February 7, 2010

A victim of changes!!

A life in this world depends on the choices we make. What forced me to write this is my change in attitude towards my life. Recently, some of my friends have been notifying me about my tendency to support both sides in a contradiction. Let me be clear about my intentions of writing this blog. The real intention behind this blog in its early stage was to prove that I am a good comedian (I know this is the first joke). But, it changed a lot now. Now, I do not have an idea of where I am heading towards. Everything is inert and ambition-less. Today, the reason why I still post new posts is nothing. I have some ideas and I still got no other ways of communications. I always expect some criticisms from this blog as I believe my subjects are worth criticizing. I am not always right. Everything I write here is a good example of what I am not and it must be the reason why people who personally know me kept on asking me whether this is really me or not. I received some comments about this blog from my relatives and friends confirming it.

From birth to death every human being is subjected to changes. Everybody is a victim of changes in their entire life. If I relate this tendency to this blog, I could say that I do not have any intention to stand with any side. Many of my friends used to convince me to stand with one side but, I used to think about the consequences and I always used to say that "Everything is none of my business".I used to think "why should I bother?". But today, I feel like I was wrong. I have some businesses in this world which is bundled with some responsibilities to choose from some available options. I think the entire world have some similar tendencies. The world is just like this just because the majority believed they can't change their worlds. A life is not with what you do with yours but, it is worth living only if it can influence the surroundings. It can promote changes in everybody's life.

Consider my condition, in this post the most appropriate person who needs to get criticised is me. So, if you check my previous blogs, you can feel some sort of "leg on two boats"(an old malayalam saying) mentality. For example, if I am writing a post about "god" now, I may say like this: "I do not want to prove that god really exists or not. It was a mystery throughout my life. It doesn't matter even if there is a god or not as far as I am right!". In the above sentence you may not be able to figure out whether I am an atheist or not. Simply, I support the both atheist and non-atheist!! Because, I believed everybody have their own rights and wrongs!! No one can be easily convinced to change their views.I think, giving a reason for not choosing anything in life for the same is a mistake. I call this blog as the result of my "unproductive thoughts". In my life, I need not care about many of the subjects I wrote in this blog. I need not think about sportsmen, role model, any social issues. I got a lot of problems in my life which deserves a lot more attention than this. But, I didn't...It is all about choosing the right choice in life! I am the best example of a "total failure". So, never ever try to imitate me.!

I've seen the selfish mentality of people around me and I swear I am one of them. I'm not the only one who has some tendency to stay away from responsibilities. Today, I'm still hearing a story of my college mate who met with an accident and struggled to get help from others. What is the mentality at that condition? Selfishness?? I think, it is not. Because, if you are not helping others how can you expect some help from others? It is the mentality to avoid risks and the tendency to follow others. I still believe selfishness is not a mistake but, we have to give rise to a "sensible selfishness"! There is no change in this mentality just because there are no role models. I always have a tendency to do what others are doing. Majority have some similar mentality. If majority can change their views, automatically others will follow. It is time to give rise to a mentality who feels honoured if they get an opportunity to help. I think, many of us have mentality to change but, none cared to start a change by their own. I know this because; I am the best example for this.

Its time to influence people around by being a good role model to all. I remember a jewellery advertisement in TV. One girl just stood up and said she wants to be a role model to this entire world and the receivers of this small speech claps their hands by seeing her jewels. I felt so irrelevant to use a subject like this in an advertisement for jewels. To be honest, all she said in that advertisement inspires me except the jewels. But, the advertisement was expected to promote jewels! I expect some changes over here.

I know this post is a collection of some random thoughts of mine. I know it hasn't reached the way I expected but, I have changed a little recently. This is how it is revealed!!