September 28, 2010

A (not so innocent) view about 'flirting'!!

I've been receiving a little better response from people around the blogosphere for a post I've written before. It really inspires me as it is one of the main reason why I'm here today. The post ("An innocent view about flirting") is about flirting and you can read it from the link provided. Whenever I receive comments in that post, I used to think about the relevance of that post now. I personally object some specific things I've written there even though I've remarked about my ignorance in my topic. The status is still the same, I'm not a flirter and unfortunately, I'm still against flirting.

The reason for this post today and the post before are almost alike. Some of my friends are determined to make me fall in love and break my leg!! And I almost stood at a point at which forcing me to fall in love is an almost flirting. Just like before, I'm still noticing a lot of advertisements in facebook to find beautiful girls and they haven't received a single page view because of me and I consider it as an achievement.

The point is still the same!! Our behavior and habits have changed a lot because of our artificial life. What will happen if there were no internet? I'm supposed to survive so why should I care about advertisements? I have heard of a story of a man who created an orkut account just for flirting and later he deleted the same account as he got married. Internet is not always a place to flirt but, online games and flirting sites have changed the face of internet to a certain extend! Choosing a life partner is not as simple as we choose a shirt from the textile shop. It is easy but, it is not the way it should be! Smart boys can get smart girls! But in my view, smartness is just like pretending something. Its an act for temporary impression. I do not believe that girls are going to be a fan of me if I had a nice bike and expensive deodorant. These kinds of things are just exploiting our weaknesses. We are already aware of it.

I remember an advice from one of my friends to write 'love stories' instead of these weird blog posts for creating an impression. There are people who believe that everything they do is just for impressions. But, I can't accept it. I remember a status update of my friend which says that we should try to be ourselves by avoiding impressions. It impressed me a lot as he got a point. I'm not what I'm when I try to impress anything. I can't really maintain the level of my impression throughout my life. This thing seems to be insane to me. I do not like to behave like any celebrity to attract attention, I do not like to wear any freaky clothes just to attract attention. What I do in my life is just my standard and my life is not perfect or imperfect as it may seem.

A few years back, I and one of my friends were having a debate about the same subject and I remember the words I just said about this. "It is better to find someone who loves our weaknesses than to find someone who loves our show-offs". Today, it makes a lot of sense for me as it is perfectly true in many senses.I have a certain nature and my thoughts have a certain nature and I'm not ready to change myself just because I am supposed to make an impression. The real impression which can always remain in my life is when I can comfortably say that 'I am just what I am' and such a statement can automatically impress a lot of people. The real love is when I can find someone who loves my imperfections.

I wish everyone to be able to find your perfect life-partner, but I am well aware that luck has nothing to do about it. So, save your leg!!

NB: nothing specific but, I'm forced to put down something!

NB1: Some of my close friends might be able to figure out the reason for using 'not so innocent' in brackets. If they can't, I didn't mean anything!!