April 29, 2010

Am I matured enough?

A few days back, me and my friend was talking about maturity in the class. It was a small chat and he was pointing out how many matured people are there in our class. There was a funny fellow in my class, and he said he is immature and he also considered a lot of students as immature where he considered me as a matured!! It made me think about my condition in maturity. Am I matured enough? How can I measure my maturity?
I have already written somewhere in my blog that it is really easy to be an intelligent man. No one can have a balanced knowledge about everything. I think, maturity has something to do with this! Why funny fellows are always considered to be immature? I think it is a wrong concept that whoever you look funny is really a fool. I always used to notice one thing in Mark Twain’s quotes! I have a small collection of his quotes somewhere in my bundle of DVDs!! He always has something funny to say in his worth thinking quotes!! In a similar fashion, I was really astonished to see a small piece of paper in which that same funny guy has written something about his college life! It was so funny but, it was a worth thinking one! A perfect view of what he had gone through!! No one can call him immature if he is happened to see what he had written! If you are analyzing a man with his external view, it is the greatest mistake that can ever do you in your life!
In our country, everyone is allowed to vote after an age of 18! Why 18 years of age is considered as a qualification for maturity? How can you feel that you are matured? I think, before the age of 18 no one can ever imagine someone to be eligible to take his own decision! Maturity is all about eligibility to take your own decision! At the age of 18, you are expected to have your own views! A few years back, when my father bought a new bike in my home, I happened to give a lift to one of my cousin to my home! It was a short journey but, as I was on a thrill to ride my bike my driving style was a little “rash”!! After reaching my home, that cousin, who is 5 years younger than me, told my mother that I am driving the bike really fast and it is because I am immature! So, to be frank, maturity has nothing to do with age! And I accept that that cousin has made a better sense than me.
In my life, I always used to feel that I am a little immature in the way I am! But, I feel a little better when I see people of my age doing a lot of stupid stuffs than I do! It can be because of their attitude but, I call a matured person as a man who can make sense of his own. In this life, you have a lot to analyze and realize from the outside world. If you feel that you are getting matured, it should be a time when you begin to see the world. We have a lot to realize from this world, we have a lot to analyze from our life which is what we call experience but, today it feels like many of us are acting and behaving like they are blind! Anyone can live a life like that because it is really simple to stay away from everything with a small stupid philosophy “Ignorance is bliss!”. In my view, ignorance is a curse if you are wasting your opportunities to do what is right to yourself! You can live a 100 years on this earth without watching what you are supposed to watch but, a life which lasted only for one day which changed a lot of people can make a better sense!