December 24, 2008

The Unity And Existence

Unity and existence are two factors which are very close to each other. They are interdependent factors. Existence is the cause of Unity. Recently, our media got a chance to appreciate our act of being united in the case of Mumbai attack. But, now I am thinking about something different. What was the reason for that terrible attack from the terrorists? As my college principal once said "they were misguided youth!". Yes, I support the same fact, they were misguided!

When we are making a comment on something we should think about ourselves.!And I believe the misguidance they have got is not worthy of misguidance we are receiving now. When we think about ourselves there are many factors which indicates that we are misguided by our own environment. The media have to describe our unity when the attacks were there! What if we are not under attack? We may not even know about this unity! I think that the unity we have is always in certain areas like Cricket and some terror attacks now! We feel proud if Sachin gets a century in cricket and in the other hand if something is wrong in any part of India, we might say "Oh! they are people of 'x' state! They are always like this!". Proud because we got a winner and we blame if we get a looser! I cannot understand what this means! Thus, this is a fall of our unity.

When we were under British rule they tried to invent a method of "Divide and Rule"! We successfully opposed and won the battle against the method of Divided rule. But, what happened next? We successfully implemented the same technique in our country by our own. We do lack our unity and this may effect our existence. We have many people who cheat our own people and I cannot find any difference between the concepts of terrorist and our own people. We have many war affairs between different states in our own country.

The lack of unity can be seen in a very vast areas. There are many reason for this conditions. We are divided into many religions like Hindu, Muslim, christian etc. Even if you say I do not have any religion they are also an another category. There is another division of political view, who 'practically' creates a small war and kill each other. There are another division with celebrities or I can say being a fan of celebrities are also dangerous. There may be a fight of total foolishness waiting for you. If you can still believe that you are not a part of any of these still you are divided in the name of gender. You can have special considerations depending up on the gender. So, you cannot hide from this kind of divisions.

Depending upon the above divisions we attack each other and kill each other. What is the concept behind determining a terrorist? I cannot understand. We are holding comfortably with many people who have terrorism in their mind. Yes, what is the difference between terrorist and those who kill the people in the name of religion and politics? They do the same thing! But the only difference is that terrorist may be working for another country while these all other 'terrorists' works for India. I do not want to stand in any side. But, I just want to inject some thoughts in your mind. The condition in India feels like we are making holes in our own ships and abusing the sea for the shipwreck. These are all because of our lack of unity.

Existence is the basic need of everyone. But like I always says everyone including me is talking about existence and eating as we wish. I know that the concept which I have said just now is not practical in India. If possible it will be the next problem maker. I imagine if we have an enemy outside from earth! As in many Hollywood movies, any enemy who fight against the whole human race! If such a condition exists we will know the value of our unity, because, we will forget about the love towards our nation! instead we will give rise to a love towards our world. The basic which I want to say is that it will be great if we bring a concept of loving the whole world instead of a single nation. It can make us stronger, wiser, richer and much more stable towards existence. There should not be a discrimination among national boundaries and religions! Then, we can dream about a "perfect world"! Unfortunately I believe that there is nothing in this world which is perfect in any aspects! The word perfect points that "if it was a perfect one it may look like this"! Moreover, we are still humans not gods or robots to think and act perfectly!