April 29, 2010

Why should I believe in god?

I do not know why but, many people define me as a communist whenever I start speaking about god!! So, I think it is time to redefine god for the second time in this blog. I am a person born in a Brahmin family who never used to visit temples or do any rituals which are supposed to do by our community. Today, some people define a communist as a person who does not believe in god! I do not know much but, basically I do not like to hear that I am a communist just because I externally look like an atheist! I consider myself as agnostic instead! Yes, I really do not know whether a god exists or not.

Why do I look like an atheist? I look like an atheist because; I really hate to do meaningless activities. If I am going to a temple, I feel so artificial in the way I behave. I will worship as others are doing it there. I always used to feel that I never worshiped my god with my true heart! So, if a god really exists, it will be the hardest thing for him to accept. I have a lot of examples for people who used to do many meaningless things. I have seen a person who used to be a follower of god on his birthdays and leads an atheistic life afterwards. I really hate this way of worship! I am not going to a temple just to make my family or my native people aware that I am a follower of god! I am misguiding them but, I really do not like to do it. Today, I believe in one thing, today’s concept of religion is bundled with misguidance and business! The main problem of today’s religious beliefs is a fact that it is not properly described or derived so that the true meaning of religions are still unaware to its followers!!

Why there are religions in this world? Consider the condition before religions in this world! If I kill someone and nobody is aware that I am the culprit then, I will not be afraid of the consequences! If someone says that god is going to punish me for what I’ve done. I will get afraid of the consequences from god so that I will be a little kind in the way I am. It is really easy to be a bad man in this world but, religions have successfully controlled people to several extend!! Today, we can feel the change! Today, religious beliefs are getting weaker and weaker so that people in this world are forgetting many important facts like humanity, kindness etc. My father always used to talk about lessons from religious stories but, how many of our people are aware of the lessons from those stories? Today, TV and films have a great influence in people but, in olden times, it was stories which influenced people. So, the best way to influence and force people to lead a successful and meaningful life is through these stories. Even today, grand mothers used to narrate stories and morals to small children just because it is the best way to reach the minds of the people. I know a little about Hinduism as I am a Hindu. So, my father used to say that “you can read mahabharatha just as an action thriller or you can read it by learning its lessons or you can consider it as a puzzle where it includes a lot of wisdom, yoga and many things which are meant to motivate people to do the right thing!!”

I am also aware of a lot of sensible customs which are implemented for health, protection of nature etc. So, the aim of religions is to enlighten the people. In Europe and other western side, it started as Christianity..In Arabia, it may be started as islam…In India, it may be started in the form of Hindus. The reason for this discrimination is a fact that many of the rituals in these religions are suited to the climate of the region. In Arabia, people used to wear long dress which covers their entire body to survive in the huge wind blows! In west, people used to wear tie and coats to survive in the cold. But, these two costumes are inevitable parts of these two religions in India too!! I think, it represents their origin. It is not a matter now. I just wanted to say that there is no point in fighting against each other just because their implementation is started from different regions! All religions are built to make some better sense among people!
A god always made a better sense to us. It is an indisputable fact. In Hinduism there is a belief that the end of the world will be with a flood where we are hearing about over melting of ice in both poles our earth which may result in floods! It may happen!! We are already seeing a senseless world which is described as “kaliyug” in Hinduism. So, our problem in this world is our intelligence! We believed that we are intelligent but, really we are nearly sinking our own ship! We are well known about it but, still we are running behind money, power and entertainments. If religions were still strong in this world with its true sense, the world will certainly be a better place than this! It is a powerful weapon against ignorance and selfishness.

You have the right to choose whether to be a follower of god or not. If you are an atheist you have to make sure that you can make a better sense than a god! If you are with the god’s side you have to make sure that you are grasping what god is trying to implement! You can act like a man who is atheist or you can be an atheist itself and I can assure you one thing, a god will not punish you for not being a follower of him because, revenge is a human nature and it is not suited to him. If you are capable enough to say that you can always be a perfect man in this world, take a mirror and address yourself as the god! I know, no one can take that responsibility just because “perfection is just an illusion”. But, god is perfect!! I know I can’t make it. So, I will always be a lover of god in my inner mind even though I look like an atheist!!