June 17, 2012

Bold and strong?

What if I could say whatever I think in my mind? It will be a disaster! Even though a lot of people are trying to implement a doubted fact that we have no limitations, I believe that there are some sort of shaping, which is to be done, to show our opinion. People might call it 'sarcasm' or 'idiotic' or 'ill-mannered', if I am too frank. I believe that it would be bold to say what I like to say and I always liked to do it when it concern to people who are real close to me. It looks like I have to go through a lot of possible thoughts of others to do each and everything in my life. I've gone through some situations where I have to argue a lot. Sometimes, me and the one, who is opposite to me, have got the perfect idea of what was right in there and we both will argue just to make a show. Being bold is not to criticize everything you see, but to express what you meant even if it is to accept that you are wrong. It is not a miracle that I am wrong, because I know that I have been wrong before and it can happen to anyone. No one is always right! Yeah, I wouldn't say that I am bold enough to be called 'bold'!

Sometimes, shaping our opinions could be a mistake. A bold or strong opinion may save others. It doesn't have to be  harsh, but I would like to appreciate some honest opinions. If someone is calling me 'stupid', I have an option whether to accept it or not. Do I need to feel bad about the person who did it? What if I am really stupid? That is a subject to debate, but there is nothing wrong in expressing anything against me. It just helps me to rethink. An honest opinion is not a crime. If someone is praising me just because they didn't want to hurt my feelings, it can affect me in the future. Being strong is somehow a mentality to withstand hard times. If someone is true in criticizing me, I am sure that I would appreciate it. I wish if I could stop acting to get something done.

I still do not know how many times I was considered a coward when I say 'no' to things. Many people doesn't even care to think about the possibility that I do not like/want to do it. Yeah, there are a lot of things to which I undoubtedly say no! I know that they might change me a bit from the path of what I am supposed to be. I was never good in it. I mean, when I had to be strong, I used to stay silent and smile. I know, a cold 'no' would break what they think about me. It may look harsh, but it would do some good for me for sure because, if that is what I am, why would I resist showing it? One way or another, I am going to break their beliefs for sure.