September 18, 2011

Is it too good to be not human?

Sometimes, humans believe that they outsmart everything in this world. Recently, I searched in the web for a word 'humane' and found something like this:

hu·mane  (hy-mn)
1. Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion: a humane judge.
2. Marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns: a humane education.

I believe that the word has came from the much more sophisticated definition of 'being human'!! It definitely shows that the words kindness, mercy, compassion, etc are supposed to be there in a human. In every situations of life, we analyze and find a solution for our problems in life. What would happen we were able to think of a non-human humane thought? What if I were an alien from outer-space? I do not support the concept that we outsmart every living thing in this world.We are just an animal with a better brain. We could have found some fairer conclusions if we could think like a non human. If I(the alien) come here for a visit, what would I see? "A very large number of animals in a specific species(human) is destroying the entire planet". 

This can be seen in many other aspects as well. We come to our conclusion or decisions by our human brain and I would like to remind you that there are some other horizons which are to be taken to our considerations before we take our decisions. A day might come when we realize that everything we were so proud of were not as good as it seems. A day might come when we realize that the earth and all the living things were so safe when we were not here. Even though we believe that we were fair to everything in this world, our civilization might have changed the entire concept of being fair (Using detergents can cause pollution, will you stop washing your clothes because of that reason?). We are just too addicted to our weaknesses. Making our lives easier is just one example of our tendency to get lazy. We might say that technology has changed the speed of our lives but, have you ever thought of a condition in which you ask yourself a simple question 'Why did I change the speed of my life?'. It is an unanswerable question for me. If there is an answer, I do not believe that the answer will worth enough for what we have done. We changed the course of the earth by doing inhumane methods, but the word 'humane' means kindness, mercy etc!!