May 21, 2011

The clean professional!

Some people believe that the only trouble that can ever happen to a man is 'money'. They can value everything in terms of money. I called them economists! Recently, I had an opportunity to sit in an economics class and against all the odds, rather than letting my mind wander around the world, I was listening to everything my teacher was saying. As far as I see 'money' will be the most frequently heard word in those classes. I started to see things in terms of money after that and that is the reason why I call them economists. Anyway, what would happen if there is no 'money' in this world? I will do whatever I like and as there is no money I will fight to meet my needs. I'm thinking about a condition at which no one really owns anything. A matter of real survival! I'm stuck with a small thought 'what will be my profession if I did not have the term 'money' in my mind?'. Today, everybody is supposed to have a job for their living or everybody is supposed sell their efforts, that may be interesting or it may not be so interesting, to live. What if we live a life of our own? In a simple sense, what if we are living a life like an animal?

Every single day, I do a lot of things. To be honest, I haven't earned much money for my living by anything I did in my life, but I am able to survive as my father's efforts can be sold to buy me meals. So, what I am doing in my life is simply the things that I really like to do. What will you do when you are free? Some watch television, some others may browse internet and I used to think when I am free. We can call it hobby. Yes, thinking is my hobby! I never used to get bored of my hobby and the condition will be same for most of us. What about bringing this hobby to my profession? I think, I may not say that I am tired of my work for ever!! I'm thinking and some are paying money for thinking and I will be able to live my life with it. As far as I can believe that there are no one who is foolish enough to do something like that, I am supposed to do some work as well. The reason why I am writing this post is a fact that I've seen people who sacrificed their hobbies for their job and as I have given some efforts to think about that condition, I think I can talk a little about it as well!!

If you get a job, people will begin to question you for sure. I've heard of people asking the question 'How much do you earn?'. Personally, I do not like that question as I feel that it is a small exploitation of one's privacy. But, I haven't heard of people asking 'How satisfied you are with your job?', that can be answered by anyone! . Most of us are taking these in terms of money(Not everybody). If so, everybody is some sort of an economist(according to my definition of the word 'economist'). Job will be a lot easier if you like what you are doing and it will be a lot difficult if you really take it as a punishment or burden. Everybody is dreaming about domination in their life and I've found my domination in the subject 'The art of being me'! But, it feels like it will be a lot easier for me to dominate if I go to the area I really like for my job. Sachin Tendulkar is famous in the world of cricket if he decided to be a chemistry professor I do not think that the name 'Sachin' would ever be popular! Luckily, he did not! So, everybody is having a small inbuilt talent in them and we have to find it to make it useful in our lives. If you are choosing your subject with a support from the word 'trend', I would like to remind you that your life may be a little weirder than you may imagine.

The very best thing you need to do when you are determined to be a professional in a field is to implement a very simple policy. "Accept advices with justifications"! People may ask you to be an IT professional when you really hate using a computer. People may ask you to be a scientist when you hardly spell the word 'scientist'. Because, it is very easy to advice. People may ask you to do a different job as it pays better but, to be a little extra ordinary, it is not enough and the word 'domination' may fade away with your efforts. Ask yourself whether you want a 'survival strategy' or a 'domination strategy' and trust no one other than you. "You are your best teacher!"(Quote from "School of Life")

Thanks for listening!


NB: I feel like it is the first time I am writing a post in this blog