January 9, 2010

An innocent view about "flirting".

The second greatest lie in this world will be "I never loved anyone"(According to me, the greatest lie in this world is "I never lied in my life"). As it was my habit to find reasons for what I think, I found some interesting things about this specific subject. Actually, I'm little different from what I am here in this online world. I guess, blogger is the place where I nearly opens my mind. I would like to express my views about love in this post.
Recently, my friend asked about my affairs in my life. I said I never tried them out. It is a truth but, I accept that I have some tendencies. I felt it like just attractions and I used to pretend like I am not interested in it. But, now I believe that I have no problem with revealing it as nothing is wrong in that tendency. Falling in love is just a human nature. Many organisms in this world used to fall in love and lead a successful life. We are not the only animals who used to try something different to attract the opposite sex just for creating an impression!
Brain is the only thing which makes humans different and it created some sort of creative artificiality in many things in our lives. Just as we use social networks and internet for flirting. Just now, I saw an advertisement in facebook about Indian matchmakers. I do not trust these sort of advertisements as it exploits our interests. Anyone can cheat if they have a fake ID and a creative mind! Online world is a place where you can easily create an exhibition of your positive part. In the case of social networking, you can upload any photo in your profile and unfortunately, a nice photo of a female celebrity and name of a girl can attract a lot of boys.! But, what is their real intention? I really cannot understand. I cannot understand why there are advertisements to love someone! I accept that it is giving some opportunities but, does it makes any better sense?
If I starts flirting, I will not show my negative part to anyone. I may say that I am the only man who is perfect in all ways. To be frank, it is absolutely wrong.Nothing is perfect in this world...One day or another, I am going to reveal my real nature and this is the reason why I do not trust the expression "Love at first sight!". If I marry someone, we are supposed to live together forever. So, the external view of a person is not what I really want to love. I support Shakespeare's opinion about this "marrying a girl for her beauty is just like buying a house for it's paint" (I am not sure whether it was Shakespeare who expressed something like this.I got this as a message from my friend). Beauty will fade by ages and I have to love my partner even if her beauty dies.
I have heard about some people who used to propose a lot of girls in sake of a positive reply from any of them. My opinion about these kinds of activities is that you are destroying the reasons to love you. I think an intelligent girl will not accept any of those applications. It looks like love is just a mutual attraction. I do not know whether it is a reality or not but, I do not like to accept it. We used to see pairs of birds and many other animals who used to lead a life like a family (just like father, mother and children). Just beyond an attraction, there is something in it.
I've heard a lot of movie dialogues which says "I will die for you". In my case, if a girl asks me to prove it, I am not going to die to prove that I love her.I am supposed to survive even if she was not born. It is just like begging for love. I will not do it. I am not compelling anyone to love me. I've seen a lot of scenes in movies and advertisements(eg: some mobile phone companies) about people who break up because of simple reasons. If lovers break up for simple reasons like getting late for a meeting, a day without a call etc. I prefer them to break up rather than being a slave to your lover. In my view, there is no need of a master-slave relation in my life. I do not live a life just to love a girl.
I thought it is inappropriate to discuss something like this in this blog. What made me think is my responsibilities. As I said before, brain is the only difference which makes humans and animals different. Basically, majority of our people are religious and I strongly believe that human minds created religions. So being a social animal living in a society I have some responsibilities. Even though inter-caste marriages are increasing now-a-days, we still have some resistive tendency against it. Even if I am not religious, how can I disappoint my religious family? The shade of such thoughts are still in my mind...I've searched in orkut for a community of my caste and I visited a lot of profiles of girls just to make myself safe!!
I feel like this is not the way I should express my thoughts. Some truths are not expected to be revealed like this.This is how I see this subject and may be, everything I write here is total rubbish. But, it doesn't matter. Just fall in love and break a leg:)!!(wikipedia says that the expression "break a leg" also have a meaning of "Good Luck". READ HERE)