February 9, 2009

The art of being stupid!!

A few days before one of my friend told me that he will be glad if he get a chance on a stage to say "I am a stupid!". When we heard this most of us laughed at him, yes, me too..But, when I think now, I realized that I may say the same dialogue if I get a chance. Because, it is a universal truth, I am a stupid. I have no right to laugh at him for a reason that he was too honest! And I believe that no one should! Because no one can be a genius in every subject.

Being a genius is very easy! If you have some knowledge about some specific subjects you can be a genius in a crowd which do not have any knowledge about the same.But, for how long? There will be subjects which will make you a stupid because of the lack of knowledge. I think it will be great if you accept the truth that you are a stupid than you reveal it by your acts. In practical, you may try to make you do something you cannot and that will be a great laughing memory for all others. So, accepting you as a fool is a better!

Stupidity is a common factor in all men. Everyone must have done some stupidity at some time. There may be some incidences which was done so seriously in the past which is remembered as a laughing stock at present. There may be some incidences which made others laugh at you. For example : A few years before one of my friend told me about a sherlock holmes story. I never read that book..But the incident he told have some importance in this subject. I do not even remember what Sherlock holmes' partner's name was. I am really sorry about that. Any way the incident was simple Sherlock holmes' partner asked sherlock holmes whether earth is revolving around the sun or the sun is revolving around the earth? Sherlock holmes says that he do not know. And he just added it is not his subject to know.!! As a character Sherlock holmes was a world famous dictactive and he do not know just the basic things!!! Can you call him a stupid just because of this? Certainly you cannot!! As he just said it was out of his subject!! And he is really a genius in some another subjects!!

Let me tell you something about a comedian! Being a comedian or a joker is very difficult task. I think a good comedian must be a mix of stupid and genius! Because, a good comedian should be a genius who acts like a stupid.! All he have to do is to entertain the crowd in front of him with some laughter. I can see some highly skilled comedians in cinema field who are really serious in nature in the public. Laughter can be created by many different ways but, the best and easy way which now exists is to make the audience watch a stupid. Stupidity is becoming a tool for laughter.

I think a stupid is a very lucky guy( am I lucky?).A stupid do not have any limitations. He can do anything and no one will question because he is a stupid. He do not have to worry about anything. Really I like the concept of Sreenivasan in malayalam film. He always acts like a stupid and he will not give any of the others a chance to make him a stupid as if he have made it himself!!!

Just one more thing. If you are laughing at anyone! Just realize one thing. 'You are a fool. And you are laughing just because you have found a better one to compete with you!!!'