December 15, 2009

An impression from our medias!!

I always used to feel that media is the strongest thing which determines the thoughts of a country. It is the best tool to spread the thoughts. I used to think about the real effects of our media. Media is the way through which we know the outside world. I feel like this post will be similar to a speech of our former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam. And I remember a lesson about his views in which he narrates the present problems of media. I accept that our media have done some remarkable work in charity, politics etc. But still, I feel that they are concentrating more on negative part of our country. I can feel a "business mind" behind every report.

Media is really exploiting our people's interests now. Just consider advertisements, I used to note the theme of every advertisement. If you watch closely, it is really funny to narrate. If the product is expected to be marketed for male youngsters, the theme of the advertisement will be concentrated on 'impressing girls'. For some examples: face cream, deodorant(axe),tooth paste, Buiscuits(hide and seek), sun glasses,soft drinks,clothing, engine oil (castrol) etc. Please do not get astonished to see the last example, now-a-days the only thing in the advertisement maker's mind is to 'market the product effectively' so that even engine oils can impress girls. If we consider female youngsters, the only aim of advertisers is to make girls believe that anyone can be a celebrity by using that product. If we consider some household products, the only aim of the advertisers is to make the viewers believe that their product can make anyone smart(Now-a-days even the whiteness of the shirt can make a child smarter or even sharper!!). Some of the health drink companies claims that their product increased the growth rate of children. I advice them to stop using it as it may lead to gigantism!!I guess it can happen, isn't it?

I do not know how far these advertisements are honest. I do not feel so honest about it as I fall under the category of male youngster and I am still single(okay, my next try is with some engine oils)!! And about my previous experience, I used to drink health drinks in my child hood and my mother used to wash my white uniform with some specified washing soaps which offers smart kids. But, I am at normal height with below average 'smartness'.

Let's move to cinemas!!! Recently, me and my friend saw the movie "Race" . I made a comment about that movie "The most rubbish movie I've ever seen". But, my friend didn't like it. He said that it is really a good movie as its story have a twisting nature and it is a good entertainer too. I accept that story of that movie is really exciting but, I cannot accept the message from that movie. A brother kills another brother, a girl friend cheats boy friend etc. are some of the incidents in the movie. I think the hero in the movie can be a 'virtual role model' to the enthusiastic viewers and at some condition, we do not have the power to discriminate real and fantasy. We used to adopt latest trends from movies and the present mentality of the people is not so far from the story of that movie. Media have the responsibility to avoid such possibilities.

About newspapers!! I used read two newspapers at my home. When budget was called in kerala, I was confused by the headlines of both newspapers. One newspaper says that "Farmers in trouble" and the other newspaper says that "Farmers at heights". What should I believe? Even though these two newspapers are controlled by different political parties, I must reach to a conclusion, right? And the condition in Kerala was really honest as in the second newspaper. The farmers used to reach the very high branches of trees to hang themselves to death! What should be the assumption of farmers from that news?

I would like to change the present condition of our country. I would like to create an advertisement of a tooth paste which says "We bring you a toothpaste which will be useful to brush your teeth". I would like to write a story for a cinema where there is no negative characters. I would like to start a newspaper which is not supported by any political parties. Just stupid dreams, isn't it?? Who cares all these things?? ("Whatever the condition is, we should stand with the majority")