June 6, 2010

Why should I break the rules?

An advertisement has been receiving a lot of attention from me for the last few months. It was an advertisement from Kerala state government! Interestingly, Kerala state government is writing off a lot of malpractices of our people in Kerala. Kerala government is arranging an offer for people who cheat on paying taxes. The people who haven't paid enough tax for land are expected to pay a huge fine of lakhs but, Kerala government is giving a discount of about 90% for them. I am thinking about the condition of those who paid enough land taxes! They are fooled!! They lost their money!! The advertisement is like this "Mega offer, you need not pay 3,00,000 fine for faking tax for your land transactions,just pay Rs 3000 instead." I still can't understand why people are not opposing such a disastrous offer. I think, there is no one who is eligible to file a case.

I always used to notice some people who are so proud of breaking the rules. I can't support the sense behind "rules are meant to be broken!". People hate rules, I accept but, these rules help us to survive! Without rules, the world is at complete chaos! Rules are created to develop a fair environment for everyone if it can't be promised; they are expected to be broken!! If the law about land transaction is making non-sense, they are expected to be changed. Wrong is always wrong even if it is followed by a billion people.It is not a good justification for breaking the rule. A law to support cheaters in a place where majority cheats cannot be considered as fair!

We are living in a democratic world and knowingly or unknowingly our leaders represent us and if they are not making a well balanced rule, we are responsible too! The most complex thing in democracy is a fact that our control over the rules are in our own hands! But, this freedom is mostly misused by our own people. This is the reason why we need a better rule to control our own people and we are not expected to hide from the responsibilities to create some! Rules are created and meant to be followed as breaking them can be unfair to many around us! Still some rules are broken just because some believes that those rules are not applicable to them!

Never feel so proud when you break some rules around you. They are created for you or may be for your own protection. Breaking rules can't be considered as heroic while following some sensible rules may be considered as an honor! It is not a must that someone should implement some rules to apply it in your life, you have an opportunity to create your own!