December 13, 2009

Why do we fight for a separation?

I've already written about unity and existence in a post before. And I guess it is the right time to write about it. What forced me to write about this subject is the recent issue of creation of a new state in India called "Telangana". And news are spreading about the demand for a lot more states like gurkhaland,Harit pradesh etc(read here for more). "Why do we fight for a separation?" This question made me to think a lot about human nature. Actually, in a post before I have written about the concept of "one world one country". I thought it was only me who thought about the same concept but, really astonished to realize that even the same concept is there in the movie "paa". But, still it is nearly unthinkable right now.

In my assumptions, I feel that even though we used to say that we are the brainiest creature in the world, we have some similarities of many animals as well. I've heard about the life of lions, it have some specific ways of territorial concepts. The head of the pride will determine a certain area which is not supposed to be trespassed by other prides. They are the kings in their specific area and they will fight the trespassers. Who taught lion about this greedy, egoistic discrimination? I think they need not have a teacher as it is their nature. I think, we have a similar nature too. In this modern world, we have begun a tendency to get privacy from many things. In my state, if we look into the increasing number of families and decreasing number of average number of family members in a family we can reach to some assumptions. Basically, we like to live with some privacy of our own. In earlier times, we used to see a lot of families which include a large number of members. Today, just as our national issue, we will fight for our ancestor's results of the sweats and begin a separate life.

Actually, the reason why we think like this is because of the 'taste of freedom'. We are getting rich and we are nearly capable of leading a separate life without the support of others. We are getting selfish. I think democracy is forcing us to think like this. I remember a remark of my neighbor "I am the king of my family and I do not want anyone to interfere". Everybody or many of us including me are trying to make others believe that we have influences in many things and we are the kings of some areas. It is becoming a human nature according to the influences of the outside world.

I do not know why we behave like this but, I cannot find a reason to talk against this tendency. I feel like India is a country with 28 small countries. At the same time I do not want to say that a tendency to separation is not good for our country. But, we should avoid fights along with conserving human rights! It is better to satisfy with different states rather than motivating a fight in a single state. Nobody can force everyone to think alike or live alike. If anyone does it can be called as an autocracy! Anyway, I hope we will not give up our unique view of our country ("Unity in diversity") by motivating unwanted separations!