October 17, 2010

Why should I lead a disciplined life?

I think, discipline involves some sort of sacrifices to everyone. From my early ages itself, I've been hearing a lot about discipline and still it continues. When I was doing my primary school, my school principal punished me by a pinch on my ear for using crackers( I do not know the exact word for it. I think, I can call it 'baby crackers' as it was so small) at school. I never stopped using crackers afterward and that punishment was a pure wastage of time. The disciplinary actions I've ever heard in my life were purely compulsions! I was afraid to use crackers again at my school, but I always had the tendency to use it until I leave the school. I've noticed a lot of people who are extremely attracted to well disciplined schools for their children. I still do not know how these disciplines are measured but, it doesn't make much sense to me. 

Disciplines and disciplinary actions are mostly for building up of mannerism! I believe in one thing, these compulsions are not going to help me gain anything in my life. I never followed all the disciplinary actions I've learned at school. I've always found some tendency to get indisciplined when I was at school.But, some of them remained in me. So, what should I do? I have to destroy this tendency to get indisciplined. My grandfather was also like this, he always used to wake me up at 6 O'clock in the morning which I hated more than hell. Yesterday, I slept at 1O'clock and woke up at 8! But, one day I'm going to realize that waking up at 6 is making much better sense than sleepless late nights!! That is wisdom!!

Who are these discipline makers? Mostly, they are highly matured and experienced people who got some idea of the value of disciplined life! And I do respect them. But, no one can ever compel me to follow their rules and make me look like a disciplined man as I'm already disciplined in my own way! You can convince me to be like you by your wisdom but, never force to implement your level of discipline to my life. It can have a very negative after-effect!! If some disciplines are not making much sense in any part of my life, I am not going to accept it. Discipline should have some intention or aims. If it is good or fair, I might be able to accept if not, I will get back to what I was.

A few years before, my parents used to complain a lot about my addiction to internet, but I do not regret for this addiction. That is the way I am today. I'm not allowed to use mobile, laptop etc at my college. Does it make much sense? Mobiles or laptops are not always bad words. They can be misused but, they are not built for misusing. A security camera is used in a place where the security is under trouble and if there were no trouble, the invention of security cameras will be a waste of time and energy. So, my point is simple. If a rule for making us disciplined is not capable of destroying the 'tendency to get indisciplined', that action is purely non-sense! I lead a disciplined life because I'm not going to gain anything by an indisciplined life either!

"Life is great if you live the way you want to be, but it will be greater if you let others live the way they are!So, avoid unnecessary interferences..."