January 4, 2010

Do I really need a role model?

Who is a role model? How do you define your role model? A few years ago, I used to say that Martin Luther King Jr is my role model. I felt so stupid to address him as my role model as I didn't even complete reading the most famous speech of his life at that time. I accept that he really impressed me but, he will never be my role model. If I am considering him as my role model, I may have to consider me as a man who is inspired by a lot of role models. Actually, I am inspired by a lot of people and I had a tendency to adopt their life to my life. I do not have such tendency as I realized that I need not have a role model to live my life.

I own a community named "Alexander The Great" in orkut. The reason is really funny, I got a DVD of the movie "The Alexander" along with the purchase of a DVD player.It was an inspiring one. So, if that company bundled a DVD about Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden. I may start a community named with them also!! At my present condition, I really hate wars and I cannot find a reason to praise Alexander as he never hated war. In my view, I used to have a tendency to appreciate anyone who support me or those who have a tendency to accept that my views are right. So, views of some people who inspired me shaped my character. What if I am wrong? My role model is not going to correct me if I am wrong and I am not going to correct my role model even if he is wrong.

Once, one of my friend told me that "Gandhi tried to convince his views!". Even if I didn't make a comment about it, my inner mind was against it. In my views, Gandhiji was a great man and I cannot even think about him as a person who tried to implement something like this. What if he was a selfish man? What if the reason why I felt him so great was just ignorance? If someone convinces that Osama is a great man. I may have to accept it!! I feel the same thing when some fans of certain celebrities keeps on praising him even if the whole movie cannot even catch up the standards! I think we have to accept that we have a tendency! At least, I accept that I have a tendency...

These things made me think about the real intention of a role model! I was trying to be like my role model and I was just adding up their popularity. I accept that I am totally impressed by Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhiji, Salim kumar (Malayalam Comedy Actor) etc. But, I can never be a Martin Luther King or Gandhiji. They were unique and that is the reason why they are great. They just made history by bringing their views to the people as Gandhism, Marxism etc. Why can't I think about a "raghuism" in the future? If something like that happens, I admit that my followers will be greater than myself. To that condition I have my justification... I will be an illusionist as I will never reveal my negative part to the public. My followers will be inspired by my positive part and they will follow what my positive part is. So,they are simply great! Just keep one thing in your mind... "You need not have a role model to be yourself!"