March 8, 2009

The idiotic exhibitions!

I believe that "we are what we exhibit!". I believe so, because I felt that exhibition is responsible for the views about a person in the society. Every leaders, every workers, every student and everyone who believes that they have gained something in life is created because of the exhibition they have done. Everyone do different things and get noticed in their respective manner and they are qualified to believe what they are.! This is exhibition! They are the result of what they exhibit. But, now I am not thinking about this exhibitions. I really wanted to tell something about an another section of exhibitions.

How many brave people are there in our country? If we just make a rough calculation, the number will not be a small one. I am sure..! Because we are really brave. I have seen many people who do stunts on bikes in public roads. I have seen some of my college students used to do stunts on their bikes..I just asked one of them why they are doing like this. What if you fail and result in an accident? The guy just told me that he does this just because of his bravery and confidence, and I believe that the purpose is to get noticed in public! I just thought about my condition. If I am doing(Normally, I will not) like this what will be my thoughts. Really, I should have a tendency to do the same as him, But, for what reason? I do not know.! I would like to do it safer, because if I fails the whole scene changes. If I can do a stunt I may see some eyes of excitement but, if I can't the same eyes will give me sympathy and laughter to themselves. You may say that I should do this only if I am good enough to do the stunt. But what is the extend of the condition good enough? It is my own belief! But, Nothing in this world works as you expect and I believe that we should not make a decision to go for stupidities like this.

The usual practice of our society is to copy what is new and imported. Imported goods have a great market in our society and also the funniest thing is that even civilizations are imported. A person in a cold country needs more clothing! So, the countries like Britain invented suits with ties to survive in the cold. And this dress code is a trade mark for executives in India. So, some Indians are still sweating inside this dress even in the comparative cold season in India. Do we need to do this? I think we need not import such a practice over here. It is stupidity! We do have our own dresses which is good for our climate. We should have promoted that thing instead.

I cannot understand what is the secret behind our fashion concept! I can narrate some latest fashion. Let's start with hair, probably the hair will look like someone who have touched an 11KV electric line with bare hands(Every single hair will point upward). Shirts commonly have misplaced stitches and four letter words which cannot be told publicly. Trousers will be worn and will have colours of mud everywhere.In short we look like a villain. And I really do not like to say about fashion of girls. Because it is too interesting! I wonder why we got such a fashion. Why do we like something which is a whole mess of neatness. I think fashion reflects our likes because we are in a condition where we likes villains more than heroes. We like to live in liberty and under our own wish. Unfortunately, liberty lacks discipline. And this fashion shows us the lack of discipline or tendencies to become undisciplined. But I really cannot understand why we follow such a way of non sense while we used to have an option of disciplined and neat ways.

I felt in several situations that we used to follow what others are doing even though it is wrong. But, I think a small push is required to change the whole concept. I may have the tendency to ride bike faster, I may have the tendency to wear stupid clothes, I may be a man with imported civilizations but, I believe the reason why I am so is that 'everyone used to do the same, then why don't I?'. I used to express what I do not do and what I feel which should not be in the way that is! I knew that if I feel something is wrong I need not watch others to take my decision. I am ready for a change if the world is changing because I reached here just because of the world's change. This is my belief and I strongly believe that these are idiotic and I just cannot find a good reason to be like this!But, I am doing the same.!