January 18, 2010

An illusion of safety!

Recently, I heard about a wonderful thing about my homeland. Kerala is a place where there are a lot of boundaries. One of my friend said that it is a place where people care for a lot of walls. Just because we just care for the safety of our belongings.I do not know how far your belongings are safe with you if you are under an attack of some professional thieves. We know that if someone who is so determined to take something from you by force, our best safety measures may not be good enough to defend it. But, we used to create an illusion of safety around us so that we could live peacefully.

Nothing is safe in this world and we all know it. It is the reason why insurance companies still exists in this world. But, we used to try to be safer. We used to invent some mechanisms which can assure better safety. Consider a news about a car driver who got stuck in a car by malfunctioning of its automated door locking facility followed by a fire due to short circuit. He was dead because of the car's safety measures!! I think we should have an insurance for our "luck" too.. Luck is a great way beyond your assumptions. Life is always uncertain even if we got some good plans and the reason for this uncertainty is "Not everything goes according to our plans". There is a risk factor in every job in this world.

We can neglect everything except life insurance. I noticed some people who used to find reasons to avoid using helmets during a bike ride while the same people used to have a protective covering for their mobile phones along with an extra tag!! If there is a facility to insure your mobile phones, they may replace your damaged or lost mobile phone with a new one. But, none of our life insurance companies can offer you a replacement to your life. They can help your family by some money but, there are some things money can't buy(Courtesy to mastercard!!:)).

I had a friend before, who was a rash driver. I remember the day on which me and my friend took his bike to my college which is nearly 140 kms away from our native. He was just recovered from an accident at that time and I just wondered about his ability to take sensible decisions while he drives. I was totally impressed by the way he drives. Later, when I took my bike to college, I asked for his company!! It was a disaster. I never knew that my old Kawasaki 4S Champ could reach upto 90kmph. I nearly got killed at least half a dozen times at that single journey. Later, within few months that friend of mine passed away in a bike accident and that was the most dreadful experience of my life. It was a sudden realization of a fact, many of us including me were riding bikes just as we play a video game. There is a difference, in the game of reality, there is no "reset button".

There are laws which compels bike riders to wear helmets but, I still can't understand the secret behind the law which compels to wear helmets only for the driver of the bike. Does it really mean that the unlucky person(maybe an always unlucky person!), who sits in the back seat deserves to die? Or is this law just meant to identify the driver which created the accident?? Nothing makes sense to me except corruption!! In my case, the law about helmets can't even guarantee an illusion of safety in driving bikes.. But, it creates some illusion of safety in getting rid of traffic police!!I remember an advice from my cousin at this situation, "Be alert as if none other than you knows how to drive a vehicle on this road!"

There are a lot of things which deserves a lot more than what we do to make them safe and I feels like I need not criticize them all. In my view, never be afraid of any such unsafe situations But, we have to be alert of possibilities!