aside and wait until our country's situation changes to another step of worst condition..