September 3, 2011

The true inspirer!

I'm the most important part of my life for sure. I always have something to say when it comes to the most complex subject of my life :'me'. But, I am a victim of a lot of criticisms and analysis for which, I always had a response of an irregular smile( Just a reflex action to show that 'I am not entertained!'). Some people believe that  I am living a very miserable life of 'being pathetic and perfect'. At present, I am free to do a lot of things in my life. I am not independent, but I can decide a lot of things that my father wouldn't interfere. But, I wouldn't do all the things that I can do as I define my perimeters and boundaries of my life. I have always been questioned for the things I didn't do in my life, but none of those questions had provoked me to change what I really stand for. 

In many occasions, I was put aside for the choices I made in my life. I never regretted for any of those occasions and I am well trained to accept that it is just the way I am. I do not know how many times I've heard of a question 'Who are you afraid of? No one will tell anything to anyone' . I smiled at them, but that is not enough. I have an answer for that question. 'I am not afraid of anyone, but I have a person to whom I need to justify and it is myself. If you can keep hiding it from him, I would do whatever you want to do in my life'. I am the best teacher of my life and I enjoy doing everything my way even if it may not sound perfect to others. I was criticized by my mother when she noticed that I am not engaged in any art or creativity, I was criticized by some of my friends as I never had a good socializing capabilities, I was criticized for not showing some courage to  make 'a cheap comment' on a girl. I always had some ideologies in my life that are defined according to the needs of the situation. I do what I feel like I am doing. But, I really enjoy getting criticized for something. 

I have done a lot of things in my life by following other's path. But, I always knew that their paths were uncomfortable for me.I am pretty sure that many of those criticizers would understand the reason for being me, if they had an opportunity to have my brain and experiences of life. I do what I really wanted to do in my life and I really like to have a respectable, humble life. I may not have a good reason to look into your definitions as I have given enough thoughts on how my life should be. It is not difficult to convince me with your ideologies, but they are supposed have some reason other than 'This is what everybody does!'. Because, that is the most stupid reason I've ever heard in my life especially when it comes in ideologies and role-models of my life. It is just like 'I like Anna Hazare because the word 'Anna' sounds funny to me' which is quite irrelevant though. I see and analyze things and I do believe that the real and genuine part of life is not in howmany years I lived or the number of experiences or sufferings I happened to face, but  it is all about what you really find worthy of noting, which could change your life. You can always remain the same even if you live a life of 100 years. I choose not to be blind by shutting by eyes and it doesn't look like a mistake!!!

I value a lot of things in my life. Sometimes, those invaluable things of my life might look like a very simple thing in other's life. I always want to be unique in my life and whenever I face a criticism,which could never ring a bell in my mind, I am at an extreme point of self-respect in my life. No matter what other's believe, I really like being me and it is not going to change if I remain in my perimeter and boundaries. This is the true inspiration of my life. To be a respectable man, I am supposed to do something respectable!!!