May 23, 2009

The Extend of Honesty

I saw a program in television recently. Its name was “the moments of truth”, I believe. It is a program which astonished me in some specific aspects. Simply, it is a program like “Kaun Banega Krorepathi” and all you want to do in this program is to tell the truth. You don’t need to answer any difficult puzzles; you don’t need to think, all you need to do is to tell the truth and for that you are offered millions of dollars. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to make easy money in this world. But, when I reconsidered, I found that it is very difficult to be honest. Everything has its own secrecy and in some cases we cannot be a man of truth because, some truths can affect others. And I think I may not be able to support the concept of being honest by losing something which is really important.

I heard a lot that Karna is the best character in Mahabharatha. His quality was his honesty and his willingness to help in any situation. In many aspects he was a perfect man. He has done a great number of truthful things. And he is the only character without faults. Krishna is another character who used to make his point clear even if it is wrong. In several cases, I can’t support some of the points in his character. I cannot think of a god who motivates to do wrong and wrong collisions. But, what happened to Karna?? He just disappeared with shame and dishonor! It just says one thing, in this world of irregularities we may not be able to continue as a regular guy and doing right may not a good rectification to the wrong.

But, everybody likes to be like Karna, he is a hero. But, what he gained by his perfect life is disgusting. We can’t make him a role model because we usually do not consider failures for our future victory. Being an honest man is nearly impossible. If someone does, he may get isolated from others, which is not a good thing to us.

Everybody is selfish. I think, selfishness is not a mistake! It is just how someone loves himself or his own belongings. Normally, we cannot blame anyone for being selfish because in this world it is this selfishness which helps everyone’s survival, where “survival of the fittest” is the nearest possible policy.

I do not have an intention to make anyone believe that they are wrong and I am right, instead I am trying to convince that everybody is right. No one can be honest in everything, in some condition we have to make sure that our honesty will not affect others. I’ve been a man who used to tell lies in perfectly wrong situation and I used to tell lies without reasons or healthy impacts. But, now I am trying to become a liar of healthy situations!

A few months before there was a mimicry program in TV, where two political leaders are having a competition for “the best liar”. One politician tells a long lie story while the second leader tells a small sentence “I am an honest man in my entire life” and the second politician won the prize! It was just a comedy skit, but, it has a great message. I enjoyed that story very well but, I would like to tell one thing that, Beware of those who look too honest because they may be really good in hiding their opposite part!